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Chris Graham & Andrew Glaszek & Patrick McGuinn-Leather

Chris Graham & Andrew Glaszek & Patrick McGuinn-Leather


Price: $24.99

SPECIAL FEATURES Deleted Scenes Outtakes "Making Leather Sandals" Featurette Screen Tests with the Cast Synopsis Shot with a spot-on 1970s aesthetic and featuring a gorgeous folk soundtrack, Leather is an entertaining and erotically charged tale of modern gay urbanites forced to adjust to country living. When New Yorker Andrew hears that his estranged father Walter has died, he travels with his boyfriend Kyle to the cabin in the Catskill Mountains where his father spent his final years. Upon arrival, Andrew is shocked to find his childhood friend, Birch, is living in the cabin and spent the last few years being mentored by Walter. Birch spends his days fishing, practicing carpentry and making items from leather. Though Birch embraces a peaceful lifestyle free of modern technology, his presence leaves Andrew with conflicting emotions - regret, jealousy, suspicion and possibly desire.

Roma Downey & Della Reese - Touched by an Angel: Season 4, Vol. 1

Roma Downey & Della Reese - Touched by an Angel: Season 4, Vol. 1


Price: $16.99

A trio of angels Monica (Roma Downey), Tess (Della Reese), and Andrew (John Dye) are dispatched from heaven with a special mission: to inspire people facing sometimes unseen crossroads in their lives. Monica, an angel who at times still needs some guidance with her earthly assignments, reports to Tess, her tough, wise and always loving supervisor. Also on hand is Andrew, who, in addition to his duties as the Angel of Death, now helps out as a caseworker on carious assignments. Gloria, an angel for the 21st century, continues to seek guidance from Monica performing her angelic duties. While the angels may not bring solutions to every problem, they always deliver a message of hope. Viewers who complain that every story on Touched by an Angel resolves in the exact same way-the divine intervention of angels-are missing the point. This shows fans arent interested in psychology or clever plot twists; they want to know that rosy-cheeked angels, with caring eyes and soothing voices, will be there for them when their lives seem hopeless. Touched by an Angel gives shape to that wish in the form of beatific Roma Downey, prickly but loving Della Reese, and staunch John Dye as a trio of angels sent all over America to remind troubled souls of Gods love. Though the message is consistent, the writing is not. Episodes are sometimes earnest but silly (a painfully sanitized portrait of homeless teens) or outright absurd (a farmer plagued by a drought decides to sue God). But at its best (as in an episode about HIV-positive girls at a summer camp who decide to form a suicide pact), Touched by an Angel can be thoughtful and warm. As in previous years, the fourth season pulls in guest stars of all stripes, including young stars on the rise like Thora Birch (American Beauty), Mandy Moore (A Walk to Remember), Meagan Good (Waist Deep), and Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous); actors well into their careers, like Janet Leigh (Psycho), Stephanie Zimbalist (Remington Steele), Swoosie Kurtz

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Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012 is a guide that will help you better understand the principles of Sure Step Methodology and enable you to utilize these in a practical and pragmatic way when implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.If you are a Dynamics AX consultant, developer, or in a customer resources or sales role that requires guidance and knowledge of the AX business solution space, or the delivery of an AX business solution that meets or exceeds the expectations of your organization, then this book is ideal for you. Basic experience of Dynamics AX and Sure Step is required.

The Life of Lol

Lol is the story of a woman who begins life with nothing. Abandoned at birth, young Laurence Taylor grows up in a run down orphanage in the wrong part of town. After a childhood spent on the streets with colourful homeless characters such as Groucho and Dreamer, Lol turns to a life of crime and quickly becomes embroiled with gangsters, violence and prison. However, a good deed finally gives Lol a chance to turn her life around. She soon discovers some secrets about her past in a run down trailer park far away from her world of gangsters and drug dealers. Will Lol be able to leave behind the only world she has ever known? This is the world of the bottom feeder, the grifter and drifter, the low-life on the take for the easy way to the American dream, where justice often comes dispensed at...

