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Mr. Universe

George Oppenheimer Award for Best New American Playwright; Bryan Prize for Drama by the Fellowship of Southern Writers. In this collection, critically acclaimed novelist Jim Grimsley reveals his great gifts as a playwright in four powerful, award-winning plays presenting different worlds in collision and convergence. In "Mr. Universe," the rescue of a mute bodybuilder from the gritty streets of New Orleans by a couple of drag queens brings out the best and worst in them. In "The Lizard of Tarsus," an imprisoned Jesus (called J.) is interrogated by an ambitious follower, Paul of Tarsus. In "The Borderland," neighboring families representing two very different social classes are brought together during a storm. And in "Math and Aftermath," the two worlds of pornography and nuclear testing...

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'Hidden Figures' actress with Columbus roots wonders what other black stories are missing - Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Donna Biscoe had never even heard of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan or Mary Jackson. It wasn’t until she played Johnson’s mother in the movie “Hidden Figures” that she learned of the contributions the three black mathematicians made to the United States space program. ’” said the actress born at Fort Benning and now living in Atlanta. “You have to ask the question, ‘How many stories are out there in our community that we don’t know about. Biscoe, 61, is a 1973 graduate of Kendrick High School and the daughter of Mildred Skillern, a retired Carver High School English teacher. In the movie, she plays Joylette Coleman, the older version of Johnson’s mother. The younger version is played by Karan Kendrick, another Georgia native, who came to Columbus last week to conduct a workshop with local girls at Hollywood Connection. Biscoe is also known for her work in other movies such as “The Fundamentals of Caring” and “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1. ”. She said her love for performance started at Carver High School, where she matriculated before transferring to... It was a physical education teacher, Miss Edwards, who introduced her to dance. “I think Columbus was really the blossoming of my being interested in the arts,” she said, “ I always tell people, I think I was born to be a dancer, and I started that road in Columbus with Miss Edwards and just moved to other things. In the 1970s, Biscoe graduated from Clark College, now Clark Atlanta University, with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. After college, she began working for Eastern Airlines as a flight attendant. But one day, she had a chance encounter with a man on a flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis. They struck up a conversation, and Biscoe expressed an interest in acting. When they reached Minneapolis, the man asked her to be in his show. “From there, I had head shots done just in case he needed one,” she said. To learn theater, Biscoe went to Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York for six months. When she returned to Atlanta, she began acting in plays. In her first performance, she played Martin Luther King Jr. ’s mother in “A Boy King” at the Atlanta Children’s Theater. Soon, Biscoe began appearing in films. The work was consistent when she was younger, she said, but it began slowing down as she entered her 50s. “It’s really true what they say, the older you get, your jobs start drying up,” she said. “So for a period, I was hardly working, but thankfully there was always theater. The dry spell ended when she began playing moms and grandmas, she said. So I’ve been working a lot these days. In March, Biscoe will have reoccurring roles in “Greenleaf,” a drama series on OWN, and “Saints and Sinners,” a series on Bounce TV. She also continues to play parts in plays in Atlanta. Biscoe said she knew “Hidden Figures” would be a success, but was floored when she saw the final product. “I was just as awed and amazed as everybody else when I saw the movie in completion,” she said. They were really cool people.


  1. Donna Biscoe had never even heard of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan or Mary Jackson. It wasn't until she played Johnson's mother in the movie “Hidden Figures” that she learned of the contributions the three black mathematicians made to the 
  2. In director Jaclyn Hofmann's Aurora Theatre production, game co-stars Donna Biscoe (as Abby) and Jill Jane Clements (as Marilyn) deploy actual parachutes and simulate floating through the air — sharing a rare moment of calm to impart a message about 
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