Osama Bin Laden


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Exclusive Osama Bin Laden - First Ever TV Interview


This was the first TV interview Osama (Usama) Bin Laden permitted. It was conducted in 1997 by CNN's Peter Arnett, Peter Bergen and photographer Peter.

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Last Days Of Osama Bin Laden DVD

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Last Days Of Osama Bin Laden DVD

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Osama Bin Laden

9/11 almost instantaneously remade American politics and foreign policy. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, water boarding and Guantanamo are examples of its profound and far-reaching effects. But despite its monumental impact--and a deluge of books about al-Qaeda and Islamist terrorism--no one has written a serious assessment of the man who planned it, Osama bin Laden. Available biographies depict bin Laden as an historical figure, the mastermind behind 9/11, but no longer relevant to the world it created. These accounts, Michael Scheuer strongly believes, have contributed to a widespread and dangerous denial of his continuing significance and power. In this book, Scheuer provides a much-needed corrective--a hard-headed, closely reasoned portrait of bin Laden, showing...

Osama Bin Laden

A concise biography of the world's most notorious terrorist tells the story of the evolution of a wealthy businesman's son to the 9/11 mastermind who declared war on America.

  1. @FarziCricketer Only person to have ever lived in Pak who is more famous than Sachin is Osama Bin Laden, a civil engineer.
  2. RT @ohsako_toshio: Let's stay critical about information as false inf is circulating. I got a photo in which Hilary Clinton shaking hand wi…
  3. @ShakilMadiha Accha to hafiz seed to scientist h n osama bin laden tourist visa le k pakistan ghoomane aaya. Whole… https://t.co/S8X4KWjfZx


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Osama bin Laden - Wikipedia
Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a son of Yemeni Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, a billionaire construction magnate with close ...

Death of Osama bin Laden - Wikipedia
Death of Osama bin Laden; Date: May 2, 2011 (2011-05-02) PKT: Location: Osama bin Laden's compound in Bilal Town, Abbottabad, Pakistan: Participants: Central ...

Усама бен Ладен — Википедия
Osama bin Laden. Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama Bin Laden. — Verso, 2005. — 320 с. — ISBN 1844670457. Scheuer Michael. Through Our Enemies' Eyes.


Osama Bin Laden with first virgin
Osama Bin Laden with first virgin
The Raiding of Osama bin Laden's compound (WIP)
This is going to be around 6-8 pads big, but it's going to be detaled and scaled nicely.
osama bin laden t-shirt (2)
photo of an airbrushed osama bin laden t-shirt in the portfolio of a airbrush artist in a stall in Rio's camelodromo market. this market in the old downtown area specializes in all things pirate (cds, dvds, sportswear) and many stalls provide services to unlock consumer electronic devices like cell phones and game consoles....

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