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Fire chief praises firefighter: He 'saved the lives of a lot of citizens'

Portland Fire Bureau Chief Mike Myers praises his firefighters Wednesday after a Northwest Portland bagel shop was destroyed in an explosion after a gas leak was detected. ( Photo). VIEW PHOTO GALLERY. 16 photos. AA. MORE MEDIA.

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Joni Mitchell - Dreamland CD

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Introduction to Massage Therapy

Practical, concise, and well-illustrated, Introduction to Massage Therapy, 3rd Edition provides everything you need to build strong, foundation skills that will carry you throughout your studies, help you prepare for the national exam, and launch you into a successful career as a massage therapist. This proven book includes step-by-step instructions for massage techniques, assessments, and treatments, along with striking photos that illustrate difficult-to-understand concepts. As the most concise introductory book on the market, Introduction to Massage Therapy makes it easy for you to find the information you need when you need it, while coverage of anatomy and physiology, pathology, and pharmacology integrated with techniques helps you understand the science behind the practice. The...

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  1. Portland Fire Bureau Chief Mike Myers praises his firefighters Wednesday after a Northwest Portland bagel shop was destroyed in an explosion after a gas leak was detected. ( Photo). VIEW PHOTO GALLERY. 16 photos. AA. MORE MEDIA.
  2. “In spite of everything, we've been moving Oregon forward,” she told the show's host Steve Dunn. “We passed the nation's first coal to clean, intentionally moving Oregon away from coal-generated electricity, and we've passed the nation's first
  3. U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Oregon, during an interview with an Iowa TV station. WATCH the interview above. (Photo: Fox 28/CBS2). AA. PORTLAND, Ore. — Greg Walden, Oregon's lone Republican in Congress, sought to distant House Republicans from the 
  1. "The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle." —Steve Jobs
  2. Awesome and productive day with HRHA ED and friend, Steve Benham, doing Strategic Planning for our schools.…
  3. RT @AVFCOfficial: Steve Bruce hoping to build good relationship with the claret and blue faithful, who he calls “fantastically loyal”. #AVF…


Steve's Famous Garlic Home Fries (black pepper, butter, garlic, paprika, salt)

Steve's Chicken Korma (almonds, tomato, chicken, chicken broth, chili powder, cinnamon, vegetable oil, garlic, ginger, heavy cream, onions, yogurt, turmeric, white pepper)

Jesse and Steve's Fresh Strawberry Cake (baking soda, butter, butter, powdered sugar, eggs, flour, lemon juice, lemon zest, milk, salt, sour cream, strawberries, almonds, turbinado sugar, vanilla extract)

Pork a la Steve (garlic, pork chops, salt, soy sauce)


Haskell Acquires Leidos Constructors and ... -
JACKSONVILLE, FL (03/16/2016) – Haskell, one of the nation’s leading fully integrated design, engineering and construction firms, announced today that it has ...

Simon Benham's Blog
For all you smartphone and tablet users there's a brilliant Summit app available which gives you all the speaker info, the timetable, space to make notes and much more.

David Benham | GLAAD
-- Star of HGTV's upcoming reality series Flip It Forward (*UPDATE: show has been cancelled)-- Cofounder and board member of Coalition of Conscience, an anti-LGBT ...

Steve Benham CertRP | LinkedIn

Steve Benham CertRP | LinkedIn
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Steve Benham | LinkedIn

Steve Benham | LinkedIn
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Steve Benham | StarNow
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BarCamp Group Photo, Stitched
I've been playing around with photo stitching software recently, and it occurred to me that I could stitch together a full group photo from Hong Kong BarCamp 2008. So I took two original photos (conveniently CC‐licenced) from Belle, and ran them through hugin. This is the result. Although there were only two source photos, it's a relatively tough stitching job for a couple of reasons. First, the photo has people in it—lots of them—and people tend to move between shots more than, say, trees and buildings. Second, the position of the camera changed significantly between the two shots, resulting in many parallax mismatches. I tried manually tweaking the control points generated by hugin, but wasn't able to improve the result significantly, so what you see here is pretty much hugin on autopilot. I think it did an impressive job given the constraints. (That said, I'd like to apologise to the guy who lost a big chunk of his head.)

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West Side bean farms yield healthy bounty
The beans are cleaned and packed at Trinidad Benham Corp. in Patterson, one of several handlers in the state. Board member Stephen Perez, another fourth-generation grower near Westley, said he likes the social-media approach to reaching today’s consumers.

Gunnedah Red Cross raises $3000
The fundraising event was held in Kay and Steve Benham’s country garden at “Kooiyong” near Mullaley, with more than 160 people attending despite the rainy weather. The garden party featured various stalls with goods, and a buffet lunch catered by the ...

College Station Council Approves Permit For Food Truck Court In Northgate
Voting for the permit were Nancy Berry, John Nichols, Julie Schultz, Blanche Brick, and James Benham. Voting no were Karl Mooney and Steve Aldrich.

10 Revolving Door |