Lessons From the Fall of Sungevity - Greentech Media

Julian is a staff writer at Greentech Media, where he reports on energy storage, solar power and other clean energy sectors. Previously, Julian reported for CityLab at The Atlantic and conducted grant-funded climate change reporting in Bangladesh. Prepare to get rocked by external events you can’t control Sungevity grew for years based on initial seed funding from friends and family, supplemented by additional investments. But it never clinched the "big anchor tenant large check" needed to properly capitalize the business, Birch recalled. In the last few years, he spent 90 percent of his time trying to raise capital. The shell company had already raised public funds, so it could buy Sungevity and infuse it with more cash. Easterly approached Sungevity with the money and investor relationships already established, presenting less risk than a conventional IPO. "Risk-adjusted, we thought it was the right thing for our shareholders for getting the capital and executing on the strategy and achieving the mission," Birch said in an interview after the Powerhouse talk. And then Donald Trump was elected president just as Sungevity was pitching the deal to investors. "I spent the whole night trying to figure out how to persuade the market that this would be good for solar,” Birch said at Watt It Takes. “We were really planning on that growth plan, and changing course from that plan was not a mathematical reality. As Birch tells it, this political outcome sank the acquisition. "We found a home for it that was not a good outcome for a lot of the stakeholders, but looked after the most that we could," Birch said. Three years in, a "large Asian conglomerate" approached with an offer. The deal was headed toward close after a series of negotiations -- until the CEO was fired by the family owners of the conglomerate. "Things are going to be out of your control, are going to change things even when you expect them to play out like they should," he said. “Had we gone public a week earlier, had the family of a large conglomerate not been firing the CEO -- these would have been massively different outcomes for our shareholders and our partners. The lack of capital on hand (or profitable operations) limited the room to maneuver when those expected outcomes failed to materialize. Be careful balancing societal goals with business goals Sungevity was founded by activists who wanted solar to take over the world. More than half of the first 10 hires had activist backgrounds, Birch noted. "What that became was a culture of people that not only believed in the technology and customer service, but were passionately motivated to make the company a success and make solar a success," he said. Sungevity performed the role of solar ambassador with aplomb. It conjured up a solar-powered ice cream truck that gave out ice cream to spread solar cheer, and rolled out ad campaigns featuring smiling workers putting panels on the roofs of beautiful homes. "We actively decided on a higher-risk plan that very nearly paid off," Birch said. "We were three co-founders who were highly driven by the mission, and our founding investors and most of our investors had a mission orientation, so we wanted. to work on ways to accelerate solar at massive scale. If Birch had accounted for the regulatory and political obstacles that arose, he would have dialed back on the growth until solar-plus-storage price parity arrived, he said. That might have meant waiting for five more years as a smaller, modestly profitable solar company, rather than going for the grandest scale possible. "We were early, SolarCity was early, Sunrun was early," he said. "We were all just at the very beginning of the solar adoption curve -- [too early] to aggressively step on the gas. Businesses that are stepping on the gas as parity comes in, as the regulatory environment in the states improves, have a much lower risk profile. "It's probably 20 investors and 10 groups of entrepreneurs who got us to this point, and behind that, of course, hundreds of scientists and engineers, who gave us $1-a-watt solar," Birch.


  1. Former CEO Andrew Birch opens up publicly for the first time since the residential solar installer company he led fell apart. Julian Spector November 07, 2017. X. Julian Spector. Staff Writer . Julian is a staff writer at
  2. DURBAN - “We are like the Pakistan of South African cricket. If anything is going to happen, it usually revolves around us,” Dolphins coach Grant Morgan said of his side, as they head into a crunch week in the RAM Slam T20 Challenge. The Dolphins had a
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  3. RT @TheJRRobinson: Homer is a dumb American husband stereotype. Chief Wiggum is a fat, donut-eating cop stereotype. Ned Flanders is a Conse…


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