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Police Academy - G.W. Bailey Interview

Police Academy - G. W. Bailey Interview.

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Mary McDonnell & G.W. Bailey - Major Crimes: Season 1

Mary McDonnell & G.W. Bailey - Major Crimes: Season 1


Price: $29.98

Major Crimes: The Complete First Season (DVD) Go into bold new territory with televisions favorite squad of detectives! Set in the Los Angeles Police Department, Major Crimes picks up where successful series The Closer leaves off, centering on what it takes to secure an airtight conviction, and exploring how the police and prosecutors work together to build a solid case that results in a suspect confessing, signing a plea agreement or being found guilty in a court of law. With Academy Award® and Emmy® nominee Mary McDonnell as Captain Sharon Raydor, the series also stars The Closer's G.W. Bailey, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Raymond Cruz and Phillip P. Keene, along with Kearran Giovanni and Graham Patrick Martin, with The Closer veterans Jon Tenney and Robert Gossett also appearing. With the same stellar producing team in place, Major Crimes delivers the same high caliber of action and drama as the hit series it follows. Viewers bereft at the demise of The Closer will find plenty to like about Major Crimes, another top-notch cop drama from TNT. The connection is no coincidence; with The Closer shutting down following the departure of Emmy winner and star Kyra Sedgwick after seven seasons, the producers were charged with creating what one of them calls "a similar franchise with a new heart," and this is it. A significant number of the cast members from the earlier show are back, but there are notable changes as well, most notably the replacement of Sedgwicks Brenda Johnson by Captain Sharon Raydor (Oscar nominee Mary McDonnell). Hers is not an easy transition. Coming from the Los Angeles Police Departments dreaded "Force Investigation Division," Raydor, who also appeared in various Closer episodes, is distrusted and outright disliked by most of her new colleagues, especially old-school lieutenant Louie Provenza. This internecine conflict is a distraction, to say the least, as Raydor is obliged to spend much of the season trying to win the others over, all

Mary McDonnell & G.W. Bailey - Major Crimes: Season 3

Mary McDonnell & G.W. Bailey - Major Crimes: Season 3


Price: $29.98

Major Crimes: The Complete Third Season (DVD) Television's favorite squad of detectives is back on the case in the thrilling third season of Major Crimes, the powerful crime drama that ranks as one of basic cable's Top 10 original series. The elite team is back, headed by two-time Oscar® nominee Mary McDonnell as Los Angeles Police Captain Sharon Raydor, along with G.W. Bailey as Lieutenant Provenza, Tony Denison as Lieutenant Andy Flynn, Michael Paul Chan as Lieutenant Mike Tao, Raymond Cruz as Detective Julio Sanchez, Kearran Giovanni as Detective Amy Sykes, Phillip P. Keene as tech expert Buzz Watson, Jonathan Del Arco as Dr. Morales and Robert Gossett as Assistant Chief Russell Taylor. Plus, Graham Patrick Martin returns as Rusty Beck, the homeless teen and material witness taken in by Captain Raydor. The hit series shows law enforcement officers and prosecutors working together to score a conviction, with the team diving into some of the most captivating crimes.

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  1. Actor G.W. Bailey is 74. Rock singer-musician Tim Bogert is 74. Actress Marianne Sagebrecht is 73. Country musician Jeff Cook is 69. Actor Paul Reubens is 66. Rock musician Alex Lifeson (Rush) is 65. Actor Peter Stormare is 65. Actress Diana Scarwid is 63.
  2. Steve Guttenberg (@SteveGuttbuck) September 3, 2018. The original “Police Academy” film also starred “Sex and the City” alum Kim Cattrall, Michael Winslow and G.W. Bailey. Kathleen Joyce is a breaking/trending news producer for You can 
  1. @rjochoa Safe to say Bailey makes that FG, and Dallas is on a potential GW drive down 16-10, Bryant is an athletic…
  2. @keith81buchanan @michaelshermer Dambisa Moyo. David Brooks. Kruger (but that’s a gimme). Not to mention a guy by the name of GW Bush.
  3. RT @jujuone23: That’s easy..Mary McDonnell, Tony Denison, GW Bailey, Kearran Giovanni, Graham Patrick Martin and Raymond Cruz @tntdrama #Ma…


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G. W. Bailey – Wikipedia
George William Bailey (* 27. August 1944 in Port Arthur, Texas) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Bekannt wurde er durch seine Rollen als Staff Sergeant Luther ...

G.W. Bailey - IMDb
G.W. Bailey, Actor: Police Academy. George William Bailey was born on August 27, 1944 in Port Arthur, Texas. Although Bailey started college at Lamar ...

G.W. Bailey - AlloCiné - AlloCiné : Cinéma, Séries TV ...
G.W. Bailey est un Acteur américain. Découvrez sa biographie, le détail de ses 44 ans de carrière et toute son actualité

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