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RSPO/Oramo/Chineke!/Edusei review – rounded, exquisite, played ...

A stellar performance by Renée Fleming and the first appearance by the BAME Chineke! Orchestra made Proms 61 and 62 a privilege to attend.

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Schoenhut 25 Key Traditional Spinet Piano - Mahogany/Black

Schoenhut Piano Company, Inc. (Playsets, Role Play & Pretend Toys)

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Schoenhut 18 key My First Piano, Red

Schoenhut Piano Company, Inc. (Playsets, Role Play & Pretend Toys)

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Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 [bonus Track]

Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 [bonus Track]

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Price: $5.89

Personnel: Shakira (vocals); Fadi Hardan, Mike Weiss (chant); Gustavo Cerati (guitar, keyboards, programming, background vocals); Tim Mitchell (guitar, keyboards, programming); Wyclef Jean (guitar, programming, background vocals); Lyle Workman, Rene Toledo, Tony Reyes, Carlos Santana (guitar); Pro Arte Orchestra, Pedro Alfonso (strings); Frank Marocco, Humberto (Kiro) Judex (accordion); Pete Davis (horns, keyboards, programming); Teddy Mulet (horns); Lester Mendez (keyboards, programming); Leandro Fresco, Albert Sterling Menendez (keyboards); Paul Bushnell, Chris Chaney (bass guitar); Emmanuel Cauvet, Matt Chamberlain, Victor Indrizzo, Shawn Pelton (drums); Luis Conte, Archie Pena, Brendan Buckley (percussion); Gustavo Celis, Jim Bean, Jerry Wonda Duplessis (programming); Mario Ichausti (background vocals). Audio Mixers: Gustavo Celis; Rob Jacobs. Recording information: Air Studios, London, England; Church Of The Epiphany, Miami, FL; Fantasy Studios, San Francisco, CA; Hit Factory Citeria, Miami, FL; Ike's Garage, Miami, FL; La Marimonda, Nassau, Bahamas; Olympic Studios, London, England; Platinum Recording Studio, New York, NY; Skyline Studios, New York, NY; Sonido Azulado, Bogota, Colombia; Supersonic Studios, Miami, FL; The Warehouse, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Unisono, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photographer: Jaume DeLaiguana. Colombian pop superstar Shakira has accomplished two remarkable commercial feats thus far in her career: she has crossed over almost completely from the Latin pop market, and she has managed to cross-reference a vast array of pop styles that go well beyond mere south-of-the-border divides. On ORAL FIXATION VOL. 2, her fourth album since her 1998 breakthrough DONDE ESTAN LOS LADRONES? Shakira once again fearlessly mixes angst-ridden alt-rock with touches of melodic singer-songwriter soul-baring and dance pop so infectious it's hard not to imagine the singer shimmying along in the studio. While 2001's LAUNDRY SERVICE featured En

New Orleans Dance Bands

New Orleans Dance Bands

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Performers include: Sylvester Handy's Rhythm Band, Emile Barnes' Dixieland Band, Cal Blunt's Brown Buddies, Elizabeth Eustis, Ernest Roubeleau, Walter Robertson, Sammy Hopkins. Personnel: Nappy Lamare (vocals, guitar, banjo); Earl Pierson, Charlie Cordella (alto, clarinet, tenor saxophone); Tony Parenti (alto, clarinet, baritone saxophone); Darnell Howard, Benjie White, Pinky Vidacovich, Clarence Hall (alto, clarinet); Joe Loyacano, Louis Warnecke (alto); Rene Gelpi (guitar, banjo); Charles Bocage, Buddy Christian, Bill Eastwood, Emanuel Sayles, Leonard Mitchell, John Marrero, Narvin Kimball (banjo); Oliver Alcorn, Jimmy Dudley, Sid Carriere, Lorenzo Tio, Jr. (clarinet, tenor saxophone); Willie Joseph, Sidney Arodin (clarinet); Tony Papalia, Lester Smith, Louis James (tenor saxophone); Peter Bocage (trumpet); Johnny de Droit, Albert Brunies, Ely & Emmanuel Perez, John Hyman, Joe Sudler, Louis Dumaine, Leon Prima, Oscar Papa Celestin, Tom Morris, Bill Padron, Henry Knecht, Richard Alexis, Lee Collins (cornet); John Lindsay, Jake Frazier, William Matthews, Charles Hartman, Ellis Stratakos, Frank Netto, August Rousseau, Earl Humphrey (trombone); Chink Martin, Simon Marrero, Dan LeBlanc, Mario Finazzo, Bob Ysaguirre, Lawson Buford (tuba); Jeanette Salvant, Bill Whitmore, Mike Jackson and the Soul Providers, Frank Froeba, Morris Rouse, Horace Diaz, Steve Lewis III, Vic Lubowski, Glyn Lea Red Long, Joe Robechaux, Porter Grainger (piano); George Triay, Paul de Droit, James Willigan, Leon Leo Adde, Earl Crumb, Abbey Chinee Foster, Joe Strode, Louis Cottrell, Jr, Monk Hazel, Ben Thigpen, Josiah Cie Frazier (drums). Liner Note Author: Neil Slaven. Recording information: New York, NY (11/24/1923). Directors: Albert Brunies; Oscar Papa Celestin; Benjie White.

