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"Unseen Video Footage" (sean bell more footage.flv) - May 19, 2008, 09:58 AM

"Unseen Video footage", of the sean bell verdict, sad,sad and crying situation'a, so sad.

Sean Bell's pal, shot 15 times by NYPD on fateful 2006 night, still lives in fear of police violence

The first bullet tore through the darkness and into the flesh of Joseph Guzman's upper arm. Guzman stared in disbelief as his blood began to flow, but the scene was all too real. The crackle of incessant gunfire filled the Queens street, and there was

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The Midnight Bell

The Midnight Bell

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The new Sean Dillon novel, a knife-edge story of terrorism and revenge, by? the dean of intrigue novelists? (St. Louis Post-Dispatch).The bell tolls at midnight as death requires it. In Washington, D.C, on a night full of rain, a woman is struck down and killed by a hit-and-run driver. But she is not just any woman?she is the assistant to the head of the secret White House department known only as the Basement. And she had secrets of her own. In the Virgin Islands, former president Jake Cazalet receives a warning. He is recuperating on a diving trip after successfully helping Sean Dillon and the rest of the? Prime Minister?s private army? defeat an Al Qaeda operation in London. But though AQ may be weakened and facing competition from other terrorist upstarts, it is far from dead?and it intends to prove it. Soon the ripples from these two events will spread and overlap, not only in Washington but around the world. Everyone involved will find themselves in the most desperate battle of their lives?and the midnight bell will toll.

Once a Cop

Once a Cop

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A former cop sets the record straight in? this edgy, yet captivating memoir? (Judge Greg Mathis) about his youth selling crack in the 1980s with one of toughest gangs in New York City and his rise through the ranks of the NYPD to become one of the city?s most decorated African American cops. As a teen in Queens, New York, Corey Pegues saw drugs uproot his stable, working-class neighborhood almost overnight. When times got tough, he had a choice: continue to watch his family struggle to buy food and pay bills; or sell dope. He chose the latter, eventually becoming part of the notorious Supreme Team street gang. After a botched murder attempt on a rival gang member, Corey, the only member of his family to graduate from high school, knew he had to get out. Barely eighteen, with two kids by two different women, Corey left under cover of night to enlist in the Army. After several years in the military, he set his sights on becoming a New York City cop and breezed through the police academy. In this provocative and? rollicking, no-holds-barred? (Booklist, starred review) memoir, Corey Pegues tells how a onetime crack dealer became one the highest ranking members of the largest police force in the country, living and working in the nation?s most violent neighborhoods. His meteoric rise from patrol officer to deputy inspector covers the administrations of former New York City mayors Rudy Giulliani and Michael Bloomberg, and coincides with the early tenures of famed police commissioners Ray Kelly and William? Bill? Bratton. Corey grants readers full access to the manner in which some of the NYPD?s most controversial policies like Broken Windows and Stop, Question and Frisk were implemented; and an insider?s take on the shootings of Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, the assault on Abner Louima and other tragedies that stained the department. As tensions continue to mount between police and communities of color, Corey tears down the blue wall to discuss t

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50 Shots (for Sean Bell)

"The Sean Bell shooting incident took place in the New York City borough of Queens, New York, United States, on November 25, 2006, when three men were shot a total of fifty times by a team of both plainclothes and undercover NYPD officers, killing Sean Bell on the morning before his wedding, and severely wounding two of his friends, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman"--Wikipedia, viewed on March 29, 2016.

African Americans and Criminal Justice: An Encyclopedia

Does justice exist for Blacks in America? This comprehensive compilation of essays documents the historical and contemporary impact of the law and criminal justice system on people of African ancestry in the United States. • 120 A–Z entries on race and criminal justice and famous or infamous African American crime perpetrators or victims • Contributions from more than 50 distinguished scholars from many criminal justice/criminology academic programs across the country • An index of key persons, events, and legislation

Sean Bell's pal, shot 15 times by NYPD on fateful 2006 night, still lives in fear of police violence - New York Daily News

