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Save The Date: 15 Biggest, Can't Miss Events In June

June 10th – 36th Annual Great Chowder Cook-Off – Newport Waterfront Events' 36th Annual Great Chowder Cook-Off, featuring more than a dozen restaurants, will take place on Saturday, June 10th from noon to 6:00 p.m. at Fort Adams State Park. Admission

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The Crabb Family ~ Crabb Collection (new)

Daywind (Miscellaneous)

Prices range: $16.99 - $18.06 ( Show 2 stores )

Going to Stay in the Old-Time Way

Rebel Records (Miscellaneous)

Prices range: $7.41 - $10.99 ( Show 3 stores )

Time Was

Time Was

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Price: $4.42

Personnel includes: Curtis Stigers (vocals, whistling, tenor saxophone); Michael Landau, Dean Parks; Stewart Lerman (guitar, background vocals); Danny Kortchmar, Glen Ballard (guitar, keyboards); Dan Higgins (saxophone); Jerry Hey (trumpet); Danny Louis (piano); Jeffrey Young (piano, Hammond B-3 organ, background vocals); Benmont Tench (Hammond B-3 organ); Greg Phillinganes (keyboards); Kim Bullard (keyboards, programming); Michael Visceglia, T.M. Stevens (bass); John Robinson, Zak Alford (drums); Xian (tambourine); Brian Kilgore (percussion); Lisa Frazier, Kathy Merrick, Phillip Ingram, Rodney Saulsberry, Sir Harry Bowens (background vocals). Additional guest artists: Carmen Twillie, Willie Nile (background vocals). Producers: David Foster (track 1); Glen Ballard (tracks 2, 6, 8, 11); Adam Gorgoni (track 3); Curtis Stigers (track 4); Danny Kortchmar (tracks 5, 12); Stewart Levine (tracks 7, 9); Curtis Stigers, Stewart Lerman (tracks 10, 13). Engineers: Dave Reitzas (track 1); Christopher Fogel, Francis Buckley (tracks 2, 6, 8, 11); Justin Page, Adam Gorgoni, Ted Blaisdell (track 3); Bryce Goggin (tracks 4, 10, 13); Niko Bolas (tracks 5, 12); Daren Klein (tracks 7, 9). All songs co-written by Curtis Stigers except This Time (R. Supa/D. Bryan), Every Time You Cry (S. Peiken/G. Sutton), The Ghost Of You And Me (R. Page/J. Lind) and Cry (J. Vincent/M. Ochs).

Platinum & Gold Collection

Platinum & Gold Collection

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Price: $10.00

Producers: Jerry Harrison, Jack Puig, Michael Beinhorn, Adam Schlesinger. Compilation producer: Gretchen Brennison. Recorded between 1997 & 2001. Includes liner notes by Michael Hill. This is part of BMG's Platinum & Gold Collection series. Liner Note Author: Michael Hill. Recording information: The State Theatre, Kalamazoo, MI (08/23/1996). The Verve Pipe were one of the handful of post-grunge bands that had a hit in the mid- to late '90s that was ubiquitous, and then had the bottom suddenly fall out from underneath them. That hit, of course, was The Freshmen, a pained, earnest mid-tempo dissection of a relationship gone wrong that the band's lead singer/songwriter, Brian Vander Ark, wrote years before the Verve Pipe had formed. Starting as an acoustic ballad, by the time it turned into a radio hit it was given a brooding sensibility, heavy on heavy guitars and echo, that didn't just fit into the post-Nirvana landscape of '90s modern rock, it epitomized how alternative rock was no longer underground - it was a commercial juggernaut. If the Verve Pipe never had another hit to match The Freshmen, it was not for lack of trying, nor was it for lack of material - as their first hits compilation, Platinum & Gold Collection, proves, they had similarly hooky material that fit well into mainstream alt-rock radio. And they did have other hits, like Photograph, Villains, and Hero, but while sturdy, none of them became a touchstone like The Freshmen since they had neither the immediate hook nor the universal subject matter of that single. The Verve Pipe might have been able to retain a small cult if their second major-label album, an eponymous 1999 effort helmed by superstar producer Michael Beinhorn, didn't tank, bringing their career down with it; by the time they released their very good, Adam Schlesinger-produced 2001 album Underneath, they were already considered a footnote to the alt-rock era. While they were by no means trendsetters, they were a solid, rel


