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Twin Peaks S3.07 review: "A remarkable hour of television"

A US Air Force lieutenant called Knox (Adele Rene) meets with Detective Dave Mackley (Brent Briscoe) to discuss the fingerprints taken from the headless corpse found in Ruth Davenport's home. She's stunned to discover that the prints belong to Major 

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Inet Video N01-0133000 Home of the Giants

Inet Video N01-0133000 Home of the Giants

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Actors: Brent Briscoe - Danielle Panabaker - Haley Joel Osment - Kenneth Mitchell - Ryan Merriman. Director: Rusty Gorman. Format: DVD. Format Size: Widescreen. Runtime: 102 Mins. Language: English. Region code: Region 1 (United States Canada Bermuda U.S. territories). Discs: 1. Rating: Unrated. Genre: Comedy. Release Year: 2008.

Twin Peaks S3.07 review: "A remarkable hour of television" - GamesRadar

Few directors stir the emotions as effectively as David Lynch, and this episode of Twin Peaks features one of the most powerful, memorable scenes in the series so far. Not only that, but the town of Twin Peaks plays an increasingly starring role, and old mysteries resurface with an intriguing new context. The memory of murdered homecoming queen Laura Palmer haunts the town once again and two old friends have an uneasy reunion. As predicted, they’re missing pages from Laura Palmer’s secret diary, which include a curious passage about “the good Dale” being trapped in the Black Lodge and how this message was relayed to her in a dream by Annie Blackburn. This is a callback to the movie Fire Walk With Me where we see Annie—Cooper’s season 2 love interest, played by Heather Graham—say these words to Laura shortly before her murder. Hawk thinks her father Leland may have hidden the pages during one of his many visits to the Sheriff’s Station, and suggests that the ‘Cooper’ who emerged from the Lodge was someone else entirely. David Lynch wasn’t kidding when he said Fire Walk With Me was an important piece of the Twin Peaks puzzle. And as for Annie appearing in Laura’s bed months before she arrived in town, not to mention talking about Cooper before he even set foot in Twin Peaks, it seems time in the Black Lodge doesn’t flow the same way it does in our world. ” when Cooper meets him in the Red Room in episode 1. Truman calls Will Hayward (Warren Frost) on Skype. Frost, father of series co-creator Mark Frost, sadly died in February this year, so it was a nice surprise to see him turn up in the show to reprise his role as Twin Peaks’ doctor one last time. Hayward remembers taking Cooper to hospital after he left the Lodge, and that he wandered into intensive care—possibly to check on Audrey Horne, who was in a coma after the bank explosion in season 2. The theory that Richard Horne (Eamon Farren)... At the Great Northern, Ben Horne (Richard Beymer) and assistant Beverly Paige (Ashley Judd) try to locate the source of a strange sound in the walls. Beverly hands a key to Ben, which happens to be for room 315—the room Cooper called home during his stay in Twin Peaks. You may remember that this was posted to Washington by Jade (Nafessa Williams) after it fell out of Cooper’s pocket back in Nevada. Ben seems puzzled by the discovery, noting that the Great Northern switched to keycards years ago. I detected some simmering sexual tension between Ben and Beverly, but the usually villainous hotelier seems to resist making a move. And the connections to the original series continue in Buckhorn, South Dakota. A US Air Force lieutenant called Knox (Adele Rene) meets with Detective Dave Mackley (Brent Briscoe) to discuss the fingerprints taken from the headless corpse found in Ruth Davenport’s home. It’s interesting to note that until now the new series has kept the original mythology and story mostly at arm’s length, but now the two seem to be merging more explicitly. Knox calls Colonel Davis (Ernie Hudson) to report her findings and informs Mackley with a grave look on her face that this won’t be his investigation for much longer. As she calls Davis, we hear the crackle of electricity—a telltale sign that Lodge spirits are nearby—and see the eerie figure that was lurking in the jail cell in episode 2 walking down the hall. David Lynch said in a recent interview that we should look out for his character in future episodes, so it seems he may be worth keeping a watchful eye on. In Nevada, the police pay ‘Dougie Jones’ (Kyle MacLachlan) a visit, whose exploded car—and... Naomi Watts continues to be superb as Dougie’s perpetually hassled better half, a performance that’s as tragic as it is funny. As they leave the building, hitman Ike ‘The Spike’ Stadtler (Christophe Zajac-Denek) tries to shoot Cooper, but he snaps out of his daze and wrestles him to the ground. The Arm—that bizarre tree crackling with electricity Cooper met in the Red Room—appears and yells “Squeeze his hand off. Then the camera lingers on Cooper as the dust settles.


  1. A US Air Force lieutenant called Knox (Adele Rene) meets with Detective Dave Mackley (Brent Briscoe) to discuss the fingerprints taken from the headless corpse found in Ruth Davenport's home. She's stunned to discover that the prints belong to Major 
  2. Anson Brent Lanier In 2002, the Brent Lanier Memorial Soccer Scholarship was created in loving memory of Anson Brent Lanier. Brent graduated from South Gwinnett in 1996 as an outstanding athlete and student. He is a graduate of the University of
  3. Diana Briscoe, Shane Henderson, DeVeone Herndon, Chit Oo, Hero San; Chappell, Neb. - Brandy Collins, Tabetha Hayes, William Lohman, Susan Mitchell; Dix, Neb.- Christina Staetker; Gering, Neb. - Brent Barge, Anthony Brathwaite, Antonio Escamilla


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Charlotte Aynsley, Tim Tarrant, Ruth Hammond, Jason Debono, Tanya Byron, Simon Pile, Mike Briscoe and Will Gardner with children from Anson Primary school at the Know it All Launch at Anson Primary School, Brent London - Photo mandatory by-line: Dave Hughes/Pinnacle - Tel: +44(0)1363 881025 - Mobile:0797 1270 681 - VAT Reg No: 768 6958 48 - 26/06/2009

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