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How to Beat the System

"Contrary to popular belief, you can beat the system." So says Lionel Goldfish, once hailed as "the Simenon of Success; the Asimov of Achievement," the octogenarian narrator of this extraordinarily funny novel by Denison Andrews. Disturbed by current trends in American society, Lionel Goldfish has come out of retirement to write his fiftieth and final success book. He has chosen the old formula of the success biography, the story of a shoeshine boy who made good. But all resemblance to Horatio Alger quickly disappears when we discover that the shoeshine boy, Rene Benet, is thirty-seven years old and one of the least honorable characters in recent fiction. Surprisingly, his story, told over many shines, causes Goldfish to repent his lifetime's labor. The story of Rene Benet, the man who...

Royal Interlude

Second in the series, Royal Interlude is the sequel to Troubled Times. Will Howard and Hugh Fitzalan, although yearning to return to their beloved Arundel Castle in Southern England, still find themselves embroiled in the trouble and chaos of war-torn France during the waning years of the Hundred Years War. While they continue to advance their skills as young warriors and esquires, and often find themselves in real combat battling the French, their Homeland struggles for a solution to endless war -- Victory or Peace? One potential solution, perhaps, is for the young and eligible Henry VI of England to wed a suitable French Princess. Charles VII has eligible daughters. But will the canny King of France allow Henry to wed one? And at what price? While plots and intrigues ensue at the...

'Arrow' season 7: Stephen Amell's Thanos beard, Rene as leader - TechnoChops (press release) (blog)

“Arrow” season 7 may return with a bearded green archer as Stephen Amell is reportedly growing his facial hair to make his appearance more comic-accurate. The 37-year-old actor has been the lead star of “Arrow” since 2012. The prominent series became a part of the crossover TV universe called Arrowverse and since then, Oliver Queen’s appearances have changed over the years. From being the man once called a vigilante, to Mayor Queen, and now a prisoner, the looks of Amell’s role has constantly evolved. There’s no denying that “Arrow” has tried to do realistic and more practical costumes , according to Screen Rant. The “Arrow” season 7 costume, however, will change into something closer to the comic book. At the moment, Oliver Queen’s latest green arrow costume is a combination of two outfits from all four seasons. Now, the Star City hero will be losing its painted white mask to have a domino mask, which is more comic accurate. While there will still be changes on Amell’s new costume, he still wants to step up by growing his facial hair. Stephen Amell announced this on Twitter, even saying that his beard is “closer to Thanos. ” Amell already has facial hair but it’s not as thick as the purple Marvel character mentioned above. We did not see a photo of him yet, but it’s safe to say his goatee will debut in season 7. What’s next for Oliver Queen The sixth season ended with Oliver Queen sealing a deal with FBI , Hidden Remote reported. He turned over himself to the authorities for vigilantism, in exchange for his Team Arrow members’ protection. As usual, Oliver decided to do this for the people he loved the most. “Keep on fighting” will be interpreted in many ways by lots of people. One of the most affected by Oliver’s imprisonment is Rick Gonzales and he said, “I think he’s ended up at a place of interpreting the directive that Oliver gave him to keep fighting. Gonzalez as “Rene,” moreover, has always been grumpy about the things around him. “Arrow” season 7 will air on Oct. TechnoChops is an online publication that aims to provide timely, relevant, and factual technology- and science-related news (local and global news) for Filipinos here and abroad. We have seen how technology became an encompassing influence and necessity in people's lives. The Philippines is one of the countries in the world where technology drives the people. Four out of five Filipinos own smartphones or any other gadget they use for personal or business use. Therefore, TechnoChops believes that knowledge and education are the key for Filipinos to be able to utilize technology to its fullest extent. Our articles cover various topics about science and technology (the Internet, Cloud, gadgets, software, etc. ) drawn from the latest news , reviews , and exclusive stories researched and created by our team of journalists and tech enthusiasts. On top of that, we cover once in a while some other news such as entertainment, sports, health, anime, and everything else that may be of interest to our audience for a little bit of diversity.


  1. “Arrow” season 7 may return with a bearded green archer as Stephen Amell is reportedly growing his facial hair to make his appearance more comic-accurate. The 37-year-old actor has been the lead star of “Arrow” since 2012. The prominent series became 
  2. The Angels announced on Wednesday that catcher Rene Rivera was awarded to the Atlanta Braves on a waiver claim. The announcement was made by general manager There was a time Kluber didn't have a beard. Here he is prior to the 2017 season:.
  1. RT @TheRoot: Nathan is so fine that it makes you forgive his patchy beard. Whew. #InsecureHBO
  2. @rene_rico your beard is weird


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holliday in melsbroek
art from SVEN 'T JOLLE for beaufort03 The work of Antwerp artist Sven ’t Jolle (1966) is fuelled by a profound sense of indignation. A drawing from 1980, included in the exhibition Wir sind die Anderen [We are the Others] (Herford, 2001), confirms that social themes have been a key concern of his from the outset. The consistent way in which ’t Jolle has carried on his work is plain from the recent exhibition Ein bißchen (sociale) Frieden [A Bit of (Social) Peace]. His political engagement remains the source of his strength as an artist. In the early part of the previous century, Henri Matisse referred in his painting L’Atelier rouge to what might be termed art’s ‘cocooning nature’. It can be read as a poem exploring the way in which painting refers to itself, how art can sustain itself and how art creates its own world of experience. Sven ’t Jolle updates Matisse’s image in a drawing featured in Ein bißchen (sociale) Frieden. With a large dollop of irony, he applies the same...
Toda la información se ha conseguido del libro "RECORRIDO MITOLÓGICO. Por las Fuentes de los Jardines de La Granja", de Francisco Herrero que ha editado la Editorial Biblioteca Icaro LA CASCADA NUEVA Autores: René Frémin y lean Thierry. Frente a la fachada principal de Palacio hay un hermoso parterre y detrás en forma escalonada, se halla la Cascada Nueva, que está formada por las siguientes fuentes: • Fuente de Anfítrite. • Cascada propiamente dicha. Fuente de las Tres Gracias. Fuente de Anfítrite Personaje mitológico: Anfítrite. Hicimos alusión a ella al hablar de la fuente de Neptuno. Anfítrite era hija del Océano. Como casi todas las ninfas estaba dotada de gran belleza, tanta, que el dios Neptuno, se enamoró locamente de ella. Pero dijimos que su tosco aspecto, tez tostada, barba hirsuta y fuertes músculos del dios, le producían repugnancia y asco. Sin embargo las artes celestinescas de un delfín compasivo, y los dominios, riquezas y honores que le...
Bronze statue of Mo, one of Australia's greatest and most loved comedians. Mo was born Harry van der Sluys (or Sluice) in Hindley Street, Adelaide. He adopted the stage name Roy Rene after a famous French clown. Famous for his superb timing, gestures and distinctive make-up — a painted white face and black beard — Rene later became known as "Mo", teaming up with comedian Nat ("Stiffy") Phillips to become the "Stiffy and Mo" comedy act. The Australian entertainment industry’s annual Mo Award, for excellence in live performance, is named after him. Material: Bronze Artist: Robert ‘Alfie’ Hannaford

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