  1. June 10th – 36th Annual Great Chowder Cook-Off – Newport Waterfront Events' 36th Annual Great Chowder Cook-Off, featuring more than a dozen restaurants, will take place on Saturday, June 10th from noon to 6:00 p.m. at Fort Adams State Park. Admission
  2. and the paper recently announced that its newsroom will move from Denver to Adams County. When asked if he thinks his gaffe was used as an opportunity for some impromptu cost-cutting, Frei, who spent thirty years at the Post over two stints, says
  3. The film also stars Oscar nominees Amy Adams (American Hustle, Man of Steel) as Lois Lane, Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) as Lex Luthor, Diane Lane (Unfaithful, Man of Steel) as Martha Kent, and Laurence Fishburne (What's Love Got to Do with It
  1. @mister_plank @memarkyb @MichaelESC @b0bbbie @Daily_Ref Well Jerry Adams would wouldn't he
  2. You forgive Corbyn standing hand in hand with Jerry Adams, because I can't. And he still won't say a bad word against them
  3. @Anorakian I hope you're right, don't look good at the moment. On the plus side we might get a new bank hol when jerry adams pegs it.


Bubba, Dennis, and Jerry's Farm Baked Crispy Chicken and Gravy (chicken, garlic powder, black pepper, red pepper flakes, mayonnaise, paprika, salt)

Strawberry Ice Cream Like Ben and Jerry's (eggs, lemon juice, strawberries, heavy cream, milk, sugar, vanilla extract)

Ben & Jerry's Cappuccino Ice Cream (eggs, cinnamon, heavy cream, coffee, milk, sugar)

Ben & Jerry's Butter Pecan Ice Cream (butter, eggs, heavy cream, milk, pecan, salt, sugar)


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Janette Littledove, Buck Adams, Jerry Butler in ... - XVideos
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TV Shows We Used To Watch - Christmas 1959
Christmas 1959 Christmas Eve 1959 - Thursday 24th December 1959 BBC Television 2:30pm Watch with Mother (Watch With Mother was a cycle of children's programmes created by Freda Lingstrom. Broadcast by BBC Television from 1952 until 1973, it was the first BBC television series aimed specifically at pre-school children, a development of BBC radio's equivalent Listen with Mother, which had begun two years earlier. In accordance with its intended target audience of pre-school children viewing with their mothers, Watch With Mother was initially broadcast between 3:45 pm and 4:00 pm, post-afternoon nap and before the older children came home from school. The choice of Watch With Mother for the title of the series was intended "to deflect fears that television might become a nursemaid to children and encourage 'bad mothering'" 2:45pm "The Man from 1997", comic fantasy with Charles Ruggles 3:30pm Faraway Look 4:40pm "The Apple Tree with the Golden...
Adam And Eve On A Raft, And Wreck 'Em
Jerry Poulimas got his first "slanguage" lesson eight years ago, when a customer plopped down on a lunch counter stool and said, "Gimme some Joe." "I thought the guy thought my name was Joe, and I told him it wasn't," says Poulimas, who was 15 and working after school in his parents' diner. "No," the guy said. "Joe. You know, coffee." Poulimas, who now manages the family-owned Angela's Coffee Shop in the Fort Tryon section of upper Manhattan, still hasn't mastered the arcane lingo of the hash house. But, he says, he's picking it up, one crazy, colorful term at a time. "It's a language that's close to extinction," says John Mariani, a New York food writer who once compiled a list of the most popular patois used by diner cooks and waiters, and authored The Dictionary of American Food and Drink. Once, diners rang with calls for cackleberries (eggs), axle grease (butter), Zeppelins in a fog (sausages in mashed potatoes) and...
You Raise Me Up
"It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle." — Norman Schwarzkopf, General. I came upon this Vietnam Memorial image last Fall and it touched me profoundly. The owner, Adam Hansen, gave me permission to post it for an appropriate purpose; this day fits that purpose. Also, yesterday, my friend Jerry Kirkhart sent this short but informative presentation of the strict procedures our Honor Guards proudly carryout each and everyday at the Arlington National Cemetery. Please take a minute to view and learn. Thank you.

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