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Nancy Beatty

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Searching for My Grandfathers

The Mystery of Maury Mansion: Mayan Revenge

Prepare yourself! You will encounter a lively, yet realistic set of characters in The Mystery of Maury Mansion; Mayan Revenge. Elaina Matthews, a woman of middle age, is down to living off her homemade bath and body products when she gets a call and finds out she has inherited an abandoned mansion. Nothing to lose, she moves in with grand ideas of running a tea room and bed and breakfast. It doesn't take long, however, to find out she may be in way over her head. The old place has problems. First she will need to renovate before she can see her vision become reality. She also finds out that she is not alone. A friendly spirit haunts the place, while a not so friendly human searches the halls looking for a Mayan artifact believed to be hidden somewhere within the mansion. The local...


  1. Mary Bontempt to Donald and Nancy Beatty, home and 7.6 acres on Crestview Road; $255,000. Debra and Mark Keller to Dennis Rosko, home and 6.6 acres on Crestview Road; $135,000. St. Clair Township. Ken and Martha Vincent to James Schweichler, 
  2. McCain received his second memorial on Friday in the U.S. Capitol; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Vice President Mike Pence, and House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke; Members of the public lined up to view his casket in the Capitol Rotunda; Initial 
  1. RT @KikiAdine: Things that make you go Hmmm. We already lost one brilliant woman who should have been our leader. Simply because of the mi…
  2. RT @didikins4life: It is imperative we expose the ongoing #GOP narrative that uses Leader Nancy Pelosi as a lightening rod for misogynistic…
  3. Warren Beatty - friend to John McCain and Nancy Reagan. Those were the days, my friends.


Nancy Dooley Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe (semisweet chocolate, semisweet chocolate, cream cheese, egg yolks, eggs, flour, flour, salt, sour cream, sugar, sugar, butter, butter, vanilla extract, vanilla extract)

Aunt Nancy's Blue Cheese Ball (Kicked up ) (seasoning, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, cheez whiz, cream cheese, green pepper, onions, pecan, red pepper)

Aunt Nancy's Peanut Butter Fudge (butter, marshmallow creme, peanut butter, peanut butter, sugar, condensed milk, vanilla extract)

Nancy Aultman's Spaghetti (basil, bay leaf, garlic, ground beef, onions, parsley, salt, hot sauce, tomato paste, tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce)


Beatty - Wikipedia
Beatty is a surname of Scottish and Irish origin. In the Scottish case, some have thought that it is derived from the name Bartholomew, which was often shortened to ...

Joyce Beatty - Wikipedia
Joyce Birdson Beatty / ˈ b eɪ t i / (née Hannah; born March 12, 1950) is an American politician who has been the United States Representative for Ohio's 3rd ...

Warren Beatty — Wikipédia
Les débuts professionnels de Warren Beatty sont une succession de petits boulots : sportif, plongeur dans des restaurants, ouvrier pour les Ponts et Chaussées ...


Tintype photograph of the sons of William Goodwin [1822-1909] & Nancy Wilson [1827-1893], pictured [Left-Right]: John Tilton Goodwin [1852-1935] and William W. Goodwin. Original, professional photograph, no photographer listed. The photograph is in a Carte-de-Visite size photograph album that originally belonged to Eliza Jane (Goodwin) Supler [1846-1917] - wife of Richard W. Supler, daughter of Daniel Goodwin and Julia Ann Braden. The Dru Ann (Beatty) Thomas Collection photographs were passed from Daniel Goodwin [1820-1905] and his wife, Julia Ann Braden [1824-1888], to their eldest daughter, Eliza Jane Goodwin [1846-1917], and her husband, Richard W. Supler [1844-1913], to their daughter, Anna Supler [born 1869], and her husband, Jefferson D. Durbin [1863-1935], to their daughter Goldie Frances (Durbin) Bigler [born 1888] to her daughter Ruth Louise (Bigler) Beatty [born 1925] to her daughter Dru Ann (Beatty) Thomas who owned and shared the photographs with the Greene...
Carte-de-Visite photograph of John Joseph Hare - husband of Mary Beatty, father of Robinson Hare. Original, professional photograph from J. P. Shafer, Morgantown, West Va. The Helen Jane (Allen) Madden Collection photographs were found in a trunk from the home of Robinson Hare [1836-1907] and his wife, Nancy (Fleming) Hare [1840-1931], in Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia. Their youngest daughter Eva Hare, who never married or had children, was the last of the family to occupy the home. Upon her death the trunk and its contents were passed to her grandnieces and grandnephews. Helen Jane (Allen) Madden, the daughter of Dora Gail Hare and her husband, Isom Nathan Allen, came into possession of the trunk, which sat in her basement for many years. Dora Gail (Hare) Allen was the daughter of William Silas Hare [1864-1937] and his wife, Lydia Jane Brock [1869-1935]. Through this family line Helen Jane also received Brock family photographs which were added to the trunk's...

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