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LLOYD BOCHNER* & DON HARRON - R.I.P. (Last Interview*)


mytalkshowheroes 2005 -'Eye on Toronto' HOST: Robin Ward.

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LOUISIANELOUISIANE (FRENCH)Format: DVDUPC: 824255008822Studio/Label: TVADirected by Philippe de Broca. Starring Ian Charleson, Andr?a Ferr?ol, Lloyd Bochner.

Lonely Lady [blu Ray] [ws/1.85:1] (Gaiam Americas)

Lonely Lady [blu Ray] [ws/1.85:1] (Gaiam Americas)


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A young writer wants to sell her Hollywood script in the worst way, which she does. Video Release Date: 0000-00-00 Run time: 92 minutes Animated: Live-action Director: Peter Sasdy Starring: Pia Zadora, Lloyd Bochner, Bibi Besch, Joseph Cali

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Irwin Allen Television Productions, 1964-1970


Ray Diffen Stage Clothes

Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, John Gielgud, Katherine Hepburn, Barbra Streisand and Alec Guinness are just a few of the hundreds of actors costumed by Ray Diffen during his career of more than fifty years in the US, UK and Canada. Working for a cadre of talented collaborators—producers, directors, designers and actors—Ray and his team of craftsmen created stage clothing for the best known Shakespeare Festivals, spectacular musical theatre productions, innovative dance companies, and epic stagings of the world’s best opera at the Met in New York City. Behind the scenes—in rehearsals, dressing rooms, and in that most intimate of settings, the fitting room—the actors’ lives are revealed, as they try on the skins of the characters they will portray. Despite tensions flaring in the...


  1. Today, July 29th, This Day in Twilight Zone History and The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia celebrate the birth of Lloyd Bochner, born on this day in 1924. Bochner portrayed Michael Chambers, a crack cryptologist who attempts to decipher a book left behind
  2. Lloyd Bochner and Susan Cummings portray cryptologists who are assigned to what appears to be the impossible task of deciphering an alien book, inexplicably left behind at the United Nations after aliens arrive on Earth. The seemingly peaceful 7-foot
  1. @suznkizr @Bjorkian15 @ThatEricAlper That's an original. Also best remembered for using the same actor (Lloyd Boch… https://t.co/FcqkEgUFV8
  2. Is it just me or does Dan O'Herlihy sound a lot like Lloyd Bochner? #MeTVBSG
  3. @gray @MrKenShabby Also has Ellis’s real Dad, Lloyd Bochner, in it. #hansbooby #imyourwhiteknight


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Lloyd Bochner - Wikipedia
Career. At the age of 11, Bochner began his acting career on Ontario radio programs. He went on to garner two Liberty Awards, the highest acting honor in Canada, for ...

Hart Bochner - Wikipedia
Personal life. Bochner was born in Toronto, Ontario, the son of Ruth (née Roher), a concert pianist, and actor Lloyd Bochner. His family is Jewish. Bochner is a ...

Amazon.com: Dynasty: The Complete Series: Lloyd Bochner ...
Amazon.com: Dynasty: The Complete Series: Lloyd Bochner, Lloyd Haynes, John Forsythe, Linda Evans, Pamela Bellwood, Joan Collins, Kale Browne, Herman Poppe, Brian ...

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