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Strauss - Kathleen Battle - Frühlingsstimmen - Voices of Spring


Beautiful opera singer Kathleen Battle singing wonderfully the waltz "Voices of Spring" by Johann Strauss II written in 1882. This was in 1987 in Vienna.

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Battle, Kathleen / Parkening, Christopher - Angels' Glory CD

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Track Listing: Mary Did You Kn

Kathleen Battle - Classic Kathleen Battle: A Portrait CD

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Kathleen Battle

Brief biography of African American opera singer Kathleen Battle.

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When Aretha sang opera at the Grammys, she renewed a beloved aria that had become a cliche - Los Angeles Times

I watched the 1998 Grammy Awards broadcast out of a sense of duty, catching whatever classical bones might be thrown, figuring I needed to know how artistically low the whole thing could sink. Luciano Pavarotti was scheduled to sing Puccini’s aria “Nessun Dorma,” something he had once made the spectacular epitome of feel-good ecstatic triumph. But it, and he, had become commercialized clichés, his rendition having become a bruising soccer anthem and the once-great Italian tenor having become just as conventionally commercialized. Nor did I greet the surprise announcement of his cancellation (calling in sick after the show had begun) and of his replacement, Aretha Franklin, with much pleasure. The Queen of Soul was in danger of becoming soullessly commercialized herself. Once African American singers finally broke into the opera, gospel began to inform the overall style of American opera singing significantly. Marian Anderson, Leontyne Price, Jessye Norman, Kathleen Battle and many other opera singers grew up in world of gospel and sang in church choirs as kids. They may go on to professional voice training, but they retain an essential sense of rhythm, particularly the theatrical hitting of a note an arresting fraction of a second off the beat, creating an unforgettably operatic emotional charge. All of this was becoming lost in the early 20th century when Puccini wrote his last opera, “Turandot,” and this is precisely what Franklin returned to with its best known aria, “Nessun Dorma. ” Opera, furthermore, had always been meant to be sung as if it were of the moment. Franklin’s version was more cover than anything classical, but it felt thrillingly true to the spirit of Puccini. More has probably been made of this than deserves to be. There was talk of an aria disc, but nothing ever came of it. On “Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics,” the Grammy “Nessun Dorma” is the only operatic classic. But on that Grammy night 20 years ago, classical music was not thrown a bone. It was the evening’s greatest delicacy, and it has become a classic Grammy moment.


  1. Kathleen Battle was once told that her voice was a gift given to her by God. The soprano would use said gift to turn into one of the great singers at the end of the 20th century. Born on August 13, 1948, in Ohio, she studied at the University of
  2. Marian Anderson, Leontyne Price, Jessye Norman, Kathleen Battle and many other opera singers grew up in world of gospel and sang in church choirs as kids. They still do, as is the case with the striking young countertenor John Holiday. They may go on
  1. @Duizhang_Jjigae Leontyne Price Marian Anderson Denyce Graves Kathleen Battle Jessye Norman Grace Bumbry Among Many… https://t.co/1nx5whZvUl
  2. Miss NY said that not many Blk women sing opera, but there has been a very definite lineage thru his of Black opera… https://t.co/aBwreN0r5w
  3. Legendary soprano Kathleen Battle will present a powerful program of songs inspired by the Underground Railroad at… https://t.co/jsXXmOd10z


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Kathleen Battle - Wikipedia
Kathleen Deanna Battle (born August 13, 1948) is an American operatic soprano known for her distinctive vocal range and tone. Born in Portsmouth, Ohio, Battle ...

Strauss - Kathleen Battle - Frühlingsstimmen - Voices of ...
Beautiful opera singer Kathleen Battle singing wonderfully the waltz "Voices of Spring" by Johann Strauss II written in 1882. This was in 1987 in Vienna.

キャスリーン・バトル - Wikipedia
キャスリーン・バトル(Kathleen Battle, 1948年 8月13日 - )は、アメリカ合衆国出身のリリック・コロラトゥーラ・ソプラノ歌手。


plenty good room
youtu.be/MTRQ0WzGbm0 Kathleen Battle - Plenty good room . . . photo: courtyard of Stavropoleos Monastery [finished in 1908] architect Ion Mincu Stavropoleos Monastery, Bucharest, Romania www.flickr.com/groups/stavropoleos/ www.stavropoleos.ro www.monumenteromania.ro/index.php/monumente/detalii/en/St... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stavropoleos_Monastery
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Battle of Tarawa. Blood plasma banks and first aid station. Headquarters. World War 2. Selected by Kathleen.

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