The first bullet tore through the darkness and into the flesh of Joseph Guzman’s upper arm. Guzman stared in disbelief as his blood began to flow, but the scene was all too real. “(Then) he shot me in my shoulder,” the 41-year-old Guzman recalled. “I was shot in the leg, the face, everywhere. By the time the shooting stopped, the unarmed Guzman was pierced by another 15 bullets — all fired by the NYPD. His pal Sean Bell was mortally wounded after five cops unleashed 50 bullets, turning bachelor party night into a bloodbath. Sean Bell's loved ones still struggling to understand his death. Doctors told Guzman he would never walk again — but he proved them wrong. 25, 2006, shooting that left a third man, Trent Benefield, wounded four times. “We’re in the same place we were 10 years ago,” said Guzman, reflecting on this year’s highly publicized police shootings of black men in Oklahoma, North Carolina, Minnesota and Louisiana. Guzman — who named his now 7-year-old son after Bell — recounted how his anger about the decade-old shooting morphed over time into bitterness and a kind of fatalism. Al Sharpton calls for better justice system for cop-shot vics. “I moved to North Carolina because I didn’t want the police to shoot me again,” he said. “I believed if I stayed in New York, I’d be shot dead. My wife and I talk all the time. “Whenever one of these things happens, my wife will be like, ‘Oh, the officer’s going to jail. ’ I say, ‘The police officer is not going to jail. ’ Every time, I’m right. None of the five officers who squeezed off shots into the Nissan Altima were ever convicted, with three acquitted at trial and the other two never charged. One of the cops fired a staggering 31 shots from a. 9-mm handgun, reloading at least once. Bell’s family, poised to celebrate his wedding that day, was left instead to make funeral plans. 'Little’ change in cop training since Sean Bell’s fatal shooting. Guzman was riding in the front passenger seat with groom-to-be Bell at the wheel and pal Benefield in the back seat when the shooting started around 4 a. m. outside the strip joint Club Kalua. None of the three men inside the car was armed. Guzman, when he saw a man running toward their vehicle with a gun drawn, thought it was a robbery. The man turned out to be a police detective. Guzman remembers every detail with remarkable clarity. “I was conscious the whole time,” explained Guzman. Queens judge stands by verdict to free cops in slay of Sean Bell. Guzman believes he survived only because Benefield bolted from their car and ran for his life. “They shot him as he was running up the block,” Guzman said. If he didn’t do that, I’m dead in the car. Guzman remains in touch with Bell’s then-fiancée Nicole, and their two daughters, 13-year-old Jada and 10-year-old Jordyn. “If Sean could see his kids today, he would be so proud,” said Guzman. Church replaces Queens strip club where NYPD killed Sean Bell. Guzman sees both the good in Bell’s two girls and the sadness in Nicole’s face. “The truth is still there — her husband got killed on their wedding day,” said Guzman. Just one of the five cops involved in the killing remains with the NYPD: Officer Michael Carey, who fired three times. Gescard Isnora — who took the first shot, igniting the firing frenzy — lives in Brooklyn. His lawyer didn’t return a call for comment. Mom of slain Sean Bell pens new book after cops shot him 50 times. Michael Oliver, the cop who fired 31 times, works as a sales rep at internet security firm CipherTechs, according to his Linkedin page. Oliver didn't return requests for comment. His wife, reached at their two-story home on a leafy dead-end street in northern New Jersey, said he "probably won't" agree to an interview. He was the only one of the three detectives tried for the shooting to offer an apology to the Bell family. Paul Headley, who fired three times, also moved to the Sunshine State, records show. “I'm not interested,” Napoli said. Guzman said he still lives with the scars of that night — both physical and emotional.


  1. The first bullet tore through the darkness and into the flesh of Joseph Guzman's upper arm. Guzman stared in disbelief as his blood began to flow, but the scene was all too real. The crackle of incessant gunfire filled the Queens street, and there was
  2. Attorney Benjamin Crump will moderate a panel discussion about accountability in policing with Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin; Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner; Judy Scott, the mother of Walter Scott; Valerie Bell, the mother of
  3. It took nearly 10 years, but a Queens bride whose groom was killed by cops on their wedding day said she is finally able to move on with her life. Nicole Paultre-Bell, 32, whose fiancé, Sean Bell, was killed Nov. 25, 2006 in a 50-shot fusillade outside
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  2. RT @ParanoiaPics: In 1997 popular radio show host Art Bell received a call from a man claiming to have worked in Area 51.…
  3. #ipl #SUSvsKENT KENT: 304, 53/0 (13.5 Ovs) D Bell-Drummond : 31/47. Sean Dickson : 16/37. Jofra Archer:5.5-2-10-0. K


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Sean Bell pal, shot 15 times by NYPD, still fears police ...
Sean Bell's pal, shot 15 times by NYPD on fateful 2006 night, still lives in fear of police violence

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