Ashura in Karbala 10th Muharram 2018

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2018-09-21 Guide

Day of Ashura

Day of Ashura. Mourning of Muharram, Battle of Karbala, Islamic calendar, Husayn ibn Ali, Hussainia, Martyrdom in Islam, List of Dawoodi Bohra Ashura locations, Hosay


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  1. For both Shia and Sunni Muslims, Ashura marks the climax of the Remembrance of Muharram. The day is marked by Muslims with a voluntary day of fasting which commemorates the day Noah left the Ark, and the day that Moses was saved from the Egyptians 
  2. Ashura, Muharram 10, is being observed today (Friday) in different parts of the country amid tight security to commemorate the sacrifices made by Imam Hussain (RA) and his 72 companions at Karbala. Thousands of mourners are participating in the 
  1. RT @FaezaDawood: #Ashura : Religious importance for All Muslims-Shias&Sunnis. We lost our warriors. Martyrs who breathed new life into Isla…
  2. RT @saeede_khazaee: Today #Ashura in Tehran's streets; full of the crowds of women and men; to show their loyalties to #ImamHussain. . http…


Ashura - Wikipedia
Etymology. The root of the word Ashura has the meaning of tenth in Semitic languages; hence the name of the remembrance, literally translated, means "the tenth day".

Ashura 2018 and 2019 -
12 shares Ashura is a public holiday in Pakistan, as it is in many other nations with large Muslim populations, including neighbouring Afghanistan and India. The term ...

Hachi Bushu - The Eight Legions, Buddhist Protectors ...
Hachi Bushū (Hachibushu, Hachibushuu) 八部衆 Eight Legions, Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism Also called Ninpinin 人非人 = Lit. Human & Non-Human



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Op de wagens wordt de dood van Imam Hossein nagespeeld (reënactment).

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