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COMBATE MORTAL Entre 2 personajes cuyos juegos han sido marcados en nuestra infancia, El fontanero Mario Bros Vs. El Loco Marsupial Crash Bandicoot.

Gospel e scienza per i 40 anni di Rianimazione, Maccioni: "In arrivo nuove assunzioni"

Un reparto nato “dal coraggio o dall'incoscienza di alcuni medici” ricorda Tappatà oggi realtà certificata grazie ad uno scambio di dati quotidiano con l'istituto Mario Negri e alla partecipazione al progettpo Giviti (gruppo italiano per la valutazione

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Actor B Guide

WOrld War II Goes to the Movies & Television Guide

A complete film guide to motion pictures and television shows that pertain to the war.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This is an in depth reference work devoted to the movie trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It is far better and more complete than the terrible, short book by the games creators, which was mostly pictures and empty space on the page.

Blogger: The return.

well this gem, Dragon Quest VIII Journey Of The Cursed King. And what a gem of a game from Level 5 and SquareEnix. Has to be one of my all time fave JRPG’s. And whats not to love, it has to be one of the best looking games to come out on the aged PS2. Of course if your not a fan of either JRPG’s and Hard as nails games then this is not the game for you. Much like any of the DQ games if we’re being truthful. lol You might think it would be a walk in the park but if you go at it like a normal JRPG or even a normal RPG then you will get your butt burnt real bad. It takes a lot of time to get anything out of this game. I remember the first time I played it. I thought Im doing well I’ve not died once and am at a good level (level 3 or 4 I think), so no to the first boss. BIG mistake “GAME OVER” after about 3 hits, not good. But I like the game so went back did some leveling up and tried the boss again, and you know what yep same again dead with in 4-5 hits again. But I didn’t give up…… well I did, but went back to it about 6 months later, a much more wise gamer. Stared a fresh game as I had no clue what I was meant to be doing. And dug right into the game grinding and grinding very slowly up. And then it was time to tackle the boss again and this time SCORE total pass with ease. From then on I knew what to do GRIND like it was the last thing and only thing I could do in the game. And that was nearly 10 years a go, and I’ve still not completed the game. But this last week I’ve gone back to it and m enjoying it just as much as i did then, even more so after playing so much GOW, Uncharted and such games. It’s just a real nice change to go back to a classic and enjoy it. And it still hold up well when you look at some of the more modern games RPG’s included in that. In a age when company’s are becoming so “keep every one happy” it’s nice to go back and play a game that doesn’t hold your hand and you have to work at to get something out of it. And in a way that’s what I love about the DQ games they don’t give... ~END~ Sorry about the lack of updates been rather bizzy these last few weeks, with work and some other stuff, only had a few hours of game play. Mostly on DQ, but I have dipped into Grandia 2 these last few nights. Anyway in a follow up Post to my last about JRPG Ni No Kuni, I thought I might as well post up a trailer for it. and on a side note LOVING the music at the start. Found my old Gameboy Colour in the cupboard the other day and took it for a spin, was in a very retro mood. And I’ve not put it down. No mater what people say or think about Nintendo now. Mostly been playing Pokemon Silver/Red with some other games chucked in. I’ve enjoyed it playing it so much, I’m now on the prowl of eBay looking for dome more games. If anyone has some recommendations on what to play let me know. -END- Was feeling in a retro mood this morning so dug the N64 out, and plugged it into the tv in the conservatory, for a bit of retro fun. Wanted to plug it into the scart socket, but of course the PAL 64 doesn’t do RGB, so had to stick it in the non RGB with a some what fuzzy picture, so a quick search on eBay for a s-video cable. Plenty of AV cables mostly from Honk Kong, which doesn’t seem the best choice. But finally found one from the UK,although might give it s try on the main Tv which 2nd scart can change it’d input/output signal, which might give a better picture. It’s such a amazing game, ok the camera is a bit dodgy, at times but you can look past that and enjoy a game that is often put up there with Mario 64. And should be played by all. As should the other games in the series. -END- As some may know the dreamcast is a ageing console that unlike many previous consoles finished its life with some grace. But the 1 snag I have the the DC is that I am now on my 3rd console. My first a second hand console had trouble reading GD-ROMS, turned out that that little belt had snapped. So trip to Toys’r’us, to get my second which up until the end of last year had worked great, but fell foul of the resetting bug. Do along came my 3rd I have after all amassed a lovely collection of DC games. Which in turn is lovely and whit unlike my last console that had that yellow tint. Not reading discs ect Which I think is down to the fact that the lens part is the original ver made in Japan, rather than the later which were made outside of Japan. (not that I’m dissing it for being made there) but being the smart chap I am decided to swap the original faulty lens set with the newer one.


