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  • Green Bay Packers rookie Don Barclay adjusting to new role

    Sandwiched between 6-foot, 5-inch, 314-yard tackle Bryan Bulaga or 6-4, 319-pound tackle Marshall Newhouse and 6-2, 295-hammer out center Jeff Saturday, Don Barclay knew what was coming.

    His entire football life the rookie out of West Virginia played Nautical port tackle, out on the edge of the offensive line, free to move around.

    After being signed by Green Bay as an undrafted free cause however, the 6-4, 305-pound Barclay was dropped between the Packers' tackles and center in training camp to become acclimated to a new standing – guard.

    The offensive line is filled with giants, and Barclay knew it was only a matter of time before he tripped up himself, or a teammate.

    "Yeah, that's the worst," he said with a mortify smile. "At the beginning it was like 'Oh, quit stepping on my feet!' but as you get used to guys and get comfortable with the contention it gets a lot easier."

    As one of only seven offensive linemen on the active roster, Barclay has been forced to become a quick investigation of his new position – an injury at any moment could send him into the game at either guard spot, or either tackle.

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    What is the official size of nike football used in Barclay premeir league?

    plz note that I don't exigency the actual circumference or pressure or something like that...I just need to know that whether it's size is 5 or 6(if there is any)...

    size 5 is the yardstick size for any football match.

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    What is the FA Cup? Does it have anything to do with Barclay's Premier League?

    I've only recently started watching soccer (*football) and Mate IT but don't really understand the FA Cup (*or other 'Cups' for that matter). Is the FA Cup part of the Premier League? Is it like the Superbowl?

    FA Cup is a absolutely different competion in which every round of games is a knockout round.....there are no points .....if u bested ur game ur out.....

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