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Migrations, Exchanges, Connections and Legacy

Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie

From first-time novelist Jordan Sonnenblick, a brave and beautiful story that will make readers laugh and break their hearts at the same time. Thirteen-year-old Steven has a totally normal life: he plays drums in the All-Star Jazz band, has a crush on the hottest girl in the school, and is constantly annoyed by his five-year-old brother, Jeffrey. But when Jeffrey is diagnosed with leukemia, Steven's world is turned upside down. He is forced to deal with his brother's illness and his parents' attempts to keep the family in one piece. Salted with humor and peppered with devastating realities, DRUMS, GIRLS, AND DANGEROUS PIE is a heartwarming journey through a year in the life of a family in crisis.

RSPO/Oramo/Chineke!/Edusei review – rounded, exquisite, played ... - The Guardian

nevitably, the Proms that always command most critical attention and shift most tickets are those that involve premieres, rarities, outsize pieces and, of course, stars. As Esa-Pekka Salonen once wisely said in an interview , it can be just as rewarding simply to give – and to listen to – a really good concert, too. Salonen’s fellow Finnish conductor Sakari Oramo can always be relied on for really good concerts – it’s partly why he is making four appearances in this year’s Proms, including the last night. And Renée Fleming is of course, by any measure, a star. But the most striking thing about Wednesday’s early evening Prom by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra was not just Fleming’s excellence but the fact that Oramo and the Swedes had arrived with a really imaginative programme and delivered... Oramo began with Liguria, an orchestral soundscape by the Swedish composer Andrea Tarrodi , receiving its UK premiere. A bell from a distant village chimes as the night falls. Liguria is in the best sense a thoroughly professional piece of orchestral scene painting. Samuel Barber’s masterly Knoxville: Summer of 1915 for soprano and orchestra is that too, and much else besides. Fleming has sometimes been accused during her career of sacrificing consonants and verbal clarity for beauty of sound, rather as Joan Sutherland once was, but here she provided both things in full measure. She projected the words of James Agee’s nostalgic but always sharply self-aware text attentively while also floating those still fabulous Fleming top notes to poignant effect in the work’s key final lines. After the interval, Fleming reappeared to confirm that she still possesses one of the great Strauss soprano voices of any era. In the closing scene from the composer’s 1937 one-act “bucolic tragedy” Daphne, the soprano bids farewell to the world by becoming a laurel tree, singing wordlessly in the work’s final pages, an effect achieved by Fleming going off stage to sing... But after each of the advertised pieces there was also an appropriate encore: Barber’s Sure on This Shining Night, also an Agee setting and perfect for where Fleming’s voice now lies, and Strauss’s Morgen, exquisite calling card of so many great... Yet this was an evening for a fully rounded concert as well as a night for diva worshippers. Nielsen’s Symphony No 2 is something of an Oramo speciality. He conducted a storming performance of this so-called “Four Temperaments” symphony with the BBC Symphony Orchestra in the Barbican Hall three years ago. This rendering, with his Swedish orchestra, was less elemental than that one, especially in the choleric first movement. But the stoic melancholy of the show movement and the abrupt vigour of the finale were played to perfection. An hour and a bit later, a very different orchestra and a very different audience assembled for arguably one of the most important concerts that the Proms have ever hosted. Founded by the double-bass player Chi-Chi Nwanoku , Chineke. is an orchestra that aims to create opportunities for mainly black and minority ethnic professional musicians. There was a palpable sense of occasion as well as excitement. Given the late-night billing and an audience needing to get late buses and tubes home, Chineke. The most important of these was Hannah Kendall’s BBC-commissioned world premiere The Spark Catchers, rhythmically incisive, the score dancing above a solemn chorale played by the horns. Cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason , winner of the 2016 BBC Young Musician prize, was supple and fluent on his lovely Amati instrument in Dvorak’s G minor Rondo and David Popper’s Lisztian pastiche Hungarian Rhapsody. Jeanine de Bique threw off two Handel arias and one by the Chevalier de Saint-Georges with winning panache. Debuting less than two years ago, Chineke. now plays in many countries, but this was the orchestra’s first Prom, with all the exposure that entails. It was disappointing that such an important event for classical music in the UK was relegated to a late-night slot. In future years, they should surely get a mainstream date and the chance to play an extended programme. But at least this concert will be televised on BBC Four on 8 September.


