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Screentalk Interview with Alison Bruce

Alison Bruce is an award-winning actress who has played a diverse range of film and TV characters. She has starred in New Zealand's long-running soap.

First Dates Hotel premieres and cynical fans think it's just a set up for one-night stands

who went for a romantic bike ride and picnic after their first date. While sparks failed to fly between Alison and Bruce, who had viewers all emotional over the death of his wife. But cynical viewers think the new twist is just an excuse to watch

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The Angry Samoans: Metal Mike Saunders, Gregg Turner (vocals, guitar), Todd Homer (vocals, bass), P.J. Galligan, Kevin Saunders, Steve Drojensky (guitar), Bill Vockeroth (drums). Producers: Lee Ving (tracks 1-11); Bill Inglot (tracks 26-43). Includes liner notes by Gregg Turner. All songs written or co-written by members of The Angry Samoans except Time Has Come Today (W. Chambers/J. Chambers), Homo-Sexual (J. Falwell), Somebody To Love (D. Slick) and Laughing At Me (A. Cooper/M. Bruce/D. Dunaway/N. Smith/G. Buxton). THE UNBOXED SET contains the albums INSIDE MY BRAIN, YESTERDAY STARTED TOMORROW (EP), BACK FROM SAMOA and STP NOT LSD. Personnel: Metal Mike Saunders, Gregg Turner (vocals, guitar); Alison Wonderslam Victor (vocals, electric bass); Todd Homer (vocals, bass guitar); P.J. Galligan, Steve Drojensky, Kevin Saunders (guitar); Bill Vockeroth (drums). Liner Note Author: Gregg Turner. Recording information: 10/1988. The Unboxed Set is exactly what the title implies; a single disc compilation that includes all four of the Angry Samoans' official pre-breakup 12 releases, including their classic 1982 release, Back from Samoa. One of the truly great '80s punk bands, the music of the Angry Samoans contained all the right elements: juvenile humor, raging barre chords, snotty vocals, and most importantly, a strong sense of justice and the everyman (except, unfortunately, when it came to homosexuals). In addition, they also had an unusually tight rhythm section and great pop songwriting instincts that placed them several notches above their contemporaries. All this is in evidence here, from vocalist Metal Mike Saunders' primordial screams on Ballad of Jerry Curlan to the hilarious faux-folk of STP not LSD. Also included in the package are truly inspired liner notes from guitarist Gregg Turner, which perfectly capture the band's recklessness, nihilism and uncompromising punk attitude. ~ Pemberton Roach



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Cambridge Black

A cold case waits to be solved . . . and a killer waits in the wings. Amy was seven years old when her father was arrested for murder. His subsequent trial and conviction scarred her childhood and cast a shadow over her life until, twenty-two years later, new evidence suggests he was innocent and Amy sets out to clear his name. But Amy is not the only person troubled by the past. DC Gary Goodhew is haunted by the day his grandfather was murdered and is still searching for answers, determined to uncover the truth about his grandfather's death and find his killer. But, right now, someone is about to die. Someone who has secrets and who once kept quiet but is now living on borrowed time. Someone who will be murdered because disturbing the past has woken a killer.

Cambridgeshire Murders

The cases covered here record the county's most fascinating but least-known crimes, as well as famous murders that gripped not just Cambridgeshire but the whole nation. From the mysterious barn fire at Burwell that killed seventy-six people to the unsolved murder of Cambridge shopkeeper Alice Lawton, and from poisoning in St Neots to the murder of a fifteen-year-old drummer boy whose ghost haunted the killer and drove him to confess, this is a collection of the county's most dramatic and interesting criminal cases. Alison Bruce has gone back to original records and documents to uncover the truth about these extraordinary crimes. Using contemporary illustrations and tracing the stories through the words of those who were actually there, she re-creates the drama of case and courtroom....

First Dates Hotel premieres and cynical fans think it's just a set up for one-night stands - Metro

Channel 4 has debuted their latest reality TV dating show, First Dates Hotel, but suspicious fans think the new premise will just lead to more hook ups rather than true love. The First Dates gang including maître d’ Fred Sirieix have decamped to the French countryside for the spin-off. Couples now go on a date and then have to decide whether to go on a second one the next day or pack their bags and head back home. One couple that hit it off were model Kelly and her date Laurence, who went for a romantic bike ride and picnic after their first date. While sparks failed to fly between Alison and Bruce, who had viewers all emotional over the death of his wife.


  1. who went for a romantic bike ride and picnic after their first date. While sparks failed to fly between Alison and Bruce, who had viewers all emotional over the death of his wife. But cynical viewers think the new twist is just an excuse to watch
  2. Alison Griffin adopted Bruce on December 31. Picture: Robert Pozo. Mrs Griffin took Bruce home on December 31, and said she wanted to thank volunteers from the Community Helping Pound Cats group for their work finding homes for the region's rescue 
  3. The cherry bomb that keeps the whole thing smoking is that Alison's father, Bruce, played in this incarnation by DCPA favorite Robert Petkoff, is not only a family man who daylights as a high school English teacher and moonlights as a mortician, he
  1. RT @enews: A Dog's Purpose author W. Bruce Cameron speaks out about the film's controversial video:…
  2. I am new to this #firstdateshotel Bruce and Alison.. You go for it Bruce. Xx
  3. #alisontyler ooo #sexvideo watch here>� Jenni Lee, Bruce In My Dads Hot Girlfriend�


Alison's Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup (beef, black pepper, beef bouillon granules, basil, onions, potato, salt, water)

Gloria and Alison's Mother-Daughter Salad (salad greens, sugar snap pea, orange, shelled edamame, raspberries, salad dressing)

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Bruce's Prize Winning Cheese Scones (baking powder, butter, cheese, milk, mustard powder, black pepper, flour)


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ALISON BRUCE: In the Crosshairs

ALISON BRUCE: In the Crosshairs
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Alison Bruce as Postera in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys .

Alison Bruce as Postera in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys .
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Alison Bruce Featured Popular

Alison Bruce Featured Popular
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Alison Bruce
Alison Bruce
Alison Bruce
Bodies in the Bookshop at Heffers Bookshop Cambridge
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BWW Review: FUN HOME Tour Brings Superb Story to Denver Center
It's all narrated by adult Alison (Kate Shindle) as she puts together her graphic novel. Her father, Bruce, is portrayed by Robert Petkoff, who Denver audiences might recognize as the title role from the DCPA's recent production of Sweeney Todd.

Disfigured rescue cat named after Finding Nemo shark Bruce finds a forever home
Carers were worried Bruce’s disfigurement would hinder his adoption, but for his new owner Alison Griffin it was love at first sight. Bruce was named after the shark from Finding Nemo because of his injuries. Picture: Animal Referral Hospital The Bargo ...

Fun Home at The Ellie through Jan. 22
We had two of the show's stars here with us on 9NEWS at noon. Robert Petkoff a.k.a. Bruce and Kate Shinkle a.k.a. Alison talked about what being in this show has meant to them. Tickets are on sale now at the DCPA. They start at $30.

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