  1. Un reparto nato “dal coraggio o dall'incoscienza di alcuni medici” ricorda Tappatà oggi realtà certificata grazie ad uno scambio di dati quotidiano con l'istituto Mario Negri e alla partecipazione al progettpo Giviti (gruppo italiano per la valutazione
  2. Federico Pizzarotti è indagato per la vendita della Stu Pasubio. Il sindaco di Parma, ex M5S, è sotto inchiesta insieme all'ex commissario Mario Ciclosi per la cessione della quota di maggioranza della società di trasformazione urbana che ha realizzato
  3. Malattie rare, popolazioni fragili e medicina di genere. Sono questi i tre ambiti indicati dal Bando Aifa 2016 per la ricerca indipendente sui farmaci, pubblicato 


East Side Mario's Hell's Kitchen Chicken (Pollo Italian) (chicken, red pepper flakes, basil, tarragon, black pepper, parsley, garlic, margarine, mozzarella cheese, salt, tomato)

Grandma Bandi's Chili Recipe (chuck roast, red kidney beans, onions, green pepper, tomato, tomato soup, tomato sauce, salsa)

Mario Batali's Olive Oil and Orange Cake (baking powder, eggs, olive oil, flour, orange, salt, sugar)

Winter Caprese Salad (basil, bocconcini, olive oil, garlic, parmigiano-reggiano cheese, pine nuts, tomato, black pepper)


Nonso Anozie - IMDb
Nonso Anozie, Actor: The Grey. Nonso Anozie was born on May 28, 1979 in London, England. He is an actor, known for The Grey (2011), Cinderella (2015) and Atonement ...

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Avviso per la concessione del servizio pubblico di gestione della farmacia comunale di Capracotta. Bando integrale. Ulteriori informazioni presso la Centrale Unica di ...

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01: Domanda di partecipazione Pubblicazione autorizzata da Conte Mario il 28/07/2014: Pubblicato il 28/07/2014: 02: Avviso di Selezione Pubblicazione autorizzata da ...

Photos of Mario Bandi

Photos of Mario Bandi
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Mario Bandi:

Mario Bandi:
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Die Autoren Ulrike Bajohr und Mario Bandi zu Gast bei ...

Die Autoren Ulrike Bajohr und Mario Bandi zu Gast bei ...
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Rumor: Bandai Namco working on several NX games, Smash Bros. a launch title
Rumors about the NX continue to persist. This time, analyst and consultant Dr. Serkan Toto has made bold claims regarding Bandai Namco. The publisher is supposedly working on a number of titles for the system, including Smash Bros. – which will ...

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Main cast: Jude Law, Ed Harris, Rachel Weisz, Joseph Fiennes, Bob Hoskins, Ron Perlman, Eva Mattes, Gabriel Thomson, Matthias Habich, Sophie Rois, Ivan Shvedoff, Mario Bandi, Hans M Synopsis: Hailed for its epic scale and masterful battle sequences ...

Bandi Namco’s bringing its Super Smash Bros.-like anime brawler to the West
Think of it as Super Smash Bros. but with anime and manga characters instead of Mario and Pikachu. Publisher Bandai Namco announced today that it is bringing J-Stars Victory VS+ to the West for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 3.

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