Randall Berger


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1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

"I have, by the way, seen 943 of the 1001 movies, and am carefully rationing the remaining titles to prolong my life." - Roger Ebert "1001 ways to give cinema new scope." - The Herald Expert critics in each genre of film, from romance to horror and sci-fi, have once again painstakingly revised this list of essential must see-movies, cut and added films to bring the must-watch list bang up to date for 2013, from great classics like The Birth of a Nation and Gone With the Wind to recent Oscar winners like Life of Pi, Amour, Argo and the blockbusters that is Skyfall. Each entry tells you exactly why these films deserve inclusion in this definitive illustrated list, engaging readers in each film's concept development and production, including curious trivia facts about the movies, as well...

Who was Who on TV

The information herein was accumulated of fifty some odd years. The collection process started when TV first came out and continued until today. The books are in alphabetical order and cover shows from the 1940s to 2010. The author has added a brief explanation of each show and then listed all the characters, who played the roles and for the most part, the year or years the actor or actress played that role. Also included are most of the people who created the shows, the producers, directors, and the writers of the shows. These books are a great source of trivia information and for most of the older folk will bring back some very fond memories. I know a lot of times we think back and say, "Who was the guy that played such and such a role?" Enjoy!


  1. Randall L. Martin Builder Inc. and Martin Randall L. Builder Inc. conveyed property on a public road to Diane L. Seifrit for $279,900. Orpha S. King conveyed Unit 14 to Christopher Accardi and Kathleen Accardi for $163,500. Lovina N. Hoover, Nora N
  2. "It's really exciting for us. There's something very freeing about being past the mystery of Jack's death and moving into this new chapter and getting to tell a whole completely different kind of story," Berger recently told reporters at the Television
  1. RT @SpursOfficial: 21 - After a bright start from us, playing between the lines, Marsh is there with a great covering tackle as Randall bur…


Colossal Caramel Apple Trifle (apple pie spice, milk, pecan)

Speedy Homemade Salsa (cider vinegar, cumin, garlic, jalapeno, onions, red onions, salt)

5-Minute Guacamole (avocado, garlic, salsa, salt)

Chocolate Brioche Club Sandwich Recipe (semisweet chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa powder, egg yolks, eggs, heavy cream, heavy cream, whole milk, whole milk, heavy cream, cardamom, sugar, custard, sugar, vanilla bean)


Anthony M "Tony" Berger — Pollock-Randall Funeral Home ...
Anthony M. “Tony” Berger, 45, of Harrison Township, died Wednesday, January 3, 2018. He was born June 18, 1972 in Mt. Clemens to Richard “Joe” and Nancy Berger.

Happy Holidays - Randall + Hurley
At Randall + Hurley, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to shine. We partner with local and national organizations.

Annelli Bright and Early for Holly Randall - Cherry Nudes
Annelli Bright and Early for Holly Randall ... It s so good to be home! Last week I returned from an epic 3 week shooting extravaganza in the Czech Republic, home to ...


Eaglebrook School Archives, 1990s
This photograph shows the fall 1993 Junior Varsity Football Team. Front Row Left To Right: Nathan Pomerantz '96, B. J. Warner '95, Ashton Lawrence '95, Bingo Gubelmann '95, David Kimmell '95, Sean James '95, John Randall '95, David Uden '96, Jon Berger '96, and Larry LeWinn '95. Second Row: Brian Palmeri '97, Justin Moore '96, Peter Chapman '96, Lance Thomas '97 (Now Lance Tippit '97), Jim Terapane '95, Major Jones '95, Sean Russell '96, Jeff Spencer '98, Trevor Borek '96, and Rick MacDonald '97. Third Row: Coach Jose Sepulveda, Jack Casimir '95, Chris Owens '96, Jun Uraoka '96, Wirt Johnson '96 (Now Wirt Blaffer '96), Gordon Gray '96, Clem Rinehart '95, Luke Appignani '96, Matt Faeth '95, Chip Bierbaum '96, Hideyuki Hatano '96. Back Row: Coach Rick Van Dyke, Coach Hal Bourne, Jon Schaefer '95, Joe Frank '95, Andy Voorhees '95, Edgar Kaiser '95, Seung Chul Shin '95, Chris Zecha '95, and Coach Bryan Tawney '85.
Eaglebrook School Archives, 1990s
This photograph shows the spring 1993 Junior Varsity B Baseball Team. Front Row Left To Right: Jason Maynard '95, Matt Dyer '95, and Tom Olcott '95. Middle Row: Matt Fleming '94, Brenden McQuillen '96, David Uden '96, Jon Schaefer '95, Jon Berger '96, Ben Sullivan '95, and John Allstadt '95. Back Row: Coach Chris Loftus, Alan Baldwin '94, Gabriel Araujo '94, Jeronimo De Yturbe '93, John Porten '95, Coach David Hogan, John Randall '95, Coach Mark Guiterrez, and Eric Lin.

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