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Is a passable old fashioned thriller that never spills an ounce of blood. It’s one part apprehension interbred with one part soap opera and a hurl of chilling psychopathy. As a whole the silver screen works which I find measure fascinating because besides Skip Tierney’s main act of kindness as the old lady “who loves too much,” the two other channel players are not the strongest practitioners the player arts have ever known.

Cornel Wilde is the r of sombre. He may have been the nicest guy in the excellent but he never lit up the process for me and Departure Her To Paradise on earth . I in reality liked her in this dim as much as in any I’d ever seen her in. The r and her carrying-on were refreshingly simple.

The tract essentially derives from a imperil intersection on a set between novelist Richard Harland (Cornel Wilde) and the in clover,...


GENE TIERNEY - Interview in HOUSTON 1985 1/2

GENE TIERNEY evaluate in HOUSTON 1985 1/2 for french TV program Cinéma Cinémas

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    The Mating Season, Gene Tierney Wearing a Costume Designed by Oleg Cassini, 1951
    The Mating Season, Gene Tierney Wearing a Costume Designed by Oleg Cassini, 1951

    Gene Tierney, c.1940s
    Gene Tierney, c.1940s

    Laura, 1944
    Laura, 1944

  • New Shot in Oleg Cassini Estate War

         (CN) - In a malpractice squawk, the widow of fashion designer Oleg Cassini claims her attorneys mishandled an inheritance argument with the daughter Cassini had with actress Gene Tierney.
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         Marianne Nestor Cassini, on her own behalf and as executor of Oleg Cassini's social status, sued New York City-based Putney Twombly Hall & Hirson and two of its attorneys, William Pollak and Philip Kalban, in Nassau County Court, in Mineola, N.Y.
         She also sued Los Angeles-based Nachsin & Weston and its attorney Richard Nachsin; and attorney Goldie Schon, of Encino.
         Among his other creations, Oleg Cassini created the pillbox hats frayed by Jackie Kennedy.

    gene tierney?

    I attentiveness "Laura" was her best film...

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_Tierne y

    municipality without pity-are we talking about the singer or actress?

    Are Gene and Maura Tierney really not related?

    According to their Wikipedia articles they aren't; and Maura's forefather's surname was Tierney, which also argues against it. But they look so much alike to me, and it's not a terribly common last name, that I just really wonder about it. Does anyone

    Nope, I don't over they are. but Gene Tierney is one of my favorite old movie actresses, she was so pretty. Actually, a lot prettier than Maura..

    Is ER's Maura Tierney the granddaughter of legendary Gene Tierney?

    I call a link for this, please.

    Cross-grained to popular belief, Maura Tierney is not related to actress Gene Tierney.

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    Gene Tierney, A Biography
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    Gene Tierney, A Biography

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    Called the most gorgeous woman in movie history, Gene Tierney starred in a number of 1940s classics, including Laura, Flit Her to Heaven and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Her on-screen presence and ability to transform into a variety of characters made her a mistiness legend. Her personal life was a whirlwind of romance (she married a count, was engaged to a prince, and was courted by a approaching president) and tragedy (her daughter was born with severe retardation and Tierney herself struggled with mental illness). After years of treatment, including electroshock group therapy that erased portions of her life from her memory, she triumphantly returned to Hollywood in the biggest comeback of any lady in history. This, the first complete biographical work since the actresses' death on November 6, 1991, covers everything from her ancestry in 1920; through her rise to fame, turbulent love life, fight with mental illness, and successful return to Hollywood; to her retirement in her 40s and death. Beginning with...

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    Recreating the attraction of Hollywood in the 1940s, the actress tells of the roles she played, the rich and famous men who have pursued her, the omission of her first marriage, and her struggle against mental illness
    About this book
    'I had no worry playing any kind of a role,' Gene Tierney writes. 'My problems began when I had to be myself.' In Hollywood's golden age, everyone knew the starring roles Nymph Tierney played in her 36 films: the unwashed Ellie May in 'Tobacco Road,' the demure Martha in 'Valhalla can Wait;' her appearances opposite Clark Gable, Tyrone Power, Rex Harrison, Humphrey Bogart, Henry Fonda, and, richest remmebered of all, as the haunting -- murdered? --beauty of the portrait painting in 'Laura,' one of the most televised films ever. Her rollercoaster wedlock to fashion designer Oleg Cassini and her globe-trotting affair with Prince Aly Khan were admitted property. Word of her dates with billionaire Howard huges and a lighthearted ex - naval officer named Jack Kennedy circulated over the years. But the advantageous story of her greatest, most heart-wrenching role -- herself -- has never been told until right now. Ostensibly living every woman's fantasies, she became an emotional invalid. Her marriage collapsed....

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