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Brandon Beemer

From the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original "Wedding Planner Mystery," actor Brandon Beemer talks about his on screen and off screen love life.

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Will Marlena's Daughter Belle Pull the Plug on Her on 'Days of Our Lives'? Martha Madison Sounds Off - TVInsider

Belle Black (Martha Madison) is back in Salem and she’s facing the toughest decision she’s ever had to make in life. Her mom, Marlena (Deidre Hall), is on life support (thanks, Sami. ) and we’ve learned that Belle, a level-headed lawyer, is the executor of her mom’s DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). Torn between honoring her mom’s wishes and not wanting to lose her, Madison’s doing the best work of her career. Read on to get the actress' thoughts on this story and learn why it hits close to home. Belle’s return has turned out to be so much more than waving hello at a wedding. Martha Madison: Yes. When I got the call to come back I thought that I was, as you say, coming back for a wave at the wedding of John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena. I’d been tangling with Sami (Alison Sweeney) on my last trip back, but then Albert Alaar (co-executive producer/director) pulled me aside and said, ‘You have this great story coming up. ’ He told me it would be about Marlena having a DNR. I got really excited about it. It’s such an important story. Soaps used to tell more topical stories like this. Back in the day, the soaps I watched were known for telling stories based in humanity and social issues. While this may not be a typical social issue it’s certainly an important issue. Families deal with the end of their parents’ lives. We go through the circle of life and there’s a lot of relatable story in this. What’s Belle’s position in this as both a daughter and a lawyer. Belle’s stance is that we have to honor Mom’s wishes. She’s also the executor of the DNR. She’s dealing with both a legal issue and a family issue. She knows her mother chose her for a reason. She knows Belle could make the decision that no one else would make. How does Belle “the daughter” feel. Nobody wants to lose a parent especially under sudden and terrible circumstances. The last thing she wants is to discipline her father or start disagreements with her siblings. She takes it very seriously that her mother has trusted her with this important decision. Why did Marlena choose Belle to be in charge. She’s an attorney and she’s much more level-headed than Sami. This is about taking care of her family. You’ll see Belle’s own internal conflict as this story progresses. You’ve spoken before about your own mother’s health issues. [Editor's Note: Madison’s mother, Barbara, suffers from frontal temporal dementia and lives in a hospice facility in Texas. ] Has this story hit home for you. It’s really powerful and is a personal, relatable story. My mom [in real life] has been very sick for a long time. That was help to me as an actor in this story. Do you know if the writers know about your personal connection to this story. It seems all very coincidental, but I was happy to do it. I was happy that it was me who got to do it. It’s been a great outlet for me. It’s why a lot of actors get into this industry. And I’m grateful to Ron [Carlivati, head writer] and his writers that they trusted me to do this. Had you ever worked with TV siblings Ali Sweeney (Sami) and Greg Vaughan (Eric) before at the same time. I think this is the first time we’ve ever all worked together at the same time. Was Deidre Hall (Marlena) in all the hospital room scenes or did they just drop in some shots of her in the coma. I don’t think I could have kept a straight face the way she did. We had some really powerful scenes in all this. We both walked away from them thinking this is special. He was so powerful in these scenes. You really have to allow yourself to be vulnerable in stories like this and he just gave and gave and gave. I think he could bring it home. What’s Shawn’s (Brandon Beemer) role in all this. To be honest, during this trip back he’s more involved with Hope [Kristian Alfonso]. We didn’t work together all that much. I went off into Belle’s story. He went off into Shawn’s. I do think there are more Shawn and Belle stories to tell. I hope they are told. You’ve got a.


  1. What's Shawn's (Brandon Beemer) role in all this? To be honest, during this trip back he's more involved with Hope [Kristian Alfonso]. We didn't work together all that much. I went off into Belle's story. He went off into Shawn's. I do think there are
  2. Over 5,000 fans weighed in on whether Belle should stick around – with or without Shawn (Brandon Beemer). All the Single Ladies Belle doesn't need Shawn to set up home base in Salem, 66% of you decree. She's got plenty of other family, starting with 
  1. RT @Daysofour_lives: #OnThisDay in 2006, Brandon Beemer assumed the role of Shawn Brady #Shimi #Days.
  2. RT @Daysofour_lives: #OnThisDay in 2006, Brandon Beemer assumed the role of Shawn Brady #Shimi #Days.


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Brandon Beemer Nude – The Male Fappening
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Brandon Beemer and Greg Hernandez
Brandon Beemer and Greg Hernandez
Brandon Beemer and Greg Hernandez
Brandon Beemer and Greg Hernandez

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