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Revolución espiritual

No propongo una apología del hombre rico ni sugeriría como modelo existencial la frivolidad en la que generalmente vegetan ni mucho menos acepto el agio ni la usura ni la contemplación de la vida a través de la especulación mercantil. Hay matices.

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Culture Works

Culture Works

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Culture Works addresses and critiques an important dimension of the? work of culture,? an argument made by enthusiasts of creative economies that culture contributes to the GDP, employment, social cohesion, and other forms of neoliberal development. While culture does make important contributions to national and urban economies, the incentives and benefits of participating in this economy are not distributed equally, due to restructuring that neoliberal policies have wrought from the 1980s on, as well as enduring inequalities of race, class and nationality. The cultural economy promises to make life better, particularly in cities, but not everyone can take advantage of it for decent jobs. Exposing and challenging the taken-for-granted assumptions around questions of space, value and mobility that are sustained by neoliberal treatments of culture, Culture Works explores some of the hierarchies of cultural workers that these engender, as they play out in a variety of settings, from shopping malls in Puerto Rico and art galleries in New York to tango tourism in Buenos Aires. Noted scholar Arlene D?vila brilliantly reveals how similar dynamics of space, value and mobility come to bear in each location, inspiring particular cultural politics that have repercussions that are both geographically specific, but also ultimately global in scope.

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Tradition and Technique in El Libro Del Cavallero Zifar

Perro Que Habló Y Más Cuentos Mayas

In the delightful Mayan folktale The Dog Who Spoke, we learn what happens when a dog’s master magically transforms into a dog-man who reasons like a man but acts like a dog. This and the other Mayan folktales in this bilingual collection brim with the enchanting creativity of rural Guatemala’s oral culture. In addition to stories about ghosts and humans turning into animals, the volume also offers humorous yarns. Hailing from the Lake Atitlán region in the Guatemalan highlands, these tales reflect the dynamics of, and conflicts between, Guatemala’s Indian, Ladino, and white cultures. The animals, humans, and supernatural forces that figure in these stories represent Mayan cultural values, social mores, and history. James D. Sexton and Fredy Rodríguez-Mejía allow the thirty-three stories...

Please, just call me Negra

Please, just call me Negra. My blackness has gifted me with a million regalitos. Resiliency, bravery, strength to start and the rest of the regalitos would be the different nicknames and terms of endearment people have called me since I began to walk. Un dia llegue a casa de mi tia abuela, Tenia 7 anitos y le dije “titi soy negra bella, es que me dijo el señor”. She was negra con pelo lacio from el Cibao region of the Dominican Republic. She consoled me as if the man had offended me. I sat propped in her arms, she had the strongest arms I had ever seen, brazos lleno de la fuerza necesaria para cocinar un mangu espectacular, para meterme bofetas en mis cachetes, y para acarciar... She was the first to call me negrita and that day was just like any other day, she bent down to my height which was never really short but I was much smaller than her. With concerned eyes she said, “Negrita no eres negra, eres india con pelo malo”. She caressed my cheeks and we carried on as if she hadn’t called my “pelo” “malo”. It was normal language for us. She’d say words like grena through clenched teeth when she looked at my hair. “Negrita no eres negra, eres india”. I said ok and vowed to never call myself negra aroud her again. And besides being india, I was also morenita, prieta, mulata, café sin leche, Celia Cruz to name a few and to be honest I played with those terms for years before I knew the responsbility that I have as a negra, which was and always has been to be... And because words are powerful, please, just call me negra. I started writing when I was about the same age I had first dared call myself something so dizque “provocative” as negra, 7 years old. I’d sit hunched over in my closet way past my school-night bedtime writing stories, sometimes about girls with dizque “pelo bueno”, tiny waists, and skin the color of café bibi, an experience I never knew but had always imagined. I had always imagined what would happen if I had been surrounded by people who loved my hair. I wasted hours with oil and a bruch because I believed that it would make my hair straight. My stories were usually no longer than three to five pages long inside of a yellow diary of dreams, secrets I didn’t know how else to handle and they usually took places in countries that I had never been to but imagined thanks to the nights that... I knew I was “negra”, a black girl with a lineage of cimarronas costeñas mayaguezanas-loiceñas and cimarronas in kiskeya, regardless of the fact that some black girls just like me would say otherwise, and often times I was categorized as “other”. Black but not black black. To be clear, I am black, I’ve always been black, and I have always been proud to be black regardless of relatives whod introduce me as “la prima dominicana” or “la sobrina dominicana” ashamed of something I was proud of. I ask that you please just... It’s one of the laziest words in the Spanish language. Theres no rumba to it, much less any saoco and ir requires limited movement of the mouth to pronounce it, unlike the word “negra”. If you wanted to call me, a woman, “other” in Spanish you’d say “otra” and regardless of how “otra” and how “odd” you find my Caribe lineage which stretches as west as Santa Clara, Cuba, and as east as Loiza, Puerto Rico, I am not “other”. I am black and as Pedro Pietri says, I come from a place where to be called black is to be called love. I am no perfect piece of love nor perfect lover but I do ask that you please, just call me negra. I met a tall dark and handsome black man while walking from class back home after a long day of analyzing Lola Rodriguez de Tio poems in la facultad de humanidades de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, recinto de Rio Piedras. He asked so politely, so kindly for a minute of my time and told me his story and why he was selling bizcocho de guayaba y queso. His words were warm, his smile warmer. He carried the same poetry that I have seen in so many of our men color café who spend hours under the Puerto Rican sun with neveritas de agua. I have a speciaI respect for the Puerto Rican men who spend their day selling girasoles to other men who unlike them don’t get ignored and have wives who receive those girasoles. I have a special respect for the elderly men who sit alongside la carretera selling.


