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Gillian Barge Showreel

a Showreel of my work to date 2010.

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The Razing of Tinton Falls

On June 10, 1779, a Loyalist raiding party landed on the shore of Monmouth County, New Jersey, and advanced unnoticed on the town of Tinton Falls. It captured five leading Patriots and plundered many others. Homes and barns were burned to the ground; stores were looted and livestock driven off. The local militia scattered. That afternoon, as the raiders loaded their barges, a reinforced militia engaged the Loyalists in a battle that climaxed with vicious hand-to-hand combat. Historian Michael Adelberg brings the Tinton Falls raid to life, re-creating the day in the voices of ten narrators based on real people--a child of a Revolutionary leader, a Loyalist officer, a militiaman, a pacifist, a businesswoman and many others--each of whom experienced the day very differently.

Obituaries in the Performing Arts, 2003

The entertainment world lost several legendary stars and a host of other men and women involved in film, television, stage and music in 2003. Comedian and humanitarian extraordinaire Bob Hope died at 100, and Oscar winning icons Katharine Hepburn and Gregory Peck passed on during the year. Other notables who died include country music legend Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash, television funnyman John Ritter, The Honeymooners Ed Norton (Art Carney) and The Beverly Hillbillies Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen), veteran newsman David Brinkley, stage and screen star Hume Cronyn, The Untouchable Robert Stack, comedian Buddy Hackett, Hollywood tough-guy Charles Bronson and fellow Magnificent Seven Horst Buchholz. The obituaries of these and other performers and filmmakers, musicians and...


  1. The old barge was rescued a year ago and transformed by local couple Gillian and David Campbell, who live in Strangford. The couple enlisted a team of local craftsmen to carry out the painstaking transformation from rusted shell to sumptuous retreat.
  2. . By. Gillian Tan. June 12, 2018, 11:22 AM PDT. Barge and terminal operator links Pacific to inland Northwest. Tidewater could fetch a price around $500 million, people say. LISTEN TO ARTICLE.
  1. RT @Wetfhart: @HarrietHarman @hilarybennmp @OfficeGSBrown @JewishLabour The same man who called a local woman Gillian Duffy a bigot! Gordon…
  2. @HarrietHarman @hilarybennmp @OfficeGSBrown @JewishLabour The same man who called a local woman Gillian Duffy a big…


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Directory A DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF TIME: Gillian Barge ... A DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF TIME: Gillian Barge, Nicholas Jones, Simon Russell Beale, Robin Bailey, Jonathan Cake, James Fleet, Richard Pasco, James Purefoy ...

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barge teriminin İngilizce İngilizce sözlükte anlamı To intrude or break through, particularly in an unwelcome or clumsy manner A richly decorated ceremonial ... Poirot - The Mysterious Affair at Styles ... Poirot - The Mysterious Affair at Styles: David Suchet, Hugh Fraser, Philip Jackson, Beatie Edney, David Rintoul, Gillian Barge, Michael Cronin, Joanna ...

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