Filippo Bozotti


Ākāśa Interview with Filippo Bozotti

A sneak preview of our interview with Filippo Bozotti, co-founder of TribeWanted and sustainability expert. In this clip, Filippo defines sustainability as flourishing,.

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Sierra Leone

This is the only English-language guide on the market dedicated exclusively to Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is about the size of Wales and manages to squeeze beaches, rainforests, mountains, savannah grasslands, marshes, mangrove swamps and rivers into its relatively small size. Written for intrepid travellers looking to explore this scarred but vibrant nation, this brand new edition of Sierra Leone invites you to discover the hidden beaches on the country's Atlantic coast, climb to the top of Mount Bintumani, west Africa's highest peak, learn about magical customs, and experience world-class bird-watching.

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  1. My name is Filippo Bozotti, before creating sustainable communities, I was a film-maker in New York City creating socially-conscious documentaries. One of these projects took me to Sierra Leone, where I witnessed the beauty of the local, pristine
  2. For those interested in moving to Monestevole, there is an application process to go though: this is not simply about buying an asset. Bozotti, a former documentary-maker and eloquent advocate for Italia Che Cambia (“Italy that changes”), is keen to

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