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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - David Bailie Interview


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - David Bailie Interview.

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  1. "I saw a plume of smoke and thought boy that looks close to my house and I got close and closer and sure enough," said David Bailie. Bailie watched firefighters come and go from his front yard as they worked to knock down the brush fire that threatened
  2. NIFWA Chairman Keith Bailie added: "With Glenavon, Crusaders and Cliftonville all in the first month, Linfield were handed a very difficult start to the season. "To take 10 points from the month of August is a very impressive performance from David and
  1. @kate_ball Coolio. Hope you got something out of the 3am binge watching?
  2. @david_bailie Studying writing techniques. Aka: binge watching. Not realizing it was 3AM.
  3. @kate_ball Im watching Anthony Bourdain and loving this man. How about you? What are you doing?


David's Mesquite Smoked Texas Brisket (beef, garlic, seasoning)

Tia and David's Deep Fried Tortellini (bread crumbs, parsley, eggs, vegetable oil, salt)

David's Yellow Cake (baking powder, butter, flour, egg yolks, milk, salt, vanilla extract, sugar)

David's Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies (baking soda, butter, crisp rice cereal, eggs, flour, brown sugar, salt, semisweet chocolate chips, vanilla extract, sugar)


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© www.ourdreamphotography.com/
Castlemaine North State School Grade 3 1945
Castlemaine North State School Grade 3 1945 Back row : John Lovelace, Ian Stevens, Peter Goyne, John Harris,Don Whittingslow , Geoffrey Hansford, Donald Gamble, John Molloy 2nd Back Row : Raymond Priest,Graeme Lester, John Lupton, Billy Blume, Neil Ipsen, David Bailie 2nd Front Row : Lynette Westaway, Margaret Halse, Rita Boyer, Lyn Coveny, Betty Allan, June Padgett, Helen Bull Front Row : Melva Bailey, Marcia Fricke, Yvonne Clough, Bettty Birnie, Jennifer Bearlin, Joan Methven Board holder - Billy Magee

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