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Giorgio Armani - One Night Only Roma - Raoul Bova


Video interview with Raoul Bova. For more, visit http://onenightonly.

Rocio Munoz Morales e l'amore per Raoul Bova: "E' l'anima più bella che ho incontrato"

Le voci di crisi le rispediscono al mittente Raoul Bova e Rocio Munoz Morales. I due, che poco più di un anno fa sono diventati genitori della bellissima Luna, sono sempre più uniti e cercano quanto più possibile di viversi il loro amore lontano dai

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Under The Tuscan Sun [dvd/ws] (buena Vista Home Video)

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All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome

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Price: $22.95

Single mother Maggie (Sarah Jessica Parker) drags her rebellious daughter Summer (Rosie Day) on a trip to a Tuscan village that the former visited when she was younger. Maggie soon runs into an old flame named Luca (Raoul Bova), who is still single and lives with his octogenarian mother Carmen (Claudia Cardinale). When Summer and Carmen run off together and head for Rome, Maggie and Luca chase after them, rekindling their old spark along the way. Directed by Ella Lemhagen.

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Italian Horror Film Directors

There is no cinema with such effect as that of the hallucinatory Italian horror film. From Riccardo Freda's I Vampiri in 1956 to Il Cartaio in 2004, this work recounts the origins of the genre, celebrates at length ten of its auteurs, and discusses the noteworthy films of many others associated with the genre. The directors discussed in detail are Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Mario Bava, Ruggero Deodato, Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Antonio Margheriti, Aristide Massaccesi, Bruno Mattei, and Michele Soavi. Each chapter includes a biography, a detailed career account, discussion of influences both literary and cinematic, commentary on the films, with plots and production details, and an exhaustive filmography. A second section contains short discussions and selected filmographies of other...

All Roads Lead to Rome (2015)

You’re back at work weeks early (February is about right – right. So where better than la bella Italia. And in the fine company of Sarah Jessica Parker, a woman I have adored since Square Pegs , way back in the days of analogue. She’s Maggie, the divorced former journalist now college lecturer (CCNY, since you ask) who takes her bolshy teenage daughter Summer (Rosie Day) to her old haunt in Tuscany to bail the kid out of a relationship with a vile junkie who wants her to... No sooner have they arrived than Maggie’s old lover of decades past, artist Luca (Raoul Bova) materialises in the villa next door where a very young woman, his presumed girlfriend, and his bitchy mama Nonna (the marvellous Claudia Cardinale) also... Nonna has a wedding to attend in Rome – her own. and Summer wants to go back to NYC to do the right-wrong thing for the junkie BF. Maggie and Luca chase them in her rental the whole 300km to the Eternal City … As we know road trips are emotional journeys (sob. ) and all parties get the opportunity to share and care with each other amid some mayhem that could have been better choreographed – and there are a lot of long driving scenes along very dull looking roads until the police get involved and Luca... Summer is a horribly noxious teenager whose view on her behaviour is altered not by the wisdom of her elders but by a come-on from a Lesbian who picks her up hitching a lift. Talk about playing into the zeitgeist of ‘gender fluidity’ as they now call it. Neither particularly well written (Josh Appignanesi, Cindy Myers) nor directed (Ella Lemhagen) or shot (whoever), this could have been so much sharper and better... SJP deserves a whole lot better but it’s nice to see Cardinale in action.


  1. Le voci di crisi le rispediscono al mittente Raoul Bova e Rocio Munoz Morales. I due, che poco più di un anno fa sono diventati genitori della bellissima Luna, sono sempre più uniti e cercano quanto più possibile di viversi il loro amore lontano dai
  2. ROMA. "Siamo sposati nell'anima". Così Rocío Muñoz Morales allontana ogni indiscrezione circa un eventuale matrimonio con Raoul Bova. Oltre a fare coppia fissa da quando sono naufragate le prime nozze dell'attore, i due sono genitori della piccola Luna.
  3. Sono passati tre anni dal divorzio tra Raoul Bova e Chiara Giordano, l'attore ha avuto un'altra figlia dall'attuale compagna, Rocìo Munoz Morales, ma la fine del suo matrimonio è un argomento delicato ancora oggi, soprattutto se pensa ai suoi due figli 
  1. @Presidency_Sy Petersdom if there are Standing The Pope, Georg of Freiburg, Remo Girone and Raoul Bova in. I would buy a Pizza for the Pope
  2. Hitman / Alien Vs. Predator / The Transporter 3 Blu-Ray Italian Edition Ewen Bremner Raoul Bova Lance Henriksen…… https://t.co/2TnYjsfVTE


Raoul Bova
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Raoul Bova - Wikipedia
Nel 1999 Raoul Bova ha recitato accanto a Madonna in uno spot pubblicitario della Max Factor, dopo essere stato espressamente richiesto come attore dalla stessa ...

Raoul Bova - Wikipedia
Born: Raoul Bova (1971-08-14) 14 August 1971 (age 45) Rome, Italy: Occupation: Actor: Years active: 1984–present

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raoul bova - raoul bova Photo (7903240) - Fanpop
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raoul bova images Raoul Bova HD wallpaper and background photos ...
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Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)
and fixes it up while immersing herself in a new life and gathering a new circle of friends - including a handsome lover. Romantic comedy drama, starring Diane Lane, Raoul Bova, Sandra Oh and Lindsay Duncan. Edited for daytime broadcast

Raoul Bova Highest-Paid Actor in the World
People With Money reports on Thursday (January 5) that Bova is the highest-paid actor in the world ... The ranking is significant for many Raoul fans, who have been waiting for his triumphant return to the glory days for what seems like a lifetime.

Raoul Bova, TIME's Person of the Year 2017?
According to a well-informed source, Raoul Bova is leading the race to become Time magazine's Person of the Year in 2017. But while the actor's fans are thrilled with the news, many people hold a very different opinion. The list of nominees for Time ...

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