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Fear and Learning

"This collection presents critical reflections on teaching horror film and fiction in different ways and academic settings, showing readers how the pedagogy of horror can galvanize, unsettle and transform classrooms, giving us powerful tools with which to consider interwoven issues of identity, culture, monstrosity, the relationship between the real and the fictional, normativity and adaptation. Foreword, Glen Hirshberg"--Provided by publisher.

Horror Films of the 1980s

John Kenneth Muir is back! This time, the author of the acclaimed Horror Films of the 1970s turns his attention to 300 films from the 1980s. From horror franchises like Friday the 13th and Hellraiser to obscurities like The Children and The Boogens, Muir is our informative guide. Muir introduces the scope of the decade’s horrors, and offers a history that draws parallels between current events and the nightmares unfolding on cinema screens. Each of the 300 films is discussed with detailed credits, a brief synopsis, a critical commentary, and where applicable, notes on the film’s legacy beyond the 80s. Also included is the author’s ranking of the 15 best horror films of the 80s.

  1. What can I say, Denise Sciortino Bixler HAHAHA


Denise's Peanut Chicken (red pepper, chicken, chicken broth, cilantro, cornstarch, peanuts, garlic, green onion, red pepper, soy sauce, sugar, vegetable oil)

Quiche a la Denise (egg whites, egg yolks, flour, milk, onions, salt, swiss cheese)

Denise's American Chop Suey (basil, bay leaves, celery, tomato, red wine, elbow macaroni, mushroom, garlic, green pepper, ground beef, olive oil, onions, oregano, salt, tomato soup, worcestershire sauce)

Denise's Saffron Vegetable Fried Rice (carrot, celery, rice, msg, onions, oyster sauce, peas, saffron, vegetable oil, sweet pepper, vegetable oil, water)


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Marble Countertop Alternatives : Pros + Cons
Marble Countertop Alternatives pros and cons from quartzite , quartz, and granite.

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