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Thank You For Your Service (Universal Pictures) Brad Beyer

Thank You For Your Service hits theaters on October 27th. Promotional video courtesy of DreamWorks Pictures/Universal Pictures DreamWorks Pictures' Thank.

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Names Names Names

Do you ever hear things like, ?Can someone give me the four letter first name for Count Dracula shouted from the dinner table? If you have then you must live with a crossword puzzle enthusiast! In Hugh McEntire's book, Names Names Names you will find more than 28,000 names to aid you in solving your crossword puzzle. When Hugh retired in 1988, he did not decide to spend his golden years just watching TV. In fact, adding new names to his book has become a lifetime project. For over a decade he has been compiling a list of proper names taken from actual crossword puzzle clues. Since puzzle clues only give part of a name and you are to fill in the rest, he has listed each individual once by the first name and again by the last name. In Names Names Names you can look up either the first or...


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Watch Air Force Thunderbirds refuel from Wichita-based tanker before McConnell show - Wichita Eagle

It’s less than a month until the first air show at McConnell Air Force Base in six years, and the military has released a video of Thunderbirds refueling from Wichita-based tankers. It then moves closer and closer to the tanker until the F-16 is in position to refuel. After refueling, the Thunderbirds fly in a six-ship delta formation behind the tanker. The KC-135 Stratotanker uses a shuttlecock-shaped drogue attached to a flying boom to refuel aircraft, according to the Air Force’s website. “We can’t wait to come back to the Air Capital of the World and the home of air refueling,” the video’s narrator says. “McConnell performs more than 95 percent of the Thunderbirds air refuelings,” said Brad Beyer, 22nd Operations Support Squadron Long Range Scheduling and Air Space manager, in a February Air Force article. The Thunderbirds will be the featured performance at the McConnell show, but other groups are scheduled to perform, including the U. S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team. “When we fight, we rely on tankers to expand our operational reach so we can fly farther and fight longer,” said Lt. Col. Kevin Walsh, Thunderbirds team leader and commander, in the Air Force article. “Similarly, when we transit to a show, we rely on the same air refueling teams to extend our reach so we can devote more time to recruiting, retaining and inspiring our audiences.


  1. “McConnell performs more than 95 percent of the Thunderbirds air refuelings,” said Brad Beyer, 22nd Operations Support Squadron Long Range Scheduling and Air Space manager, in a February Air Force article. “Because we are centrally located it makes 
  2. And Brad Beyer was supposed to be here. The joke is that Brad and Tori's characters ended up getting married, Gabriel's dog of a roommate. And we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Alan Koenigsberg, he produced this whole thing. I was so happy to see my 
  1. If you have history at the New York tracks going back to the mid-90's, and went to the track everyday like I did wi…


Better Than Brad Pitt Cake (powdered sugar, flaked coconut, heavy cream, milk, vanilla extract, sugar)

Brad's Favorite Meat on a Stick (chicken, peanut butter, garlic, vegetable oil)

Ham Potato Puffs (ham, cheddar cheese, parsley, garlic powder, potato)

Four-Cheese Pizza (feta cheese, garlic, green pepper, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, parmesan cheese, tomato, red pepper flakes, swiss cheese)


Brad Beyer - Wikipedia
Brad Beyer (born September 20, 1973) is an American actor. He is most known for his role in the CBS series Jericho, playing Stanley Richmond

Bet With the Best 2: Longshots: Andrew Beyer, Tom Brohamer ...
Bet With the Best 2: Longshots [Andrew Beyer, Tom Brohamer, Steven Crist, Steve Davidowitz, Brad Free, Dave Litfin, James Quinn, Alan Shuback, Lauren Stich, Mike ...

Brad Sherman - Wikipedia
Brad Sherman; Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California


2011 Jim Howe Memorial Run Ottawa - Pictures
October 16, 2011, 10 a.m. Click here for the series of pictures from the 2011 Jim Howe Memorial Run, held at the Hornet's Nest, in Gloucester (Ottawa), Ontario. The photos were taken by Ian Hunter. ( The 5.5km and 11km race is an annual event, organized by the Run Ottawa Club. A) Race Participants - 5.5 km 1 - Women 428….Dawn Lynch 418….Sheila Kealey 481….Christina Sutcliffe 437….Megan McTavish 465….Kyla Vanderzwet 387….Elyse Charrier 468….Jasmine Viau 505….Megan Adams 487….Katie McGrath 432….Michelle Marshall 392….Natalie Collins 431….Chari Marple 389….Elsie Charron 492….Brianne Bota 403….Anna Geiger-Whitlock 504….Meagan McLeod 474….Brittany Vandenberg 495….Lana Marjama 484….Kathleen Hart 510….Carmen Garnet 426….Nicole Levasseur 444….Amanda Nurse 449….Kristina Porter 409….Wendy Henry 471….Katja Theones 390….Greta Chase 507….Ruth Cameron 385….Amanda Campbell 503….Jodi Beyer 508….Janet St. Louis-Brooks 472….Julia Fuss 509….Caroline Peck 2 -...
Hollywood Knights vs. Mannheim Mustangs
The Hollywood Knights celebrity basketball team played the Mannheim Mustangs at the Benjamin Franklin Village Sports Arena Sept. 21. The Mustangs won by two points. The Hollywood Knights team is made up of popular television, motion picture and musical recording stars that play basketball to raise money and awareness for charitable, humanitarian and goodwill causes. (photo courtesy of Mannheim FMWR Marketing)

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