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Contains a survey of space, illustrated with photography of planets, astronomical discoveries, and both human and robotic space explorations, and includes transparent acetate spreads which reveal details not normally visible to the naked eye.

Black Holes and Other Space Oddities

Provides facts about black holes and other space-related phenomena, such as the sun and stars, planets, other galaxies, and theories about the existence of aliens.


  1. Writer/comedian Alex Barnett is the white, Jewish husband of a black woman (who converted to Judaism) and the father of a biracial son. Barnett is the host of The Multiracial Family Man Podcast, on which he interviews guests to discuss issues of
  2. PIONEERS KNOCK OFF CLARKSVILLE. CLARKSVILLE — Providence remained the city champion with a 4-1 victory over crosstown-rival Clarksville. The Pioneers swept the singles matches with Sam Bowles, Alex Barnett and Connor McHugh all winning in 
  1. Alex Maitra assaulted Keith Barnett when he tried to issue him with a penalty ticket
  2. People who need to reappear in the last season of #BigBangTheory: *Aleisha the neighbor *Dr. Stephanie Barnett *Pri…
  3. @Alex_barnett_1 @Eflow_74 LOL bruh


Ma Barnett's American Chop Suey Recipe (bacon, onions, bacon, tomato soup)

Alex's Italian Pasta Salad (cucumber, green pepper, italian dressing, monterey jack cheese, muenster cheese, parmesan cheese, rotelle pasta, salami, salt, tomato, yellow bell pepper)

Alex Goh's Basic Sweet Bun Dough (flour, bread flour, butter, water, eggs, yeast, powdered milk, salt, sugar)

Alex's Mexican Spice Mix (chili powder, coriander, cumin, mustard powder, garlic powder, nutmeg, oregano, paprika, turmeric)


Contact - Sue Barnett & Associates
View Larger Map. Director Sue Barnett. Agents Alex Torino Michael Ferrara. Agents Assistant Melanie Smith

Gary Barnett - Wikipedia
Gary Lee Barnett (born May 23, 1946) is a former American football player and coach. He served as the head coach at Fort Lewis College (1982–1983), Northwestern ...

Thomas P.M. Barnett - Blog
Creed of an American Grand Strategist I am a great power. And so can you! by Thomas P M Barnett . America today must dramatically realign its own post-9/11 trajectory ...


Swamp Maple (4:30), 1968, oil on linen by Alex Katz
Although best known for his figure paintings, often set in and around Manhattan, Alex Katz is equally a painter of Maine, where he has summered for decades. Swamp Maple (4:30), painted in Lincolnville, Maine, in 1968, is one of his largest landscapes in every sense—at once monumental and unstable, fast and slow, flat and deep, hard and soft, general and particular, observed and abstract. Here Katz beautifully captures the glow of weak sun on leaf and water and the contrasting textures of soft grass and rough bark. A delicate craquelure on the tree trunk emerged during the course of painting, and Katz took advantage of it to convey the bark itself. His color choices, such as the tan sky and the white reflection of the black shore, are both memorable and puzzling, leaving the viewer to wonder whether it is 4:30 a.m. or p.m. The former is not out of the question: Katz has said that he wants to explore times that few people have seen, and in Lincolnville, the sun rises that early in...
Alex Barnett
CEO of Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland. Her mission is to get kids excited about space and astronomy. As a kid herself in England, she used to lie on the seat in the back of the car as her parents drove back and forth to visit relatives, often at nighttime on dark country roads. She would gaze at the stars and ultimately decided she wanted to know all about them. Later, as an astrophysics student at Leicester University, she supplemented her meager government stipend with a job running the university observatory and making presentations to visitors. "When it was cloudy - quite often! - I had to put on a slide show that was good enough so that they wouldn't leave disappointed," she recalls.
Alex's Evil Twin?
On the other hand, I can achieve these results with no trouble at all.

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