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Hank Azaria, as various Simpsons characters, reads ump's statement about ejected Phillies fan


In Philadelphia Tuesday night, home plate ump Bob Davidson ejected a heckling fan. Emmy-award winner Hank Azaria, the man behind many of your favorite.

2017 Emmy predictions: Best Drama Guest Actor

Who will win the 2017 Emmy for Drama Guest Actor: Hank Azaria, Brian Tyree Henry, Gerald McRaney, Ben Mendelsohn, Denis O'Hare or BD Wong?

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It's that time of fear again! So if you've been missing the Crypt Keeper, here's a chance to improve your aim. But be warned: It'll be a fright to the finish. The cadaverous cut-up is your host for a 15-episode die-gest based on classic horror comics from back in the day and featuring a parade of characters who are variously merciless, clueless, topless and headless. Hank Azaria, Shelley Hack, Isaac Hayes, Richard Lewis, John Lithgow, Wayne Newton, Isabella Rossellini, Rita Rudner and Humphrey Bogart (you read that right) are among the stars. And vampires, mad doctors, killers, ghosts and adulterers are eager to come out and play!



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Based on the legend of the real-life daugher of the last Russian czar, ANASTASIA combines imaginative animation and lively songs to tell the story of a princess who escapes a horrible execution and mysteriously reappears after being thought dead. When a team of swindlers, Dimitri (John Cusack) and Vladimir (Kelsey Grammer), recruit Anya (Meg Ryan), a spunky amnesiac orphan, in their plot to defraud the Dowager Empress (Angela Lansbury) with a faux Romanov heir, little do they know their carefully coached fake is the real thing. But the resurgence of the long-lost Anastasia also attracts the attention of the scary Rasputin (Christopher Lloyd), who, with his hilarious sidekick, Bartok the bat (Hank Azaria), schemes to do in the last Romanov. Though much lighter (thankfully for children) than the 1956 Anatole Litvak-directed ANASTASIA adapted from Marcelle Maurette's play, this movie is still packed with thrills, chills, and romance. The first animated feature from 20th Century Fox, the film is directed by longtime collaborators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman.

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''The Simpsons'' Main Cast Members

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2017 Emmy predictions: Best Drama Guest Actor - Goldderby - Goldderby

Reigning category winner Azaria is back, as is Mendelsohn who prevailed up in the supporting race last year. Hank Azaria contends again for his popular role of ex-FBI agent Ed Cochran on Showtime’s “Ray Donovan. ” Azaria is an Emmy magnet with prior victories for “Tuesdays With Morrie” (2000) and for his voice-over work on “The Simpsons” (2015, 2003, 2001, 1998). Brian Tyree Henry is having the greatest year of his career thanks to his nominated guest gig... Gerald McRaney plays Dr. Nathan Katowski on NBC’s family drama “This Is Us” and could potentially win his first career Emmy on his inaugural nomination. SEE 2017 Emmy nominations list: All the nominees. Ben Mendelsohn (“Bloodline”) returns for the final time as deceased brother Danny Rayburn on the dearly departed Netflix drama, just one year after he pulled off a jawdropper as Best Drama Supporting Actor. A third “This Is Us” guest star, Denis O’Hare, is nominated for portraying Jessie, the longtime lover of cancer-stricken William ( Ron Cephas Jones ). This is O’Hare’s third Emmy bid after “American Horror Story” in 2012 and 2015. Though he was... This is his first career nomination. UPDATED : August 15, 2017. Gerald McRaney (“This Is Us”) — 6/5 odds. BD Wong (“Mr. Robot”) — 27/10 odds. Ben Mendelsohn (“Bloodline”) — 3/1 odds. Hank Azaria (“Ray Donovan”) — 10/3 odds. Denis O’Hare (“This Is Us”) — 10/3 odds. Brian Tyree Henry (“This Is Us”) — 10/3 odds.


  1. Who will win the 2017 Emmy for Drama Guest Actor: Hank Azaria, Brian Tyree Henry, Gerald McRaney, Ben Mendelsohn, Denis O'Hare or BD Wong?
  2. but it wasn't always that way. He stresses that, when he was growing up, over-the-top stereotypes such as Apu compounded the already-low visibility of Indians in the media — not to mention the fact that a white man, actor Hank Azaria, voices the
  3. Denis O'Hare, Brian Tyree Henry and Gerald McRaney, "This Is Us" Three actors from NBC's feel-good drama make up half of the category for Outstanding Guest Actor. And they're going up against last year's winner, Hank Azaria of Showtime's "Ray Donovan.
  1. @bdgrabinski Hank Azaria was hysterical.
  2. 380: Aimee Mann, Hank Azaria, Jason Jones https://t.co/3kvpIUHyTR
  3. RT @ToonsJazzLover: @Inkwell1931 1. The main/supporting voice cast except Hank Azaria sound like they don't want to do the show anymore (as…


Азариа, Хэнк — Википедия
Хэнк Аза́риа (англ. Hank Azaria, настоящее имя Генри Альберт Азариа (англ. Henry Albert Azaria); род.

Hank Azaria - IMDb
Hank Azaria, Actor: The Simpsons. Hank Azaria was born on April 25, 1964 in Queens, New York City, New York, USA as Henry Albert Azaria. He is an actor, known for The ...

Hank Azaria - Wikipedia
Henry Albert "Hank" Azaria (/ ə ˈ z ɛər i ə / ə-ZAIR-ee-ə; born April 25, 1964) is an American actor, voice actor, comedian and producer. He is known for ...


Hank Azaria
Signing autographs following the matinee performance of "Spamalot" on Wed., March 30th, 2005.
Hank Azaria Smiling
Signing autographs after the Wed., March 30, 2005 2:00 p. m. performance of "Spamalot".

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