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Why America needs automatic voter registration

A simple fix to get more Americans to vote. Subscribe to our channel. gl/0bsAjO Americans are notoriously bad at voting, but it's not because they're.

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2018-09-26 Guide

How to Register to Vote

Make your voice heard! Voting is an easy and important process. This book explains everything you need to know to register to vote! It includes state-specific information, too. You'll learn how to register to vote, the different ways to vote, what to do on Election Day, and much more. Discover the following in this book: The three main requirements to vote Who cannot vote The different ways to register to vote How to update voter registration How to vote early How to vote by mail What to do if you

The Politics of Disenfranchisement: Why is it So Hard to Vote in America?

We think of our American democracy as being a model for the world--and it has been. But today it compares unfavorably in some respects, especially when it comes to the universal franchise. The right to vote is more conditional and less exercised in the United States than in many other mature democracies. As became clear to all in the presidential election of 2000, when the stakes are high, efforts to define voter eligibility and manage the voting and vote-counting process to the advantage of one's own side are part of hard-ball politics. It is that experience that gave rise to this book. Written by an author with wide expertise on Southern and Florida politics and districting, the book begins with a deceptively simple question--why is it so hard to vote in America? It proceeds, in seven...

How to register to vote in less than two minutes - Mashable

All the cool kids are doing it. That's what you can tell your best friend when you finally convince them to register to vote. Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day, the nationwide holiday that celebrates democracy and promotes voter registration every fourth Tuesday of September. So if you haven’t registered already, you should do so now because the midterm elections are just a few weeks away. If you’re not sure about your state’s election date or the location of your polling place, you can visit to learn more. As Rock The Vote President and Executive Director Carolyn DeWitt suggests, this is not an election day you can afford to miss. “This is the most consequential midterm election in the lifetime of young voters. National Voter Registration Day is a critical moment to ensure that their voices are able to be heard in the midterms,” she said in a statement. “Whether at marches, rallies, or town halls the youth of our nation have made one thing very clear, that the time for them to be heard is now and in these midterms they will come out in record numbers. If you’ll be away from home on election day, remember to request an absentee ballot at. As noted on the website, applications must be received by the Friday before Election Day, which is Nov. Mark your calendar, set an alarm, do what you have to and send it in. . There are countless ways to register, one of which requires a visit to the DMV. However, if you’re dreading the infamous long lines, you can save time and opt to register online. March For Our Lives Following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School , student activists embarked on. 5. HeadCount HeadCount is the best of both worlds: democracy and music. The nonprofit is dedicated to registering people to vote, at concerts, festivals, and online. When you’re done filling out the registration form on their website, explore the rest of the site to learn about additional voting information, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events. If you’re over 18 and on the platform, expect to see a “Register to vote” link on your profile page. You can't miss it. The point is, whether you register with the help of your favorite social media platform or a reliable nonprofit, you, your friends, and your family need to do so. As Oprah would say, “You should vote. You should vote. Everyone should vote.


  1. As Rock The Vote President and Executive Director Carolyn DeWitt suggests, this is not an election day you can afford to miss. “This is the most consequential midterm election in the lifetime of young voters. National Voter Registration Day is a
  2. Ahead of the US midterm elections, Snapchat is using its app to encourage users to register to vote. The functionality will be available to everyone over the age of 18 in the US, who'll receive a voter registration link from the app. Clicking it will
  1. RT @ananavarro: This is counterproductive. I don’t like Ted Cruz. I also don’t like his wife being harassed. Wanna get rid of the guy? Dona…
  2. RT @MarzenAmber: Rock the vote, let's rock out a #FBR party! #Resist Please 1 Like 2 Retweet 3 Follow 4 Reply Copy this tweet to your…
  3. RT @HillaryClinton: In honor of National Voter Registration Day, I want to highlight some tools you can use to get registered to vote and…


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Register to Vote and Confirm or Change Registration | USAGov
Learn if you're eligible to vote, how to register, check, or update your information.

Online Voter Registration | California Secretary of State
California Online Voter Registration website. Register to vote online, save a stamp!

Register to Vote Online -
Register to vote online with Fast, free, secure and nonpartisan. It takes less than 2 minutes to register to vote. Get started now.


The Secret Emerald Lake
I saw the craziest and most unbelievable things in Patagonia. It was like nature rewrote its own rules to build this place. I'd like to make a reference to the ill-fated Genesis project in Star Trek II, the Wrath of Kahn, but I won't. I came across this shockingly clear and mysterious green lake. The water magnified the pure green algae that covered every strange underwater formation. There were also fish swimming around inside, but I kept the ISO so low on these shots, the fish got blurred out. I do have some higher ISO shots of the fish I will add at a later date. They were these little blue-colored fish. I think they were trout, but I'm not totally sure. Anyway, I felt lucky to be here in the Autumn, just after a small rainstorm, making all the trees nice and moist with a glistening glow. Below that, I have posted a shot taken by my friend Dima. It is of yours truly with Yuri. He is looking particularly sour in this photo. Today I am on a radio show with Rodney...
mickey mouse says: register to vote!
MM re-registers to vote at the Obama rally
Five cents U.S. stamp sheet - Register to vote
Five cents U.S. stamp sheet - Register to vote

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