  1. A stellar performance by Renée Fleming and the first appearance by the BAME Chineke! Orchestra made Proms 61 and 62 a privilege to attend.
  2. AS leader of the pack of Renee Fleming fanatics, I can happily claim her singing at Prom 61 last week was the highlight of this year's Proms.
  3. MARTINSVILLE – Prior to the end of August, students at Albert Harris Elementary School had never heard of Mitchell Elementary School in Houston, Texas.
  1. RT @raoul_pablo: "Yes, and when when the love of life disappears, no meaning can console us." (Albert Camus)
  2. RT @famousquotenet: The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax. - Albert Einstein
  3. What would Albert Einstein would think of America today? #ThursdayThoughts


My Neighbor Renee's Perfect Chili! (cayenne, chili powder, red pepper flakes, olive oil, garlic, green pepper, ground beef, orange bell pepper, chili pepper, chipotle peppers, red wine, salt, green chilies, yellow bell pepper, yellow onions)

Uncle Albert's Barbecue Sauce Recipe (vegetable oil, vinegar, salt, poultry seasoning, black pepper, eggs, beer)

Bacon Cheddar Quiche (bacon, cayenne, cheddar cheese, eggs)

Turkey Macaroni Bake (cheddar cheese, turkey, elbow macaroni, milk, black pepper)


IPW | Mensen - Instituut voor Publieke Waarden
‘‘A New Political Science is needed for a world altogether new” Tocqueville. Albert Jan heeft zijn hart al meer dan 20 jaar verpand aan de publieke zaak.

Le monde de Finances
Articles récents. Comment défiscaliser votre impôt sur le revenu ? Comment bénéficier d’un crédit immobilier ? Comment bien choisir son prêt personnel

Albert Hague - Wikipedia
Albert Hague (born Albert Marcuse, October 13, 1920 – November 12, 2001) was a German-American songwriter, composer, and actor


Playlists Soul 4 Real Feb. 06
ALEJANDRO Viernes: Nolan Chance- I'll never forget you (Thomas 45) Ollie Nightingale- I don't know why I love you (Memphis 45) John Gary Williams- Thewhole darn world is going crazy (Stax LP) Bobby Patterson- I get my groove from you (Paula LP) James Conwell- Another sundown in Watts (Guiness LP) Larry Saunders- Fly away love bird (Soul International LP) Jo Armstead- There's not too many more (Giant 45) Sonny Til-Tears and misery (RCA 45) Bobby Taylor- It was a good time (Sunflower 45) Rhetta Hughes- Cry myself to sleep (Tetragrammaton LP) The Lost Generation- Your mission (Innovation II 45) The Ovations feat. Louis Williams- Till I found some way (XL 45) The Four Flights- All I want is you (Almeria 45) Oscar Perry- He sent me you (Mercury 45) Chuck Ray- Reconsider (Gemigo 45) The Lovelites- Love so strong (Lovelite 45) Margie Joseph- Come on back to me lover (Atlantic LP) Bobby McClure- Love trap (Hi 45) Garland Green- System (Ocean Front LP) Johnny Sayles- My love ain't no love...
what the tree knew (for tall pea)
what the tree knew (for tall pea) paper collage renée alberts 2011
dar luz (lightgiver) for dina - detail lower left
Dar Luz (Lightgiver) for Dina paper and crystal collage on mirror renée alberts 2011

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