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Here is a delicate song, chosen to enhance the mysterious beauty of aristocratic French actress Stéphane Audran, who could be called the French Faye .

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St?phane Audran & Jarl Kulle & Gabriel Axel-Babettes Feast

St?phane Audran & Jarl Kulle & Gabriel Axel-Babettes Feast


Price: $39.95

At once a rousing paean to artistic creation, a delicate evocation of divine grace, and the ultimate film about food, the Oscar-winning BABETTES FEAST is a deeply beloved cinematic treasure. Directed by Gabriel Axel and adapted from a story by Isak Dinesen, this is the layered tale of a French housekeeper with a mysterious past who brings quiet revolution in the form of one exquisite meal to a circle of starkly pious villagers in late nineteenth-century Denmark. BABETTES FEAST combines earthiness and reverence in an indescribably moving depiction of pleasure that goes to your head like fine champagne.

Oliver Reed & St?phane Audran & Peter Collinson-Ten Little Indians

Oliver Reed & St?phane Audran & Peter Collinson-Ten Little Indians


Price: $29.95

One of the most diabolical mysteries ever concocted comes to vivid life in this all-star version of the classic Agatha Christie thriller! Summoned to an isolated, elegant hotel in the middle of the desert, several strangers find themselves accused at dinner of heinous crimes that have escaped punishment. until now. Now theyre being murdered off one by one in a pattern from a chilling nursery rhyme, and suspicion grows as they realize the killer may be one of their own. Oliver Reed (Burnt Offerings, The Hunting Party) and Elke Sommer (A Shot in the Dark, House of Exorcism) headline a dazzling cast of potential victims including Oscar winner Sir Richard Attenborough (Gandhi, Jurassic Park), Herbert Lom (The Dead Zone, the Pink Panther series), French pop sensation Charles Aznavour, Stephane Audran (Le Boucher, The Big Red One), Gert Frobe (Goldfinger, Bloodline), Adolfo Celi (Thunderball, Danger: Diabolik), Alberto De Mendoza (Horror Express, The People Who Own the Dark), Maria Rohm (Venus in Furs, 99 Women), and the voice of one and only Orson Welles. Directed by cult filmmaker Peter Collinson (The Italian Job, Open Season), this riveting and stylish whodunit is more baffling than ever in glorious HD! Special

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The Suspense Thriller

This book is a comprehensive study of one of the most popular genres in the cinema. From a perspective sympathetic to popular culture, this study analyzes a large number of primarily American and European films by a variety of distinguished directors, including Alfred Hitchcock, Claude Chabrol, John Frankenheimer, Michelangelo Antonioni, and Costa-Gavras. Indispensable to anyone interested in understanding how suspense thrillers work and what they mean, this book provides insightful analysis of hundreds of memorable films, while at the same time working as a virtual how-to manual for anyone trying to write a Hitchcock-like thriller. The first section of the book is primarily theoretical. It offers a bibliographical survey and then explains why we so profoundly enjoy these suspenseful...

The Movie Guide

From The Big Sleep to Babette's Feast, from Lawrence of Arabia to Drugstore Cowboy, The Movie Guide offers the inside word on 3,500 of the best motion pictures ever made. James Monaco is the president and founder of BASELINE, the world's leading supplier of information to the film and television industries. Among his previous books are The Encyclopedia of Film, American Film Now, and How to Read a Film.


  1. Stéphane Audran, the French actress who served up one of cinema's most sumptuous meals as the title character in the 1987 film “Babette's Feast,” died on Tuesday. She was 85. Françoise Nyssen, France's culture minister, announcing her death on Twitter, 
  2. The actress Stéphane Audran, who played Babette Hersant in Gabriel Axel's 1987 film "Babette's Feast," died at her home in Paris on March 27 after a long illness. There is little biographical information available online about Audran but to fans of


Obsèques de Stéphane Audran : Son fils Thomas la pleure ...
Mardi 27 mars, on apprenait la mort de Stéphane Audran, actrice fétiche de Claude Chabrol et figure du cinéma français des années 70 et 80, à l'âge de 85 ans ...

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