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TPMtv: A Talk With Susie Bright

Josh Marshall talks with Susie Bright, author of The Sexual State of the Union and editor of X: The Erotic Treasury. She blogs at Susie Bright's Journal and.

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susie brights sexual reality a virtual sex world reader

susie brights sexual reality a virtual sex world reader

(Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies)

Price: $1.03

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I Dare You

From sexpert Susie Bright, this luxe box contains 30 seductive prompts and dares—each sealed in an envelope ready for the taking. Select an envelope, tear it open, and read the card aloud to discover what comes next. No two lovers will play the cards the same way twice!

The Sexual State of the Union

Lust brings out the liar in everyone. Every erection has Pinocchio written up and down its length—yes, everybody wants to be REAL, a real boy, an honest woman, unafraid and upright—but then desire, the ultimate honesty, does us in. Desire doesn't give a whit about shame. Our secrets, our exaggerations and distractions, it's all just a lot of twisting in the wind as far as sex is concerned—what we want WILL come out. "Is our sexuality a basic, good, and precious thing that somehow became terribly misunderstood? Or is there something really evil out there in Sex Land that attaches itself to our libidos and is only held back by vigilance and caution?" asks Susie Bright in her bestselling book The Sexual State of the Union. Bright pushes the borders of propriety until they blur and become...


  1. Commentators: The Wachowskis (writers/directors), Zach Staenberg (editor), Susie Bright (technical consultant), Joe Pantoliano (actor),. 1. Watching the film for the commentary was the first time they had seen it since attending a screening at the San 
  2. The manuscript arrived at Susie Bright's house in Santa Cruz looking like any other package. The edges of the thick manila envelope in which it came seemed far more dirty and beat up than they should have been after a couple of days of travelling up
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