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Eric Bogosian - Sex, Drugs, Rock&Roll

Eric Bogosian's one-man show: Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll.

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

100% pure high octane Bogosian. Bogosian's latest and greatest monologue. "His wit is as venomous as ever, his material even more devastating and polished than before."—New York Daily News "Bogosian hasn't simply crossed the line of good taste, he has snorted it."—The Daily Texan “No, Bogosian isn’t angry. He’s furious, and perplexed, and neurotic, and brilliant as ever.” -- The Boston Globe Wake Up is Bogosian's meditation on making it to the top of the ladder, on falling off the ladder and on the exhilarating thrill of the ultimate crash and burn. Once again the author offers a blisteringly funny and dead-on take of the chaos and alienation of post-modern life in the U. S. of the year 2000. As Michael Feingold so ably offered in his Village Voice review—"Bogosian is there, watching...

Suburbia (new version)

An updated version of the groundbreaking, violently funny play.

  1. @JeromiahValeska @kinky_horror @therealjoebob Have you ever seen the 2 films he made in New York after he was expli…
  2. Seriously. Read this. It’s like a crazed subway character from an Eric Bogosian monologue.
  3. @sheehan_mike @OHLinsiders Agreed, ever since Dick Todd left when we went to the Memorial Cup. We've been terrible…


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Eric Bogosian - Wikipedia
Personal life. Bogosian, an Armenian-American, was born in Woburn, Massachusetts, the son of Edwina (née Jamgochian), a hairdresser and instructor, and Henry ...

Eric Bogosian - IMDb
Eric Bogosian, Actor: Talk Radio. Originally a theater performer, Eric Bogosian has also made a contribution to film, applying his writing skills to several pictures ...

Eric Bogosian — Wikipédia
Carrière d'écrivain. Bogosian est l'auteur de trois romans : Mall, Wasted Beauty et Perforated Heart. Il a également écrit des œuvres dramatiques.


Eric Bogosian
Star of Under Siege 2 and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. NYC June '18.

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