Jack Blum


In Conversation With Jack Blum (A Survivor of SIEGE)


Jack Blum (Patrick from SIEGE) shares some behind the scenes anecdotes.

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Peter Cullen & Frank Welker & David Hartman-Transformers: Prime - Season 1

Peter Cullen & Frank Welker & David Hartman-Transformers: Prime - Season 1


Price: $64.99

For centuries across the universe, Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) and the Autobots have battled their greatest foes, Megatron (Frank Welker) and his army of Decepticons. But on Earth they face a new threat: discovery by the human race. By using their unique ability to disguise themselves as common Earth vehicles, the Autobots have managed to avoid detection and the risk of escalating their war to disastrous proportions. But now they require the assistance of three young human allies (Jack, Miko and Raf ) along with Special Agent Bill Fowler (Ernie Hudson, Ghostbusters) not only to help keep their secret but also to defeat the sinister Decepticons once and for all! From Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the writing team behind the megablockbuster Transformers feature films, and executive producer Jeff Kline comes an all-new series of sophisticated adventures for the Autobots, Decepticons and their human allies that boasts stellar computer animation and an impressive voice cast including Adam Baldwin (Chuck), Clancy Brown (Lost), Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Dwayne The Rock Johnson (G.I. JOE: Retaliation), John Noble (Fringe), Tony Todd (Final Destination) and Gina Torres (Firefly). Also included in this limited-edition set: the 96-page Transformers: Prime prequel graphic novel by IDW Publishing! Transformers fans disappointed by the live-action Michael Bay films and various animated permutations of their favorite Cybertronians adventures may find some solace in the Emmy-winning Transformers Prime, a CGI series that harks back to the Transformers heyday while adding welcome layers of depth and grit to the characterizations. Theres also a touch of darkness in its central storyline, which has Decepticons Megatron (Frank Welker) and Starscream (Steven Blum) mining Dark Energon to create a "zombie" army of robots to defeat a quintet of Autobots, led as always by Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen). Aiding the Autobots in their defense of the Earth are a government agent (Ernie

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The Outlaw Bank

The 1991 collapse of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was one of the biggest financial scandals of all time. Based upon an 18-month-long series of articles in Time magazine, this text describes the international corruption that allowed this criminal enterprise to flourish for two


  1. Dundi Hamilton paced Caruthersville with eight receptions for 122 yards, and Alexander finished with three touchdowns and two interceptions. Tyler Blum had a team-high 11 tackles for Valle. Jack Drury supplied two fumble recoveries, and Peyton Tucker 
  2. CEDAR RAPIDS — A host of politicians and candidates worked the crowd and served up plates of hot dogs, baked beans and coleslaw at the Hawkeye Area Labor Council AFL-CIO annual Labor Day picnic Monday at Hawkeye Downs. Democratic state Sen.
  1. @Jack_da_Ripper9 @_RyanTurek @jason_blum The Exorcist is a master piece of a classic but I think @blumhouse would d… https://t.co/XTJySbn42I
  2. @Jack_da_Ripper9 @jason_blum Owned by Warner Bros./New Line!


Jack N Jill Burgers (ground beef, sweet pickle relish, hamburger bun, ketchup, lettuce, monterey jack cheese, onions, croutons, tomato)

Monterey Jack with Apricots, Honey and Mint (honey, honey, water)

Jack BBQ Sauce (brown sugar, hot sauce, garlic salt, ketchup, lemon juice, liquid smoke flavoring, onion powder, steak sauce, whiskey, worcestershire sauce)

Jack in the Box Oreo Cookie Shake (milk, cookies, vanilla ice cream)


Jack Hanna
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Steven Blum - Wikipedia
Steven Jay Blum (/ b l uː m /; born April 29, 1960) is an American voice actor of anime, animation and video games known for his distinctive deep voice.


Knoblauchsrauke auch Knoblauchskraut, Lauchkraut, Knoblauchhederich genannt (Alliaria petiolata, syn Alliaria officinalis, Jack-by-the-hedge, Garlic Mustard, Garlic Root, Hedge Garlic, Sauce-alone, Jack-in-the-bush, Penny Hedge or Poor Man's Mustard)
Jack Herer
Diese in einer illegalen Berliner Kleinstplantage fotografierte Cannabispflanze steht am Beginn der Blütephase.
B73109 Jack Gaghan
South Australians of World War I : Share their story Service number 2370 Private Jack Gaghan was born at Petersburg, South Australia, on 7 October 1897. He enlisted at Keswick on 24 March 1915 and served with the 10th Infantry Battalion. He was wounded in action on 21 September 1917 and again on 31 May 1918. He returned to Australia in 1919. Ron Blum Collection

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