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Richard Boone - Medic: Vol. 9 (Not Rated)

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Richard Boone

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I Bury the Living

I Bury the Living

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The new manager of a cemetery (Richard Boone) begins to question reality when he places black pins instead of white in the cemetery map, seemingly causing the owners of the plots to die. As the death count rises, the mystery gets deeper and deeper, pointing to a resolution almost too strange to face. An overlooked classic of the genre.



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John Russell (Paul Newman), a white man raised by a band of Arizona Apaches, is forced to confront the society he despises when he sells the boarding house his father has left him. While leaving town by stagecoach, several bigoted passengers insist he ride outside with the driver (Martin Balsam). But when outlaws leave them all stranded in the desert, Russell may be their only hope for survival! Diane Cilento, Frederic March, Richard Boone and Barbara Rush co-star in this action-packed Western classic.

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Victoria Station

Good literature entertains, enlightens, or inspires it readers. This little volume does all three. Victoria Station is a quaint and charming place full of nostalgic mortised cuts and illustrations from the golden age of wood-engraving. These cuts are augmented with pertinent quips and quotes from a host of literary figures. The combination is memorable. So find yourself a quiet cozy little corner, read and enjoy.


Most of us probably think of America as being settled by British Protestant colonists who fought the Indians tamed the wilderness, and brought democracy--or at least a representative republic--to North America. To the contrary, Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman's research indicates the earliest settlers were of Mediterranean extraction, and of a Jewish or Muslim religious persuasion. Sometimes called Melungeons, these early settlers were among the earliest nonnative Americans to live in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia. For fear of discrimination-since Muslims, Jews, Indians, and other persons of color were often disenfranchised and abused--the Melungeons were reticent regarding their heritage. In fact over time, many of the Melungeons themselves forgot where...

  1. RT @curtismharris: Just like how Pat Boone's cover of "Tutti Frutti" sold more copies than Little Richard's original.…
  2. Ain't no thunder bird ? Boone's farm ? Richard wild Irish rose ??
  3. RT @curtismharris: Just like how Pat Boone's cover of "Tutti Frutti" sold more copies than Little Richard's original.…


Richard and Suzanne's Famous Red Beans and Sausage (sausage, bacon, bay leaves, olive oil, garlic, green pepper, green onion, red pepper, red pepper flakes, salt, butter, water, yellow onions)

Grilled Cabbage by Richard (butter, cabbage, olive oil, black pepper, salt)

Daniel Boone Cheese Ball Recipe (cream cheese, garlic salt, cheese spread, onions, parsley, worcestershire sauce)

Ma Boone's Boiled Custard Recipe (lowfat milk, eggs, salt, cornstarch, sugar)


Richard Boone - Wikipedia
Born: Richard Allen Boone (1917-06-18) June 18, 1917 Los Angeles, California, U.S. Died: January 10, 1981 (1981-01-10) (aged 63) St. Augustine, Florida, U.S.

Richard Boone - IMDb
Richard Boone, Actor: Medic. Richard Allen Boone was born in Los Angeles, California, to Cecile Lillian (Beckerman) and Kirk Etna Boone, a wealthy corporate lawyer.

Richard Boone -
Richard Boone biography, pictures, credits,quotes and more... Boone stood 6'2" tall, weighed 200 lbs, and measured 44-34-38 (chest-w...



"I Bury the Living" (1958) Magnet (fuji_fleximagnet)

Price: $6.30

Richard Boone stars in this 1958 horror cult classic set in a cursed cemetery!


"I Bury the Living" (1958) Postcard (zazzle_postcard)

Price: $1.00

Richard Boone stars in this 1958 horror cult classic set in a cursed cemetery!


TV Guide #1091
February 23, 1974. Richard Boone of NBC's "Hec Ramsey."
Richard and Mary Ann Spencer Gravesite
My dad's great-great-grandparents Richard and Mary Ann Spencer are buried near their son Richard and their granddaughter Elta May Howenstine in the north end of the center section of Fredericksburg East Side Cemetery.

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