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MICHAEL JAMES BARTON: House bill would unleash jobs growth

The U.S. economy created a paltry 38,000 jobs in May — a mere quarter the number economists predicted. Fortunately, the House of Representatives just approved a legislative amendment that could pick up the slack. The provision, attached to a 

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The Writings of William James

The Writings of William James

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Price: $52.24

In his introduction to this collection, John representative. McDermott presents James's thinking in all its manifestations, stressing the importance of radical empiricism and placing into perspective the doctrines of pragmatism and the will to believe. The critical periods of James's life are highlighted to illuminate the development of his philosophical and psychological thought. The anthology features representive selections from The Principles of Psychology, The Will to Believe, and The Variety of Religious Experience in addition to the complete Essays in Radical Empiricism and A Pluralistic Universe. The original 1907 edition of Pragmatism is included, as well as classic selections from all of James's other major works. Of particular significance for James scholarship is the supplemented version of Ralph Barton Perry's Annotated Bibliography of the Writings of William James, with additions bringing it up to 1976.

American Coin Treasures 1859 First Year of Issue Indian Head Penny Collection

American Coin Treasures 1859 First Year of Issue Indian Head Penny Collection

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The Indian Head Cent, struck from 1859 to 1909, is one of America's most popular coins. You can now own the first year of issue Indian Head Cent minted in 1859 over 150 years ago. This handsome coin designed by James Barton Longacre is housed in a beautiful blue display box. A Certificate of Authenticity is included. Dimensions: 3 3/16 L x 2 5/8 W x 1 1/4 H; 0.1875 lbs.

MICHAEL JAMES BARTON: House bill would unleash jobs growth - Your Houston News

Energy producers could finally build necessary infrastructure. Thanks to new technologies like hydraulic fracturing, U. S. energy developers have tapped into previously unreachable gas reserves. Domestic production has jumped 50 percent over the last decade and is on pace to grow another 50 percent in the coming decades. This rapid expansion has already worked wonders for an economy mired in near zero growth for eight years. Natural gas production increases have created high-quality jobs, fueled billions in growth, and provided businesses with cheap energy. There’s now so much gas, in fact, that domestic supply outstrips domestic demand. Americans will only consume about a quarter of the gas produced over the near future. And new foreign sales would generate new jobs right here at home. But there’s not enough infrastructure to enable this exchange because of regulatory uncertainty. Regulatory delays have slowed pipeline construction. The total miles of domestic gas pipelines actually fell two percent between 2009 and 2015. This spring, the Texas firm Kinder Morgan surrendered to the regulatory bureaucracy and shuttered a $3 billion pipeline project in New England. The much-hyped “Constitution” pipeline connecting Pennsylvania gas production sites to New York consumers has been similarly smothered to death in government approval channels. Worse still, when the gas does eventually get to the coasts, there aren’t enough terminals to actually sell it abroad. A federal law enacted in the 1930s — a time when a domestic gas surplus was about as imaginable as a smart phone — dictates that federal regulators must approve every new gas export terminal. Consequently, dozens of terminal proposals have been stuck in regulatory limbo for years. The House’s energy amendment attacks these problems. It requires the Department of Energy to expedite the permitting process for new pipelines and to speed up its evaluations of new terminal applications. Natural gas exports would accelerate gas industry expansion and generate profound benefits for working Americans. A fully operational gas export sector would create 450,000 new jobs over the next two decades. Arguably the single most important task for American policymakers is creating more footholds into the middle class. Millions of Americans feel trapped in low-wage, unstable work and locked out of the American dream. They’re desperate for solid jobs that can serve as the cornerstone of a family. These new natural gas positions fit that description. They’d be reliable and well-paid, with an average wage clocking in $50,000 higher than the average of the overall economy. Passing the House’s natural gas amendment into law is a clear win-win. Michael James Barton is the Founder of Hyatt Solutions and speaks around the country on energy and energy security matters.


  1. The U.S. economy created a paltry 38,000 jobs in May — a mere quarter the number economists predicted. Fortunately, the House of Representatives just approved a legislative amendment that could pick up the slack. The provision, attached to a 
  2. Survivors include his mother and step-father, Rosella and David Thompson, of Brookings; his father, James Barton, of Arlington; sister, Roxanne (Jerry Helton) Ulness of Brookings; an aunt and uncle, Kathy and Rod Poppe, of Brookings; a special friend
  3. Let's also say that he's got to find a way to do the delicate dance steps with his new teammate James Harden. Others such as Dwight Howard and Ty Lawson have found that not such an easy task. And it's also possible that Gordon finds his way into the 
  2. RT @amhistorymuseum: Today in 1794: Engraver James Barton Longacre is born. He designed the double eagle, 1st coin struck at SF mint. https…
  3. Yellow Sky, Good DVD, Ray Beltram, Robert Adler, Charles Kemper, James Barton, H https://t.co/cQCmdPRWXi https://t.co/uE0OlxSOcf


James Beard's Chicken Kiev (chicken, butter, chives, eggs, flour, garlic, parsley, black pepper, rosemary, salt, vegetable oil, water)

Walt (Bookie) Barton's Funny Chicken Recipe (celery, mushroom, sherry, chicken, french onion soup, mushroom, rice)

Catfish Saint James (baking powder, butter, mustard powder, flour, garlic powder, italian seasoning, onion powder, parmesan cheese, salt)

James' Fire Salad (black pepper, jalapeno, lettuce, red onions, tomato)


James Barton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
James Barton may refer to: James Barton (vaudeville) (1890–1962), American vaudevillian and character actor; James R. Barton (1810?–1856), sheriff of Los Angeles ...

James Barton - IMDb
James Barton, Actor: The Misfits. Former vaudeville song-and-dance man best remembered as "Kit" Carson in 'The Time of Your Life' (1948).

James Barton (actor) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
James Edward Barton (November 1, 1890 – February 19, 1962) was an American vaudevillian, stage performer, and a character actor in films and on television.

Bücher, Rezensionen... Was liest man über den Autor James Barton ...

Bücher, Rezensionen... Was liest man über den Autor James Barton ...
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James Barton - illustration from

James Barton - illustration from
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Barton Mansion - Sanctuary to Asylum
James H. Barton’s Corner Minor was once the most prominent house in the township of Barton Heights. The town and his mansion were built in the late 1800s as refuge from the dirt and noise of city life in nearby Richmond VA. By 1914 the township was annexed by the city leading to a long period of decline. Today Barton Heights survives in the form of an urban neighborhood and his house stands abandoned after serving most recently as a sanitarium.
The Adelaide Darwin railway line passing along the edge of Lake Hart north of Port Augusta in South Australia.
On the Indian Pacific train you depart Aelaide 6:40 pm reaching Port August at 11pm; then Tarcoola 4:20 am; the siding of Bates at 7:40am. We have a brief stop at the former township of Cook at 9:45 am. We should reach Forrest in Western Australia about 1:54 pm; Rawlinna at 2:26 pm and Kalgoorlie at 7:10 pm. As a condition of entering the federation of Australia WA Premier Sir John Forrest insisted on a transcontinental rail link with the eastern states via Port Augusta. Work began in 1912 and was completed in 1917. Water for the steam engines was obtained from bores across the Nullarbor but the high salt content meant steam engines rusted out very quickly. Coal was shipped from NSW and transported across the Nullarbor to tiny rail sidings and left in stockpiles to fuel the steam furnaces. It was a costly and relatively slow way of crossing from SA to Perth. The journey involved several changes of gauges from Adelaide with the first at Terowie where the 5’3” rail gauge line ended....
James 'The Mouth' Barton
The train is late because James has eaten it.

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