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Elmwood High School: Honor roll

JUNIORS – Allison Arnold, Josephine Baldwin, Ricky Buckingham, Jonah Childress, Dakota Clementz, Braden Dauterman, Brianna Dingledine, Bo Donaldson, Abigail Greene, Brandy Grilliot, Jaida Grossman, Austin Hosler, Ethan Hudson, Colleen Kreais, 

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When a seemingly open-and-shut murder case is called into question by legendary FBI profiler Mark Wolfe, rookie detective Allison Doyle joins him on the hunt for an elusive psychopath who, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, is only days away from his next kill. Original. 200,000 first printing.

The Bloodline of The Business

God-Daddy provided a story vividly told of a controversial yet successful businessman and the protective, surrogate father-like relationship he has with two young ladies. It was a narrative through the eyes of these young ladies, their fortunate connection and sometimes trials of that connection to – God-Daddy. From the Bahamian-American community of Port Salerno, Florida it was an adventure through Florida and the Bahamas. That was then, this is now. The Bloodline of The Business provides us with two offerings in one: God-Daddy: The Sequel and The Book of Michael. In God-Daddy: The Sequel, Janine and Falana are now college graduates and still close to their God-Daddy; a relationship that is now two-fold because they are employees of his corporation. God-Daddy, now semi-retired, is...

The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3 Review

Stegman cracks the ice with this issue’s star front and center, with her parents lovingly supporting her in the background. I love all the detail he puts into this image, from the dings and scratches on Annie’s pads, to the cracks in the buildings, and the spaghetti-style webbing shooting just off camera. With the first issue rightfully introducing us to this new world though Peter’s perspective, and the last issue from the marvelous Mary Jane’s, I don’t think anyone doubted that Annie was going to be the focus this time out. What’s impressive here is that Conway manages each issue’s respective voice with ease, making them sound unique and authentic to themselves. I can’t see Peter thinking “OMG” to himself over and over, but it works perfectly fine for his young daughter, who would be more used to writing text abbreviations. As with the style of dialogue, Stegman’s art seems to have taken a minute shift this issue, too. Sometimes faces seem to have a Greg Capullo influence, but mainly the change seems to be of a more cartoony vibe, like when Ms. Santiago gets impatient and frustrated. Sara Pichelli would occasionally have Miles Morales over on Spider-Man have a chibi-styled panel showing his thoughts, which didn’t work for me given the more mature Miles presented in his 616 set book. It’s not just outlandish faces that Stegman provides to get you into Annie’s head, but camera focuses, too. As Principal Morton drones on and on to Annie, the panels push further in on the clock and what time it is agonizingly ticking towards. Later, we get to see Annie’s perspective of the first issue’s fight, be it from her parents dangling high above, or her mom diving into the fray of Moloids. There are a few shots that seem to be coming from a lower angle, indicating Annie’s relative height. The Moloids feel clumped together thicker than a barrel of monkeys and the blood that spurts as MJ pummels them seems more visceral when coming from the eyes of a child. Spinneret is definitely ferocious when it comes to protecting her kid, as any parent would be, and I can see where Annie’s reverence for her mom comes from. The real world issue of bullying rears its ugly face as Gloria Grant’s son, Jermaine, is getting the shake down at school for his lunch money. It’s a small callback to the inaugural issue where Peter mentions to Glory that Annie has seen Jermaine around. Gloria is about to ask him something, but gets interrupted by Jonah. Was it for Peter to ask Annie to keep an eye on her first grader. Whether that would’ve been the case or not, it’s great to see that Annie was sticking up for him and upholding the family tradition of helping those in need. It’s also worth noting that whilst Annie is trying to hold herself in and not get physical to resolve the conflict, it’s Stephanie who breaks things up and diffuses the situation with her words and reputation. What I really like about how Conway has structured these first three issues is how he demonstrates each character’s own personal day to day “real world” conflict, then juxtaposes it with the outlandish Moloids and their ilk. Peter has shopping lists and earning a living, MJ has her business and blog, and Annie has school and bullies. Their normalcy makes them relatable to we, the reader, and serves as a gateway to the fantastic, like Stegman-rendered dinosaurs. So far in this series we’ve been given examples of how Annie takes after Pete and MJ, but Conway pushes it further by having Stegman interpret her Spider-Sense in a completely different way. She almost seems to have a splitting headache as prophetic premonitions erupt out of her skull in psychotropic waves that Steve Ditko might be proud of. It doesn’t look fun, especially with tears welling up in Annie’s eyes from the shock. I’m looking forward to Conway’s eventual moniker for this Super-Spider-Sense. Each time we look at the Moloids melee, Stegman has shown us the scene from a different angle, but familiar enough to make it easily match up. However, for this third go round, we see little Normie Osborn become smitten with Spider-Annie. It’s little touches like this that make each revisit worthwhile as we learn of a new layer. Annie’s cleverness is on display as she tricks the T-Rex into dropping in for a visit. Stegman is fast becoming one of my favorite Spidey artists.


  1. JUNIORS – Allison Arnold, Josephine Baldwin, Ricky Buckingham, Jonah Childress, Dakota Clementz, Braden Dauterman, Brianna Dingledine, Bo Donaldson, Abigail Greene, Brandy Grilliot, Jaida Grossman, Austin Hosler, Ethan Hudson, Colleen Kreais, 
  2. Eli Griffith, Isabelle Lambert, Jessica Logsdon, Jaci Martin, Christopher Mason, Elena Ramey, Hope Saunders; Principal's List – Lilly Chevalier, Sarah Compton, Trafford Dunn, Klaudia Faught, Brandi Fitzwater, Garrison George, Shelby Jones, Jonah
  3. Jonah Roberts, Christ School to Drexel. Riley Smith, Christ School to High Point. SOCCER. Davis Brooks, Asheville to Queens Allison Plafcan, Tuscola to Converse. Ashley Ponder, Polk County to South Carolina Union. Savannah Rice, Madison to Western 
  1. RT @barstoolsports: Packers WR Geronimo Allison might be a rookie on the field but he's long been a Hall of Fame tweeter…
  2. ugh i wish allison would date jonah :/


Allison's Pasta Salad (black pepper, cider vinegar, dijon mustard, dill weed, bow tie pasta, grapes, green onion, ham, mayonnaise, salt, cheddar cheese, sour cream, sugar)

Allison's Supreme Chocolate Chip Cookies (baking soda, brown sugar, butter, coffee flavored liqueur, eggs, flour, rolled oat, salt, semisweet chocolate chips, shortening, vanilla extract, walnut, sugar)

New Allison's Mambo Margaritas (sprite, beer, limeade concentrate, tequila)

Talulas Smoky Spoonbread With Sauteed Shrimp Chanterelles And Creamed Greens Recipe (ham, buttermilk, buttermilk, cornmeal, eggs, heavy cream, salad greens, cornmeal, salt, hot sauce, shrimp, salad greens, smoked ham, salad greens, baking soda, water, white pepper)


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Allison and Jonah you are my sunshine | Grandchildren | Pinterest

Allison and Jonah you are my sunshine | Grandchildren | Pinterest
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Full House
The Gleason side of my family traditionally gathers at my Aunt Buzz's condo for dinner on the weekend before Christmas. It's always a pleasantly chaotic affair.

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