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Stove Top in the Canister - Allyce Beasley

Is she talking about Mr. Willis.

Disney's Recess: Why everyone still wants to go back to school 15 years later

When you think of Disney Channel's Recess, which ran from 1997-2001, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't the 1978 NBC sitcom Taxi. But according to the animated series' creators Paul Germain (Rugrats) and Joe Ansolabehere (Hey Arnold!) 

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Disney's Recess: Why everyone still wants to go back to school 15 years later - Entertainment Weekly

When you think of Disney Channel’s Recess , which ran from 1997-2001, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t the 1978 NBC sitcom Taxi . But according to the animated series’ creators Paul Germain ( Rugrats ) and Joe Ansolabehere ( Hey... “We were big fans of those ’70s sitcoms, and Taxi was a show we really loved,” says Ansolabehere. You [have] your own little core group, let’s say five or six core characters who are types of characters that you knew are best friends. Like the sitcom co-created by James L. Brooks — who Germain actually worked for — the Disney cartoon focused on a group of elementary school-aged friends, documenting their daily adventures during the titular time in their day. Over the course of 127 episodes (and four movies), the series saw T. J. , Spinelli, Mikey, Gus, Gretchen, and Vince, as well as its wide cast of supporting players, do everything from facing down bullies to even getting kidnapped by kindergarteners. “If Rugrats was a show about looking up at the world, and seeing the world from the ground, Recess is a show about [being] nine years old and out there with bigger and little people. Adds Germain, “The answer is, with the help from your friends. With the beloved series celebrating 15 years since its conclusion, EW spoke to the duo behind it about why it struck a chord, and the odds of it coming back. PAUL GERMAIN: We were trying to make it universal with time [and] space. We dressed the characters in ways that seemed classic and didn’t seem contemporary at the time. JOE ANSOLABEHERE: A lot of times when you’re writing a kids’ show, especially at Disney at that time, people would want you to be hip, to use the latest lingo that’s in the magazines. We always felt, I think it was because of Rugrats , if you do that you just date it. It’ll always be 1991 or 1972 or whenever you wrote it. We just thought, if we’re going to have curse words or words that mean cool, let’s make up our own words. We talked about that a lot at the time like, “What happens on the playground. ” It’s its own universe. GERMAIN: The playground was something that wasn’t going to change in time. We figured it would always be true, because this is a universal human experience and that’s what we wanted to capture. One of the things that we thought about is that while school is a universal experience, the part of school that you always remember is stuff that happened on the playground at recess. That was what the initial concept of the initial pitch was. There are all these shows about school [but] they’re all in class. ANSOLABEHERE: It’s one of those few universal experiences of childhood all around the world: Going to school. What would you say you’re proudest of having accomplished with the show. GERMAIN: The thing I’m proudest about has to do with what we talked about initially. We really felt like we captured an aspect of childhood and talked to our audience about their own experiences. That’s what we wanted to do, and I felt like we really achieved it there. That is the thing that I’m probably proudest of, too. Another thing that came up recently for me is that you look back at your work of the past and you think, “Well, I could have done that better. ” Recently, Paul and I were at a museum and we showed an episode of Recess. Both of us were like, “That really came out great. GERMAIN: It feels like cinema. The way cinema speaks to you, we’re proud that Recess spoke to our audience the same way. In lots of ways, Miss Grotke seems so far ahead of her time, especially in terms of how she’s teaching the class history. GERMAIN: Joe and I were talking about, what did we want to do for teachers. We had Miss Finster, who represented the old sledgehammer, the mean old teach you’d have when you were a kid. I said, “Let’s do a ’60s hippie teacher. ” Wouldn’t it be funny to have this teacher who they don’t particularly get or relate to what she’s saying. The adults watching the show would be laughing hysterically because she’s spouting a particular way of thinking that is how we think. ANSOLABEHERE: The other thing that happened is, we’re liberals and we.


  1. When you think of Disney Channel's Recess, which ran from 1997-2001, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't the 1978 NBC sitcom Taxi. But according to the animated series' creators Paul Germain (Rugrats) and Joe Ansolabehere (Hey Arnold!) 
  2. Moonlighting has been off the air for 21 years (!), but two-time Emmy nominee Allyce Beasley is still fondly remembered as rhyming receptionist Agnes DiPesto, the sweet counterpoint to the often sour pairing of Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. More
  3. and Matt Anctil are to join the cast of the Broadway musical La Cage aux Folles, winner of the 2010 Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical. Beasley, will join the cast as 'Mme. Renaud / Mme. Dindon' on 14 Sep 2010, replacing original


Allyce Beasley - IMDb
Allyce Beasley, Actress: Moonlighting. Allyce Beasley was born on July 6, 1954 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Allyce Tannenberg. She is an actress, known for ...

Moonlighting - canceled TV shows - TV Series Finale
Network: ABC Episodes: 67 (hour) Seasons: Five . TV show dates: March 3, 1985 — May 14, 1989 Series status: Cancelled/ended . Performers include: Cybill Shepherd ...

Vincent Schiavelli - Wikipedia
Schiavelli and then wife actress Allyce Beasley, (September 20, 1987) Born: Vincent Andrew Schiavelli (1948-11-11) November 11, 1948 Brooklyn, New York

Allyce Beasley - Actor -

Allyce Beasley - Actor -
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Allyce Beasley - FONDOS WALL

Allyce Beasley - FONDOS WALL
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Allyce Beasley - FONDOS WALL

Allyce Beasley - FONDOS WALL
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Vincent Schiavelli, Allyce Beasley
1987 Emmy Awards NOTE: Permission granted to copy, publish, broadcast or post any of my photos, but please credit "photo by Alan Light" if you can. Thanks. Scanned from the original 35MM film negative.
Vincent Schiavelli, Allyce Beasley
Vincent Schiavelli and wife Allyce Beasley on the red carpet at the 39th Annual Emmy Awards 9/20/87 - Permission granted to copy, publish, broadcast or post but please credit "photo by Alan Light" if you can
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GOTHAM - Synopsis, Title, Photos, Promo for Series Return
Allyce Beasley as Dorothy Duncan, Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Gerry Lang, Kyle Massey as Mackey, Christopher Heyerdahl as Jack Gruber, Kevin McCormick as Aaron Helzinger, Anthony Grasso as Ganza.

Rolling Stone's Top 100 TV show: Three mistakes and three oversights
And it did it with quality acting from Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Willis, and the perfectly cast Allyce Beasley as Agnes DiPesto. Sure things went sideways later in the series, partly driven by the tension between Shepherd and Willis. And, after they did “it ...

As some of television's most famous office workers, Vicki Lewis from "NewsRadio," Allyce Beasley from "Moonlighting" and Marcia Wallace from "The Bob Newhart Show" have joined forces with Staples on its 10th anniversary to salute those office managers ...

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