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Melleny Melody

Melleny Melody is a voice actress best known for playng Birthday Bear and Cheer Bear in DIC Entertainment and Nelvana's animated Care Bears franchise.

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Playing Deep:The Ballad of Melleny Melody - FYI Music News

Whether it’s as the recording artist Melleefresh or as a record company owner who helped to globally establish EDM superstar Deadmau5, all Melleny Melody wants to do is play. Her dance-oriented label Play Records is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, generating enough revenue over the years through more than 1000 released tracks to substantially bankroll London, U. K. -based Play Deep Studios, co-owned and run... The fact she's accomplished the feat largely on the periphery of the music industry spotlight over the past three decades is even more impressive, both as a survivor and an enabler. "I’ve done my own thing more than anything," Melody recently told FYIMusicNews. "Whether it’s (with) Jaymz Bee or Alphonse Alixander LanzaIII (Azari & III) -or 'Dirty 30,' as I call him - I was always writing songs and doing music. Melody's humble music career beginnings can be traced back to her initial ambitions as an actress: in the 1970s, Melleny Brown was a regular on CBC Radio dramas, performing with the likes of iconic Canadian actor Al Waxman. "I was usually 'Screaming Girl in Car'or'Nurse No. 1,'" she recalls. A brief foray to New York at the age of 21 to attend acting school landed Melody a job as a publicity assistant at Australian-British impresario Robert Stigwood's RSO Records, manager of Eric Clapton and The Bee Gees and producer of such films as... At one point, Scottish comedian Billy Connolly came to town and Melody remembers having to "run around with bags of bananas" that were required for his stage routine at the time. Upon her return to Toronto, Melody became a voiceover talent. "The first voice work I did was 'The Cute Chick' on (Johnny Hart's) B. C. : A Christmas Special," she recalls. "I was 'The Cute Chick' and Barbara Hamilton was 'The Fat Broad. ' One of my first really good experiences doing a cartoon thing. It didn't take her long to become a regular on Nelvana Limited-generated animated TV series, cementing her profession by playing the roles of "Cheer Bear" and "Baby Tugs" on Care Bears , which lasted three seasons, and later jumping to Inspector... "I also had a part in Rock & Rule, which was Nelvana's big animated feature, and I wrote a song in the movie that I did with Patricia Cullen called 'Hot Dogs & Sushi. ' That film had a cast of amazing performers, including Blondie, Cheap Trick, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. "So I've always been borderline music and theatre or acting. She also met future husband, Nelvana co-founder and animator Clive A. Smith, in '79 (he and two partners sold Nelvana to Corus Entertainment in 2000 for C$554m) and gained recognition for ventures other than acting: in the '80s, her company... “I was always close to being in music, but never really thought that I could sing. ” Melody admits. "Then I ended up in Kensington Sound singing back-up for a kid whose father had bought time in the studio. The son was tone deaf, so I sang 'Rubik's Cube Blues,' co-written by Jody Colero. There was even interest from Island Records in New York. However, it was enough to spark Melody to create more. “I’m So Happy Just to be Here with You, Me and My Sequined Shoes Are Happy Too,” was her first VideoFact-funded single and Melleny Melody and the Syncopated Symphonies of John Henry Nyenhuis in 1994 - an album she describes as "big band cartoon... But I always had a huge passion for dance music. After teaming up with ex-Look People frontman (and current JazzFM radio personality) Jaymz Bee and delving into.


  1. Melody's humble music career beginnings can be traced back to her initial ambitions as an actress: in the 1970s, Melleny Brown was a regular on CBC Radio dramas, performing with the likes of iconic Canadian actor Al Waxman. "I was usually 'Screaming 
  2. The saga began back in early 2006, when Deadmau5 was approached to do five remixes of two songs by Play Records owner Melleny Melody. After completing those remixes, Melody convinced Zimmerman to sign a publishing deal, as well as a personal 


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