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Jurassic Park - 1993 - Opening Scene "Shoot her!" HD

Jurassic Park - 1993 - Opening Scene "Shoot her.

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Steve McQueen: The race of his life.

Steve McQueen had a terrible childhood. “This made him the man he was”, abandoned by his father before he was born and left aside by his mother, he grew up almost like an orphan until he was an adolescent and became the greatest Hollywood star ever.McQueen was a magnet to the box office because, rather than an actor, he was a style. He understood and took advantage of this, even in spite of making the list of his enemies even longer. “People said he was a very difficult person, simply because he was not a tame lamb which could be easily handled. He knew what was good for him. He argued to death with directors to have things done his own way. He acted like this in all aspects of life. Always on the edge.”By the time he died, he had accumulated 55 cars, 210 motorbikes and was beginning to...

Encyclopedia of Motion Picture Sound

Ever since 1927, when The Jazz Singer broke the silence of the silver screen, sound has played an integral role in the development and appreciation of motion pictures. This encyclopedia covers the people, processes, innovations, facilities, manufacturers, formats and award-winning films that have made sound such a crucial part of the motion picture experience. Every film that has won a sound-related Academy Award is included here, with detailed critical commentary. Every sound mixer or editor who has been honored by the Academy has his or her own entry and filmography, and career biographies are provided for key developers including Jack Foley, Ray Dolby, George Lucas, and more.

RIP: The 12 Characters Who Gave Their Lives For The Jurassic Park Series - Cinema Blend

You'd think this is a lesson that the folks who keep trying to make Jurassic Park happen would learn, but three films have come and quite a few lives have gone in the name of dinosaur-fueled progress. On the eve of the fourth walk in the park, Jurassic World , we turn our thoughts to those who have died at the hands and claws of the creatures that John Hammond dreamed would capture the imagination of the entire planet. Here now is a gallery of the 12 most notable characters who were killed in the line of dino combat. ( Note: This list centers on highlighted individual character deaths, not mass character deaths). Who He Was: One in a long line of loaders on hand the night a Velociraptor was being loaded into its paddock, this unnamed loader was killed merely because he showed up to work. While being an employee for Jurassic Park must have been a high pay/cushy benefits package job, it’s also a gig that comes with a ton of risk. How He Died: Despite all of the training and drills the crew at Jurassic Park must have been through, a simple accident was all it took for our unnamed victim to become a snack for an eager Raptor. While the beast made a break for the open gate, her un-secured container is knocked back and sends our unlucky subject flying off of the container, landing just in eating range. Brutal Death Ranking: 10/10. The poor guy is alive when the dinosaur starts to eat him in the first scene of Jurassic Park , so that alone is bad enough. But to be dragged up and down the container, as well as feeling the life slowly leave you through agonizing pain and dismemberment.


  1. Unnamed Raptor Loader (Jophery C. Brown). Who He Was: One in a long line of loaders on hand the night a Velociraptor was being loaded into its paddock, this unnamed loader was killed merely because he showed up to work. While being an employee for
  2. P-Ernie Broglio, 1965. 3B-Herman Bronkie, 1914. OF-Mandy Brooks, 1925. P-Jim Brosnan, 1954. P-Mordecai Brown, 1909+. P-Ray Brown, 1909. P-Jumbo Brown, 1925. SS-Tommy Brown, 1952. P-Jophery Brown, 1968. LF-Brant Brown, 1996. LF-Roosevelt Brown, 1999. OF


Good Eats Chicken Kiev (From Alton Brown 2004) (chicken, parsley, tarragon, eggs, black pepper, kosher salt, panko, butter, vegetable oil, water)

C. O. R. N. Chicken Noodle Soup (chicken broth, chicken, garlic powder, black pepper, margarine, onions, pasta, poultry seasoning, salt, vegetable)

C.o.m.f.y. ! Casserole (carrot, monterey jack cheese, broccoli, garlic powder, black pepper, milk, elbow macaroni, smoked sausage)

R C Pasta Recipe (green pepper, chicken, dry pasta, salt, onions, sweet and sour mix, vegetable oil, sauce)


Jophery C. Brown - IMDb
Jophery C. Brown, Stunts: Die Hard. Jophery C. Brown was born on January 22, 1945 in Grambling, Louisiana, USA as Jophrey Clifford Brown. He is known for his work on ...

Jophery Brown - Wikipedia
Jophery Clifford Brown (January 22, 1945 ... Jophery Brown died on January 11, 2014 at the age of 68 just 11 days short of his 69th birthday from complications ...

Jophery C. Brown - Biography - IMDb
The Taurus Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Jophery Brown, a legendary stunt man whose career has spanned over 30 years and includes stunts in over 400 films ...

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