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Indie Horrors! The Not-To-Be-Missed, The Acceptable, and The Forgettable

Welcome to the wonderful world of the independent, cut-price horror, science fiction and fantasy movie. Movies where most of the aliens are, well, for want of a better word, Alien rip-offs; where the leading men and women display all the emotions of cardboard cut-outs; where decent music is more or less non-existent; where direction veers from the truly sublime to the utterly ridiculous; where plots are ruthlessly plagiarized from other, more high-profile productions; where special effects aren’t all that special; where the level of gore has to be seen to be believed; where the hero is good-looking but wooden and the heroine a blonde/brunette bimbo; where the dialogue is stilted and shored up with stock phrases; and where the cheapo ethics immortalized by Edward D. Wood, Jr., Jerry...

Armageddon Films FAQ

(FAQ). Mankind has been predicting its own demise through various methods, from fables and religious scriptures to hard-core scientific studies since the dawn of time. And if there is one thing Hollywood knows how to exploit, it is the fears of Things to Come. Movies about the end of the world have been around since the early days of cinema, and Armageddon Film FAQ is a look into the various methods we have destroyed ourselves over the years: zombies, mad computers, uptight aliens, plunging objects from space, crazed animals, Satan, God, Contagions, the ever-popular atomic bomb, sometimes even a combination of these in the same movie! Armageddon Films FAQ goes from the silent days of filmmaking to the most recent (literally) earth-shattering epics, from cinema to television and even the...


  1. 7 by Logan Bork, Harrow Road, Toledo. “Pit bull,” white and brown male, unlicensed; fearful/​unsafe; stray picked up by a 16 by Jessica Ferguson, Nevada Street, Toledo. “Pit bull,” brown brindle and white male, unlicensed; owner requested
  2. 52 Dappled Drive, Matthew A. Krause; Jennifer Kruase to Ian A. Johnston; Jessica L. Johnston, $297,000. • 189 Washington Hwy, Albert . 2324 Southwestern Boulevard, Joseph G. Weiglein to Tanya Bork, $58,500. SPRINGVILLE • 149 Maple Ave., Colleen 
  1. RT @gunass420: student union: wow we got these heckin puppers to help you with depression and anxiety me: can i have a psychiatrist appoint…
  2. RT @gunass420: student union: wow we got these heckin puppers to help you with depression and anxiety me: can i have a psychiatrist appoint…
  3. RT @dog_feelings: a human is at the door with a package. i know i’m supposed to bork around. perhaps even cause a rumpus. but they’re just…


Jessica Seinfelds Magic Brownies Recipe (baking powder, carrot, cocoa powder, egg whites, brown sugar, nonstick cooking spray, oat flour, vanilla extract, salt, semisweet chocolate, spinach, margarine)

Jessica's Real Green Bean Casserole (black pepper, black pepper, eggs, flour, milk, onions, paprika, cheddar cheese, vegetable oil, sugar)

Veal Jessica Recipe (veal, asparagus, yellow bell pepper, red pepper, olive oil, flour, olive oil, chicken broth)

Jessica's Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe (chicken, swiss cheese, ham, hamburger bun)

Directory Invasion of the Pod People: Sarah Lieving ...
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Timothy Glen Bork - WISC -
Timothy Bork, age 62, of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, passed away on Monday, July 9, 2018 at his home.

Mistress Sidonia von Bork at The English Mansion Blog
A No Frou-Frou Zone! There’s no frou-frou pampering when you’re my sissy playdoll – I break my toys all the time! I adore ‘real’ enforced feminisation and ...

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