  1. No propongo una apología del hombre rico ni sugeriría como modelo existencial la frivolidad en la que generalmente vegetan ni mucho menos acepto el agio ni la usura ni la contemplación de la vida a través de la especulación mercantil. Hay matices.
  2. Lo bueno es que hay soluciones, y te encantarán. Para no comer un plato entero, puedes mezclar los tallarines con tiras de zapallo italiano, agregarle camarones y disfrutar de un rico plato sin las calorías de un plato de pasta común y corriente.
  3. No pienses en estudiar algo por hacerte rico. No pretendas lograr algo si no te mueves de tu cama, es un momento en el que tienes que buscar que cosas te interesan, en que eres bueno y olvidarte de solo aplicar lo aprendido en el colegio. Debes
  1. I have one last kinder Bueno bar left from Puerto Rico and I'm very sad
  2. Rico Bueno Sumadia, a young aspiring Filipino photographer who dream to be famous and known someday. He started... https://t.co/2UDgV6Dnou


Pollo (Chicken) Fricassee from Puerto Rico (adobo seasoning, chicken drumstick, cilantro, cumin, oregano, garlic, green pepper, olive oil, onions, bay leaves, red pepper, red potatoes, red wine, salt)

Ceviche Del Bueno Recipe (lime, salt, avocado, tostadas, lime juice, cilantro, cucumber, green onion, shrimp, black pepper, tomato, chilies, soy sauce, clams)

Good Rice (Arroz Bueno) (butter, chicken broth, basil, parsley, rice, onions, salt, paprika)

Good Rice (Arroz Bueno) (butter, chicken broth, basil, rice, onions, parsley, salt)


Rico Bueno - IMDb
Rico Bueno, Actor: Boogie Nights. Rico Bueno was born on December 27, 1947 in the USA. He was an actor, known for Boogie Nights (1997), Punch-Drunk Love (2002) and ...

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View the profiles of people named Rico Bueno. Join Facebook to connect with Rico Bueno and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share...

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Information on the politics and events of Screen Actors Guild, Actor Events and Iformation.



BUENO,BONITO,BARATO T-Shirt (zazzle_shirt)

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Bueno,bonito y barato.


Hola Classic Round Sticker (zazzle_sticker)

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Hola - greetings from Spain and Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico, Texas and California, and wherever the Spanish language is spoken.

