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Nfl History of the San Francisco 49ers

Nfl History of the San Francisco 49ers


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Step onto the sidelines and stand with legends such as Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Bill Walsh as you watch one of the most successful teams in NFL history work its magic. From "The Alley Oop" to "The Catch" .McElhenny to Montana."Joe the Jet" to Flash 80.Bill Walsh to George Seifert, the San Francisco 49ers boast a deep history of brilliant coaches, hard hitting defenses and high powered offenses. Now, here is a DVD collection no true 49ers fan can do without. "As Great As Gold" takes you on a tour that follows the team through the fabulous fifties, covers their resurgence in the 70s and highlights the glory years of a dynasty that won 5 Super Bowls. You'll also see the 1981 NFC Championship game, a see-saw battle which helped put the 49ers on top of the NFL's pecking order. This 2-disc set includes unforgettable football action, sideline sound and exclusive wirings of 49ers greats, including Bill Walsh, Steve Young and John Brodie. "As Great As Gold" also features eyewitness accounts from 49ers legends such as Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, and Bob St. Clair. Build your collection today!

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The Essential Dave Allen

When Dave Allen passed away in March 2005, we lost a true comedy great. Sitting cross-legged on a high stool, whiskey in one hand, cigarette in the other, Dave Allen's exasperated commentaries on the absurdities of modern life struck a chord with millions of fans in Britain, Ireland and Australia for over four decades. He was a compelling storyteller - able to spin shaggy dog stories out of the almost any subject, including the missing tip of his fourth finger of his left hand, for which he provided various unlikely explanations. But his gentle, laconic wit could also give way to ferocious attacks on the media, the state and, most famously, the Catholic Church. He was a unique talent - a comic who could make his audiences laugh, cry, and be shocked, all in one. This official celebration...

Benny Hill - Merry Master of Mirth

Benny Hill is the best known and best loved British comedian on world television - from the USA to the Pacific Rim. Feted for his unique brand of coy awareness, innuendo and saucy songs - but seemingly out of favour in his homeland before his death - Benny Hill can now be rated as having had one of the foremost careers in comedy. Robert Ross tracks Hill's career through the landmark Independent Television specials, early parody sketches for the BBC, film appearances, radio shows and recordings - including the No. 1 hit 'Ernie, the Fastest Milkman in the West'. Ross examines Hill's skillful use of the fledgling TV medium, and celebrates the support of his regular back-up team (Bob Todd, Henry McGee and Nicholas Parsons). The truth is revealed about Hill's Angels and the alternative...

Broncos relentless pass rush on display in first half against Seattle - Mile High Sports

Denver’s offense generated eight first downs and 154 total yards in the first quarter. But just before the first quarter whistle, Denver’s defense once again had trouble with tight ends.


  1. On a bright and clear Sunday in Denver, the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks took to the field for Week 1 in the NFL season and Denver's defense shined in the first half. Looking to avoid back-to-back losing seasons for the first time since the
  2. children: Debi (& Ronnie) Delaney of Albia, Jeff (& Lynn) Gardner of Altoona, and Angie (& Darryl) Bresson of Ankeny; 11 grandchildren: Nick (& Kalei) Douglas, Eric (& Danielle) Douglas, Taylor (& Nick) Scott, Brody and Tannor Gardner, Hannah
  1. @tiltaraiza @sfawcus @waltydunlop ever seen Lester's the Ritz. It's quite adated gay farce, all New York, but cos…
  2. RT @WoodhullPR: Woodhull Warriors (10 laps): RONNIE DAILEY 76, Brody Amidon 2, Tess Johnson 02, Jordan Costley 40, Brook McClain 3b
  3. Woodhull Warriors (10 laps): RONNIE DAILEY 76, Brody Amidon 2, Tess Johnson 02, Jordan Costley 40, Brook McClain 3b


Celery Seed Slaw (cabbage, carrot, celery seed, green pepper, salt, sugar, vinegar)

Zucchini and Bacon Bake (black pepper, cheddar cheese, eggs, bacon, onions, flour, vegetable oil, zucchini)

Speedy Mexican Chicken (chicken, cheddar cheese, yogurt, salsa)

Bread Machine Pizza Crust (cornmeal, olive oil, salt, sugar, flour, water, flour, yeast)


Ronnie Brody - Wikipedia
Ronnie Brody (6 November 1918 – 8 May 1991) was a British actor who appeared in many comedy television series and films. His film appearances included: A Funny ...

Ronnie Coleman - Wikipedia
Ronnie Dean Coleman (born May 13, 1964) is a retired American professional bodybuilder. The winner of the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding title for eight years in a row, he ...

Ronnie Coleman – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia
Ronnie Dean "Big Ron" Coleman (ur. 13 maja 1964 w Monroe w stanie Luizjana) – amerykański kulturysta, z zawodu policjant, zdobywca tytułu Mr. Olympia osiem razy z ...

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