Timothy Bateson


Grange Hill - Mr Thompson (Timothy Bateson)


A clip of the wonderful Timothy Bateson who played frantic and overwrought caretaker Mr Thompson for quite some time. Timothy sadly died in September 2009.

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Moon Shadows

In the dark of night, the moon is bright. But what lurks in the shadows will give you a fright. Seventeen stories touch the unknown, the unseen, and the undead. Visit what we avoid. Step into the shadows of the moon. Included stories (alphabetical by author): Masks by Fred C. Adams Under a Hunter’s Moon by Timothy Bateson Afraid by Thomas Beck The Reckoning: Hidden Remains by Spencer Carvalho The Hunt by IE Castellano The Hearth by Kevin Hayman Bumps in the Night by Jovan Jones The Lightkeepers by Renny Kalp When the Wine Begins to Sour by Matt Kolbet Stranger Nights by Jacob Lambert Masquerade by Patrick MacAdoo Remembering Natalia by James Park Mr. Cool’s Final Halloween by Jay Seate A Night Behind Bars by DJ Tyrer Stingy Jack and the Boys by Kevin Wetmore Home for Halloween by Kelli...

Across the Karman Line

In space, fate rests in the hands who created the craft. Wits and creative risk separate life from death while navigating the three-dimensional sea or marooned on an alien planet. The trust between captain and crew unifies a mission. And sometimes, the final take-off is the hardest.


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  2. The son of a president of the Law Society, Timothy Dingwall Bateson was born on April 13 1926 and went to Uppingham before reading History at Wadham College, Oxford. where he was a cox on the river. He was recommended for his first professional role 
  1. I have a theory Timothy Bateson's character of Laurence Treadwell (Ever Decreasing Circles) was really his characte… https://t.co/HtTMZ9SDsW
  2. RT @archivetvmus71: @WhovianLeap I love Tomb but I love Ribos just a little more. Paul Seed's turn is very broad but the rest of the guest…
  3. @WhovianLeap I love Tomb but I love Ribos just a little more. Paul Seed's turn is very broad but the rest of the gu… https://t.co/8mV3rUHSSZ


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Gregory Bateson was an anthropologist who applied cybernetics to the social sciences. He was an early attendee of the famous Macy Conferences on cybernetics and they ...

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Clive Donner directs the legendary George C. Scott in this production of A Christmas Carol that comes to DVD with a standard full-frame transfer.


The Pavilion, Westover Road, Bournemouth, Dorset
1956 Programme: Waiting for Godot. Peter Woodthorpe, Robert Eddison, Timothy Bateson, Peter Bull, Derek Hodgson, Byron Brooke, Harold Coombs.

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