Rico Bueno - Strony WWW - Filmweb

Rico Bueno - Strony WWW - Filmweb
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Rico Bueno Photo 10 of 10
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... on imdbpro rico bueno actor view resume official photos rico bueno

... on imdbpro rico bueno actor view resume official photos rico bueno
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Los coccinélidos (Coccinellidae) son una familia de insectos coleópteros de la superfamilia Cucujoidea. Reciben diferentes nombres vulgares según el lugar, siendo el mas común mariquita. Tienen el cuerpo redondeado y con frecuencia colores vivos. Muchas especies se alimentan de pulgones, por lo que contribuyen a controlar estas plagas. Su nombre común varía según la especie y el país. Los más habituales son: mariquita, vaquita de San Antonio y vaquita de San Antón en Argentina; mariquita, chinita1 en Chile; mariquita en España, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Ecuador, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Perú, Paraguay, Honduras, Costa Rica y Nicaragua; sarantontón o sanantonito en las Islas Canarias; o catarina en México y, por último, San Antonio en Uruguay. Son insectos pequeños, con un tamaño reducido que va de 5 a 8 milimetros. De forma redondeada u oval, brillantes, suelen ser de vivos colores, con manchas negras sobre un fondo naranja, amarillo o rojo, en forma de...
VALLE DE LAS TUMBAS Con este nombre se designa a un estrecho vallejo que se abre paso, entre las colinas, hacia el oeste de Palmira, perforado de hipogeos y erizado de afiladas torres funerarias. La mayoría están en un estado ruinoso, torreones a medio derrumbar que elevan sus descarnados esqueletos de piedra contra el rojo resplandor del cielo de poniente. Allí por donde cada día muere el sol fueron a morir los palmirenses, y no sería por casualidad. Un paralelo de esto se da en las necrópolis egipcias, casi siempre situadas hacia occidente: Giza y Saqqara, respecto a Menfis; los Valles de los Reyes y de las Reinas, respecto a Tebas; los hipogeos principescos de Qubbat el-Hawa, respecto a Elefantina. Hay una torre que está casi entera, un esbelto prisma de sillares regulares rematado en una cornisa, conocida como la tumba de Elahbel. Llama la atención la rica decoración de su interior, con pilastras corintias adosadas, con restos de policromía en los techos de casetones de los...
Elogio de la primavera / Praise of Spring
ESTA IMAGEN PRETENDE SER UN HUMILDE HOMENAJE A NELSON MANDELA (1918 - 2013) Aunque NO suelo hacerlo, permitidme que excepcionalmente, hoy el primer comentario incluya una imagen mía, del mismo árbol, publicada hace más de un año en Flickr y que titulé... Ectosimbiosis?... NO, CONVIVENCIA!!! Nos ha dejado este fin de semana uno de los grandes seres humanos que han visitado este pobre, amenazado y asolado planeta nuestro. Por sus obras los conoceréis, creo recordar que decía el evangelio... Pues si es así, todos deberíamos responsabilizarnos, en la medida de nuestras posibilidades, de enseñar a nuestros hijos cómo un solo hombre puede ser capaz de lo MEJOR, de la misma manera que un solo hombre puede ser capaz, desgraciadamente también, de lo peor. Un luchador que, después de pasarse treinta años en prisión, cuando es liberado no guarda dentro de sí el deseo de venganza y de tomarse la justicia por su mano, sino que es capaz de luchar incluso contra "los suyos" por romper...
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Army Reserve military police conduct security operations training
young and new to the unit,” said Bueno. “They need to know that security operations is just one aspect of being an MP, but vital to keep Soldiers and detainees safe.” Pfc. David Martinez, a 301st military policeman and San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico native ...

From the archive: Maria Bueno, pride of Brazil
In beating Angelique Kerber 6-4, 4-6, 6-1 in the final, 22-year-old Puig claimed the first Olympic gold medal in Puerto Rico’s history. Fifty-seven years earlier it had been 19-year-old Bueno’s honour to be the first Brazilian to win the Ladies ...

Canadians invited to Mexico to compete in NBA’s Americas Team Camp
This will be the fourth run of the Americas Team Camp presented by Nike. Toronto played host most recently in 2014, while Puerto Rico and Brazil have also held the event.

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